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Conceit – That Boom Bap

Conceit - That Boom Rap!
Conceit - That Boom Rap!
Conceit – That Boom Rap!




Tell us everything will need to know about you.
Hello all, my name is Conceit, I’m a Hip Hop artist originally from Jersey City, N.J. but now living in Phoenix, A.Z. and IT’S HOT… but I digress… I am a disabled military veteran and a single father. Music is my full-time job/hobby/therapy/life… Music has been my focus for over a decade now and I feel I will be in the position I’ve been working for one day… but it tough… It’s tough to keep pushing towards a dream that most of the people I started with have already given up on. I know I’m great and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from showing the world… I never give up on anything because I know my 10-year-old son is watching and he is why I grind…


State your favorite genre of music and your reason.
I enjoy all types of music from Classical to Hip Hop if it’s written well and has a purpose. I hate rappers that mumble and can’t stand people that rely on a beat and can’t stand on their own.


Tell us your experience as a musician.
It’s tough… It’s tough moving to a new city and not knowing anyone but trying to find stages to perform on or producers to work with. I move around a lot and I always have to start over when I get somewhere new, but I think it makes me better at networking than most. I wish I could focus solely on the music and have a team to handle the rest but since day one I’ve been my only backup. I love being on stage and I love creating music, but I despise the music business and all that comes with it.


Name the people behind your success and thank them on this platform.
Me, Myself, and I…Wait… I have to say thank you to a producer that was once the only person I thought had my back, but we had a falling out unfortunately over something silly. His name is James Barrett and he is an outstanding producer. Early on he would give me beats and he was the only person that I trusted with mixing my music. He did a lot to get me where I am.


Tell us about your future goals.
I want to be more… I want to be better… A better artist, a better person, and a better father. I work every day of my life to be better than I was the day before, therefore my last day alive I should be the best version of me that has ever walked the planet… I like that idea.


Go into detail about your opinion on religion and politics.
Everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe and vote how they wish to vote. People grow up with different values and different circumstances so of course, we are all not going to agree on everything, but the solution isn’t to hate or demonize the other side, it works better to listen and try to see it from their perspective. Unfortunately, you can’t have an honest conversation if you’re not honest with yourself about who you are and why you believe what you believe. This goes into the difficulty of having an open and honest debate with the people that support the current administration. I’m not going to say anything more about this subject because I don’t know who will be reading this and I don’t want to offend anyone that is making decisions on my music… I NEED THE EXPOSURE… I GOT BILLS.


Elaborate on how you think your music is inspiring your fans.
I always hear from fans about how different songs have touched them or how my music makes them feel. I love it when a stranger comes up to me and starts quoting my music. It’s the best feeling in the world next to being on stage and killing it. I have done shows in Montana and Idaho and many times people come to me and say they don’t like Rap music, but they loved my songs or loved seeing me on stage. That’s a feeling I’ve not been able to not long for… It’s addictive as hell.


Explain the changes you have observed so far in the music industry.
They don’t care about artists; they just want an image and a catchy song. They want you to look and sound like you’re on drugs and I can’t do it. I have kids that look up to me and I don’t want them to think it’s cool to pop prescription drugs and act ignorant. I want my image to be something my kids will be proud of and not something they won’t respect. Which is why I don’t have a record deal or anything like that, but that is OK… As I say in “That Boom Bap” “I’d rather be broke and awoken, than to be rich and blind”.


State the artists you cherish most and your reason.
Nas is my favorite Hip Hop artist because of his lyrics, delivery, wordplay, style, and catalog. If I had a soundtrack to my life it would be filled with Nas, Frank Sinatra, and my own….


Give us the links to your social network and stores.


Elaborate on how you develop your lyrics.
I don’t’ write anymore, I just think of everything (mainly while I’m driving) and I record it in one take because I’m a fucking beast… I feel it helps me feel the lyrics and not just read them off a phone or paper. I love being able to walk in the booth and shut all the lights off and just black out literally and figuratively.


Tell us if you enjoy collaborating with other artists or just singing as a solo artist.
I just love making good music so I don’t care if it is alone or with a group, I can masturbate or join an orgy I’m always down… wait what are we talking about again?


Brief us your opinion on making music that makes people dance or making the kind of music with a genuine message that inspires them.
There is room in music for both types. I have nights that I’m going to the club about to get drunk and make some bad decisions, I don’t want to hear something conscious like J.Cole or Nas I want something IGNORANT as hell so I can be IGNORANT with it… Give me some Future or Gucci… But on the other hand, if it’s a normal day and I’m driving to Wendy’s to get a baconator the last thing I want to hear is some IGNORANT rapper talking about pills and lean. Everything has its place in life… Sometimes I want Soul Food (Nas, J. Cole) sometimes I want fast food (Future, Gucci).


Tell us what you know about copyright.
I know to always protect your music and try to show respect to other people’s ideas.


Discuss the impact of a Performing Rights Organization.
I’m with BMI and I’ve had a good experience so far.


Elaborate on how you develop your melody and instrumentation.
I produce a few of the tracks on my new album. Unlike most hip hop I use a lot of live instruments and not MPC or beat-making programs. I perform with a band whenever I have the opportunity because I love having the option of going somewhere completely different if the crowd asks for it. I use violins, violas, harmonicas, guitars, all types of horns and drums, I love it all.


Go into detail on the recording process of this song.
I jumped in the booth and recorded the entire song in one take and was done in less than 5 minutes. I’m always an easy day for an engineer. They love seeing me because they know it’s one take and we out.


Discuss your music performance.
I love to be on stage. I love to look in the eyes of a person that just heard a dope ass line that they will never forget. Or when I say something funny and the cute Lil sexy thang in the front starts laughing and blushing. I enjoy being around people but only If I have a microphone and everyone is looking at me. I love the pressure of people wanting you to fail but when you get them on your side. I love it all.


State the official date of release.
The music video for “That Boom Bap” was released on February 15th, 2018. The album “Destine” which features “That Boom Bap” was released in Late 2017.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My music name is “Conceit” and of course, the majority of people think it has something to do with vanity or being full of myself but it’s much deeper than that. Any “real” MC is a poet, right?! If you took away the beat and put the words on paper the majority of the time you will have a poem if the artist is any good. In poetry a ‘conceit’ is an elaborate or extended metaphor, my full name is “Conceit Music” thus “Elaborate Metaphor Music”… Basically, my name is an elaborate metaphor for elaborate metaphor… and I’m full of myself… lol.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The song is titled “That Boom Bap (I AM HIP HOP)” in Hip Hop the term “Boom Bap” signifies a feeling that a dope ass beat with a heavy bass drum and tight, hard-hitting, snare or clap gives you… when you hear a “Boom Bap” beat you know it and I knew I had one with this track. The main part of the hook is a chant with a bunch of people (children and adults, youngest was 4 and oldest was 59) saying ‘I Am Hip Hop.’ This has a deep meaning because the majority of people believe Hip Hop is music and it isn’t, hip hop is a culture (or people) that includes Rap. There are other elements to Hip Hop including Djing, B-Boys (Break Dancers), and Graffiti artist. Some people add Social Consciousness as the 5th pillar of Hip Hop but traditionally there are four. I put this song together to pay homage to what Hip Hop really is and to show a difference in what’s going on in the mainstream. I am not that and they are not this.


State the title of the album and the reason for picking the title.
Album is titled “Destine” and its meaning is rooted in my belief that I am destined to be more than I am. The opening track of the album, which shares the name of the album, gives listeners a rundown of my feeling and my wish to go down in the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest lyricists ever. I don’t shy away from my desire to be compared to my idols like Nas, Biggie, and Kanye.



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