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Daniel Jude – Dancing Slowly

Daniel Jude - Dancing Slowly
Daniel Jude – Dancing Slowly
Daniel Jude – Dancing Slowly



ARTIST NAME: Daniel Jude
SONG TITLE: Dancing Slowly
ALBUM TITLE: Dancing Slowly (Single)
GENRE: Alternative






Daniel Jude – Dancing Slowly
Daniel Jude is an Indie Rock singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Florida. Daniel has always been a musician from a young age.
During high school, after not making the baseball team and not being very popular, the guitar was the only thing Daniel turned to.
As a way of expressing himself, he played around in multiple bands where he fostered his talents and eventually found his voice.
At age 19, Daniel moved to Manhattan working as a high fashion model. There he participated in New York Fashion week where he represented Ozzy Osbourne and Tom Waites for Jeans for Refugees runway show.
Daniel Jude was inspired by the world of fashion and the sounds and styles of New York City and Miami. From these inspirations, he crafted the sound that is Daniel Jude. With influences of pop, rock, indie, and alternative, Daniel produced singles like Fire of Your Gun, Haunts Me, and most recently, Dancing Slowly. Daniel Jude has been featured at multiple music festivals around Florida, performing at The University of Miami, and featured on Spectrum News Channel 13.


Discuss music royalties and how to get paid.
Music royalties are one of the most important sources of income that a musician can have. So it’s important to be in control of where your music is playing and make sure to collect your royalties. Signing with a music rights organization like BMI or ASCAP can help you monitor where your music is being played and help you collect your royalties.


Brief us on how to impress fans during a live performance. 
The best way that I impress the audience is by not holding back. A live performance is meant to be intimate, entertaining, and engaging. Whether it’s a passionate song, a huge guitar solo, or a belting high note, make sure to go all out.


List the names of your biggest supporters. 
I would say that my parents have been my biggest supporters. Even from an early age they always encouraged me to keep going. I guess they recognized I had musical talents or something haha.


Explain what has motivated you so far in your music career.
My fans have been my biggest motivation for me so far. There’s nothing better than having people come together and genuinely enjoy my music. It’s great.


Discuss your experience as an artist.
Music has been the only thing that allows me to truly express myself. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t making music of some sort. I’m glad that I can call it a career and share my art with people around the world.


Tell us the biggest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
My biggest mistake was waiting. You always want to be moving and pushing your music forward. Every step counts no matter how big or small.


Discuss the story behind the song.
This song, like many others before, was inspired by an attraction to someone. It explains two people that might not be perfect or have the best pasts, but together, they can make something right.


Tell us how to fund a music project.
I have a day-to-day job that I use to fund expenses. Luckily the job is paying off for me! I do graphic design, music production, and photography for brands, bands, and whoever else might need those services!


Discuss your opinion on the safety of fans during shows and live performances.
The number one thing a venue should focus on is the safety of the fans. Security, metal detectors, etc.; I feel should be required at any venue or event.


Tell us the greatest piece of advice someone has given you as an artist.
Don’t leave the place unless everyone knows your name.


Tell us what you will improve or change in your music.
I am always looking to improve my live performances and songwriting. I feel there can always be a better show or a better song. There is no limit.


Discuss vocal training and how you protect your vocal.
You always want to warm up your vocals before and after you sing. I need to practice what I preach! But a good technique is to fill a glass half full of water and grab a straw and blow bubbles through the straw into the water while humming your lyrics. Try it out.


Discuss your best mood during a performance.
My best mood is just purely energized. Once you step on the stage and hit that first note, nothing is better.


List your best artists with reasons.
Led Zeppelin- They inspired me from a young age to write rock songs. There’s not much to say about them that hasn’t already been said. They’re just a phenomenal band.
The Doors- I’m always inspired by Jim Morrison’s live performances and the energy he exhibits. No one comes close.
And I might as well add a modern artist…
Arctic Monkeys- I love the way they create rock songs but still keep that modern cool vibe going. I’m really inspired by some of their songwriting for that very reason.


Discuss your existence as an artist.
I’m here to share my experiences with everyone and try to inspire and entertain a few people along the way!


Tell us the greatest problem you think is facing society and the solution.
I feel that the sense of community and one-ness is being fractured. Get rid of all the labels put on humans and just be.


Discuss your songwriting and recording.
I’m very personal with my songwriting so I typically do it alone, but once I have something good I show it to my closest friends to get opinions! They’re always honest with me, maybe more than I would like haha! I typically record in my home studio. I have a semi-professional setup including sound-treated rooms, professional monitors, etc. I like to record every instrument on my own so I know I capture the exact sound I’m looking for.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Daniel Jude. There’s not much to explain other than it’s my name.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
Dancing Slowly. It’s a metaphor for taking your time with someone.



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