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Da Gh0ul – Okcity

Da Gh0ul - Okcity

Da Gh0ul - Okcity
Da Gh0ul – Okcity
Tell us your favorite instruments.
Singing, 808s’/kick, snares, hi-hats.
List the names of those supporting you.
Family and people across the globe.


Tell us your preferred musical styles.
Fast rap, hard-hitting beats, hip-hop, rap, conscious rap.
List the name of five artists that have influenced you musically.
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys.
Tell us your favorite food and hobby.
Food- Italian food.
Hobby- producing beats.


Tell us if you smoke and drink alcohol.
I smoke heavily but drink lightly.
Tell us your musical experience pertaining to the recording of this song.
This was recorded in my home studio and took almost 7 hrs. The beat was created by myself and “YS” and took about 2 days.


Discuss the use of live instruments for recording in the studio.
No live instruments were in the recording.
Brief us about your songwriting process.
I first find a feel right for the instrumental and I get straight to work.
Tell us your other talents apart from singing.
Rapping, producing, recording, song recording, performance energy.
Tell us your future plans in terms of your music career.
In about 5 years I plan on being as big as Michael Jackson or bigger.


Tell us the worst experience in your music career.
Riding out of the state to perform for nobody but workers and my team.
Discuss in detail all we need to know about your song and album.
Besides the track being original from beginning to end, it was created to throw a little light onto my family’s home state Oklahoma. Of course, OKC should feel it the most but the track speaks to any and every city that looks down on immoral beings and right from wrong.
Tell us what fans are saying about your music.
The verses are sick! This beat is amazing. That singing part is nice! All verses fit perfectly with the instrumental. Unique track… definitely something different.


Tell us the concept behind your music project.
To put on Want3d Ent! Family.
Discuss multi-genre and switching from one genre to another.
I need to do a little more research but as of now I only work with Pop, Rap, and Hip hop.
State the links to your stores and website.
State the reason you are into music.
I was raised around music artists my whole life and fell in love with creating music when I wrote my first song at the tender age of 8.
Share your biography with us.
Slick rhymes and a melodic Crunk tune are a few words to describe Decatur, GA native rap artist Gh0ul. Born and raised in the 90s’ Gh0ul has a very distinct dirty south flow with dope lyrics. After listening you can tell the dude is talented. Gh0ul has worked with DJ Smallz, DJ Blak Boy, and has released multiple mixtapes and freestyle videos on YouTube; reaching almost 10,000 in just 2 weeks.



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