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D.O.E – Babylon

D.O.E – Babylon

D.O.E – Babylon
D.O.E – Babylon



RELEASE DATE:   March 2018
GENRE: Hip-Hop/Rap






Discuss your existence.
First of all, D.O.E is an acronym for Definition Of Excellence. I’m a Nigerian but I reside in Cape Town, South Africa.
I studied at the American University in Cairo and graduated with first-class honours in Information Science.
To cut the long story short; I decided against the 9-5 to follow my passion, which is music.
Music started from the love of music which has taken me to Ghana, Egypt, and Nigeria (where I am from), presently I am in South Africa.
I have worked with some artists around the African region, the likes of Gemini Major, Cheecky Chizzy, Kay Switch, TuShow, and lots more.
My last album was featured in BBNaija 2018 (Big Brother Naija #DoubleWahala).


State your favorite genre of music and your reason.
My favorite genre of music is “Rap”, but there’s no limit to the kind of music I listen to, I basically allow my mood to make that decision.


State your experience as an artist.
Well, I have had so much experience in this industry, and have been to some places following this career… First working in the Nigerian music industry which is really not gender-based as your talent basically speaks for you.
I was with an Entertainment group (Bloo Dolphins Entertainments) in Ghana also, the industry is a very competitive one, and your craft will open a way for you; because they have so many talented artists and dancers also.
Here in South Africa where I work with Slim Visual Entertainment, I mean first, the diversity of the country itself speaks about the competitions, it’s like a den of various talents from all parts of the world, and as someone who likes competition, so this kind of basically made me stick to the country.


Tell us the theme of your song.
I am very versatile in my music style and this infused in the diverse themes I choose when I do music.
Music is just meant to be good, and this is what I vision when I do music. So my song entitled “Babylon” is basically a piece of victory music with a motivational theme, I try to use wordplay to try to describe how I never gave up and kept pushing my craft or my life generally. It’s easy to relate to and anyone can relate to it…


Name the people behind your success and thank them on this platform.
Well everybody I have met along my musical journey has made a great impact on my development and my success, so from Nigerian, I will say a big thank you to my friend/producer/co-artist CHEEKY CHIZZY, who is the main producer of D’banj (KOKO Master), Kay Switch also (brother to D’banj), Big Brother Naija Crew for accepting my song to be featured on their show.
In South Africa: I would say a BIG thank you to Slim (My Manager) of Slim Visual, Gemini Major, Don Picasso & Picasso PR Agent, Du Jasko Group, MTV Base, Daily Hype, Pappy Thrill, Question Music, Hamilton Music, Bush Radio Cape Town, YFm South Africa, and other radio stations around South Africa that have interviewed me and played my music.
In Ghana: Oracle Entertainment (Bonez Beat), Bloo Dolphins Entertainment.
In Canada: Seeds Visual.


State your future goals.
I am still planning to collaborate with more artists in South Africa and Nigeria and possibly around the world… I am a music lover. Having more ways to show my craft remains a drive for me.


Share your feedback on this song.
Well so far the review has been fantastic, I have lots of music but I know this track “Babylon” gets people jumping more in most of my performances and events I have attended.


Elaborate on how you think your music is inspiring your fans.
In various ways, I will say, because I try to stay motivational in the ways I craft my music, so the themes are mostly motivational.


Analyze the transformations you have discovered so far in the music industry.
Well, I think it falls down to style and generations. So things have changed a lot in terms of how it’s done in some parts of the 90s to now, but I know some people still keep it real and stick to a certain style, even if the fan base is limited.
I believe we should do music to reach the world, so we should always flow with the transformation, we shouldn’t stay behind always.  Nokia 3310 doesn’t have iPhone 10 features.


State the artists you cherish most and your reason.
I like Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne, the reason is how they try to pass their messages using wordplay and different styles but still a bit commercial, so they don’t limit the kind of song and feature they flow in.


Elaborate on how you develop your lyrics.
I try to choose a certain situation or topic and try to elaborate on it.
I take my time for the style to flow in me which comes from oblivion.
Sometimes listening to a certain beat gives me quick motivation on what I would like to do on it, or who I would love to jump on it with.


Tell us if you enjoy collaborating with other artists or just singing as a solo artist.
I love working with different artists and sometimes I work solo, I love both worlds a lot.
Working with others broadens your ideas of what to say how and all, two heads are better than one kind of thing…


State your opinion on making music that makes people dance or making the music with a genuine message that inspires them.
Like I elaborated earlier, I think music should be done to reach the general public, we’re (artists) like those ones they fall back on when a certain mood calls…I am not saying all artist should or must be versatile, but I try to be versatile so if you look back at my history on the kind of songs I have done, you will see how diverse I have been… I go from dancing to passing message kind of music.


Elaborate on how you develop your melody and instrumentation.
Just like the lyrics; I also take my time to distinguish the kind of instrumentals I use and melody I choose… I am more into bouncy and mellow when it comes to hip hop and stay in whatever other genres I choose…


Go into detail on the recording of ‘Babylon.’
This track “Babylon” was recorded in Cape Town by X-Fecta, to who I gave the concept of the beat and we had to both create it in some ways before I finally recorded the song itself.


I already wrote the lyrics alone so we recorded, the same night we shared a little sample online and we’ve already started getting reviews.


Discuss your music performance.
Well, my music performances are always and very electrifying… I attach much importance to connecting with the fans, giving eyes contacts, shaking hands when I can, and basically, I just enjoy myself.


 State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My stage/artist name is D.O.E people call me DOE, but basically, it’s an acronym that stands for (Definition Of Excellence).
I chose this name to fit the style I brought, and this is different from the crowd which I define as my own excellence…


State the meaning of ‘Babylon.’
The title of the song is “Babylon”, a little biblical in terms of how the Neo-Babylonian Empire ended. I used it in comparing myself and hater, enemies, or whatever people want to relate it with. It indicates the fall of failure and rise to success.
The album’s name is “Babylon EP” since the song was speaking of a rise from grass to grace, well I felt the song itself will be best to describe the title of my first album; where I am coming from, where I am going to, and where I am going to be.



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