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Dan Schultz – Traffic 28

Dan Schultz - Traffic 28

Dan Schultz – Traffic 28
Dan Schultz – Traffic 28



ARTIST NAME: Dan Schultz
SONG TITLE: Traffic 28
ALBUM TITLE: Casting Shadows
GENRE: Hard Rock



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Share your life story with us.
I’m a musician out of Pittsburgh, PA that enjoys playing and creating music.
My first album “Lights Are Falling” released on December 7th, 2018 on all major digital music stores and streaming services.
My second album, “Casting Shadows”, released on March 28, 2019, with “The End of Days (EP)” following shortly after on May 23, 2019.
I am a one-man-band who plays all instruments and performs all vocals. All recording and editing on “Lights Are Falling” and “Casting Shadows” was done in my spare bedroom by yours truly.
Perhaps the best way to get to know me is to view me through another person’s perspective.  I told a friend that I had to write a biography for this release and he was more than eager to craft the following regarding my character:
“When Dan mentioned writing his biography, I begged him to permit me to do it instead. Dan is far too modest to craft his own biography. I also asked him not to change anything in this document. To date, he has not seen it.
I can’t comment on Dan’s early life other than he is very family and friend-oriented. He is one to remember every important date and occasion for the people in his life.
Having just typed that, he also remembers the important details for the pets in the people’s lives that he knows.
Known as wise beyond his years, Dan is multifaceted and this shines through in everything he does. With wisdom comes respect and he is certainly respected by all that are graced with his presence. Dan is that guy in the room. He is the go-to person for critical thinking and is always the life of the party.
Many people that are popular often can’t identify those less fortunate. This is another area where Dan is different. His compassion is larger than life and he truly cares for other people’s needs. Dan will sacrifice for others non-stop and is an amazing morale lifter.
Combining all the above with his real-world knowledge, Dan is amazing at creating music and literal auditory works of art that one must listen to with headphones to truly appreciate.
Short summary, Dan is an amazingly talented artist with all the great attributes that one desires… I am honored to have known him.”


Tell us what your fans are saying about your music.
Though I cannot speak for everyone, I think my music has something that a wide demographic can relate to.
My genres and styles vary between hard rock, metal, pop, and acoustic.
There is something here for everyone and I try to make songs and lyrics that can trigger an emotional response from all who listen.


Tell us the factors you consider in choosing a song as your favorite.
I think the quality of the recording, the caliber of the lyrics, the actual musical arrangement, and the listener’s ability to relate are the three things that I look for in my favorite songs.


Tell us the names of producers you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
I would say, Mike Klink, Bob Rock, and Jimmy Page just because they helped create some of my favorite albums.


Tell us the names of the songwriters you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
I don’t pick favorites.  I would collaborate with anybody really!


Tell us your favorite TV show and state your reason.
Game of Thrones – there is no story or show like it.  The ability for it to draw the user into a fantasy world and have it weighed in on pop-culture the way it has is beyond amazing.


Tell us your best mood to create a song.
Being in a determined and relaxed mood is when I am at my best to write a song.


Tell us your interpretation of fame or success.
Having a solid fan base that enjoys the music I create.


Tell us the names of artists you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
Any and all!


Tell us about your experience performing on stage for the first time or recording in the studio for the first time.
I do my recording at home so it has been nothing but a learning experience with each song I create.  As for performing, it was exhilarating!  I did not want it to end and couldn’t wait to get back up there.


Tell us how you approach songwriting.
I normally just start with the drums and playing something random (intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, and chorus) and then create guitar riffs and finally write the lyrics when I listen to the music and determine what I think the song should be about.


Tell us your opinion on blending genres or experimenting with sound.
I think it is a really cool idea…I would like to say I do it myself as each of my albums has various types of music on them.  It gives the listener the ability to hear different styles all while listening to one song.


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
Rejection is never fun but it is something that we all deal with at some point or another.  You just have to take it, grow from it, and move forward better and stronger.


Elaborate on what compels you to sing.
I have always loved music.  I enjoy doing karaoke and being able to express my voice through music is one of my favorite passions.


Tell us the comparison between digital recording and analog recording.
I believe analog is probably the best way to do it, but I have no experience in it.  Digitally, I have had some issues with loss of files or bitrate conversions happening on their own and ruining tracks.  Aside from that though, digital sure is easy for anybody to pick up and start doing themselves!


Tell us how you record your vocals.
A Yeti brand mic plugged into a MacBook Pro and running of Logic Pro X in my spare bedroom.


Tell us the software you used mostly for recording.
Logic Pro X.


Discuss the selling of CDs and the selling of digital files through digital stores.
I think it is very easy for anybody to use especially with services like CD Baby, TuneCore, etc.  However, I have had the best success thus far with streaming through Spotify.


Elaborate on the song.
There is a state highway I have taken to work every day for about a decade which is notorious for traffic in Pittsburgh, PA.  I figured that the local Pittsburgh crowd might get a kick out of hearing a song written about it.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
My name is my legal name.  The album name was derived from my first album “Lights Are Falling”.  When the sun goes down (with the light), shadows begin to cast.


Share your press release and review with us.
Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, the heavy metal of the city has had a large influence over Dan Schultz’s sound.
Largely influenced by a classic rock and metal lifestyle, Dan attributes his sound to the works of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Green Day, AC/DC, and Van Halen.
Dan started his musical learning at a young age with the piano and trumpet.  He soon moved to percussion and eventually string instruments with the guitar and bass.
Dan began recording at a young age in his bedroom using a single microphone and low-budget equipment.  Through years of trials and tribulations, he has finally found the sound he was always listening for.
Still running a one-man-show, Dan has now recorded two full albums (with a new EP slated for release on May 23, 2019) and shows no signs of slowing down.
If you take a dive into YouTube, you will find that he also runs a fairly active YouTube channel where he covers classic rock and metal songs on the guitar.



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