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Dave Travis

Dave Travis
Dave Travis
Dave Travis



ARTIST NAME:  Dave Travis
SONG TITLE:  Love’s Lonely Highway
GENRE: Country



Indie Music Channel
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Dave Travis



Tell us your favorite instruments.
My favorite instrument is my Yamaha PSR-S 770/970, but I also play electric bass, and 6 string guitar (Fender Strat).


List the names of those supporting you.
At present I do not have any financial backers; however, I do have a number of people in the industry providing me guidance. Some are fellow musicians/singers, music publishers, radio djs, etc.


Tell us your preferred musical styles.
My preferred musical style/genre is Country/Easy Listening, but I also love Southern Gospel.


List the name of five artists that have influenced you.
Elvis, Waylon Jennings, Elton John, The Eagles, and Johnny Cash.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
2018 – I had a number of #1 songs on the Number One Music Charts for the US in Easy Listening.
2016 and 2017 Finalist in the Great American Songwriting Contest (Southern Gospel), 2014 Awarded Best Classical, Best Blues Song, and Best overall Demo Award in the Indie Music Channel, Hollywood, CA, also Best Blues Song both 2016 and 2017, also at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood. A number of Finalist and Semi-Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contests in London (2012-2018). As a writer, I had some Billboard / Cashbox Top 100 Country hits.
Dave had success in the ’80s and ’90s as a songwriter with some Billboard/Cashbox charting.
Below is his recent activity:
Songwriting activities (2007 – present)
2016 – Finalist in the 2015/2016 Great American Songwriting Contest in the Christian/Gospel genre with the song “HANDS UP”
Hollywood – (2015) – Dave Travis wins best oldie song in the Indie Music Channel Radio Awards with the song “SOMEWHERE”
Hollywood (4/2015) Whisky Agogo – Dave Travis awarded Best Blues Song from the Indie Music Channel for the song “LOST TOMORROWS” – vocalist Robert Shades Fisher
Hollywood (4/27/2014) Whisky Agogo – Dave Travis receives 4 Awards from the Indie Music Channel, Best Blues Song “BLUES AFTER MIDNIGHT” (written by Dave Travis & Robert “Shades” Fisher), Best Classical Song “ROYAL ASCEND “(Dave Travis), and Best Blues Demo & Best Overall Demo for “THROUGH THE STORM” (written by Dave Travis & Roger Antony Carter) – vocalist Robert “Shades” Fisher.
Received Semi-Finalist Awards in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest for MUY BUENO (Latin Pop Instr.) & TILL ALL-TIME FADES AWAY – Country Love Song
London – Dave Travis awarded Finalist in the Christian/Faith cat. in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest (12/21/12) For the song “HANDS UP”
Hollywood (4/20/2012) Dave Travis wins Best Gospel Demo award from the Indie Music Channel with the song “HANDS UP”
“GOOD TIME PARTY MAN” released on the WHERE DID THE LOVE GO CD by Del Robbins, Fame & Fortune Records – 2012
Three songs were recorded/released in Nashville (2008) by Little Memphis on their LET ME DOWN
EASY CD (2009). East Country Records. All 3 songs were produced by the late legendary Nashville Producer Scotty Turner
29 new songs published (solo) – 2007-present
With co-writer (Roger Antony Carter of the UK), we have had a number of songs published/placed:
47 new songs published (2007-present)
2 songs placed in short movie – title: The Lifters produced by Carol Holland Productions, of NYC (2009)
LIVING GHOSTS (2010) by DAVE TRAVIS – Jandar Records
Received the Semi-Finalist Award in 1999 for the song “DEVIL MAY CARE” (adult cont.), as well as the 2011 Semi-Finalist Award for the song “RED KILLER HEELS” (open cat.) in the UK Songwriting Contest(s)
As composer and recording artist (2007 – present)
Released the song “Living Ghosts” on the Jandar Records Battlecry CD
London – Song “I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU” reached #10 on the Music World Radio (MWR) – 2012
Reverbnation – Dave Travis
Reverbnation – Dave Travis songs by Robert Shades Fisher
Indie Music Channel


Tell us if you smoke and drink alcohol.
I have not smoked in decades and only drink alcohol occasionally.


Tell us about your musical experience.
I began playing music at a very young age in cover bands. Started writing in the mid-’80s (mostly Country Music), later played in many cover bands, and most recently started recording my own music with some success.


Explain vocal training.
I never had any vocal training BUT grew up in a very musical family.


Discuss live instruments for recording in the studio.
I play keyboard, guitar, bass, and do most of my backup vocals.


Discuss your songwriting.
I have written over 500+ songs. Some have been in the Billboard Country Top 100, have won a number of songwriting awards, and to date, I still write all my own songs including this song “LOVE’S LONELY HIGHWAY”.


Tell us your other talents apart from singing.
I play keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar and produce all my own material, as well as doing all my own mixing and mastering.


Tell us your plans in terms of your music career.
I keep writing, recording, playing live, and have hope of making an impact on the world through my songwriting and recordings.


Tell us the worst experience in your music career.
I recently had 11 nominations in an award show and won ZERO.


Discuss your song and album.
This song which I just wrote and recorded very recently, has had some very positive feedback. The song is about an experience many people have had. You fall in love, it starts to crumble, you try to recover BUT don’t make it. Then sometime later one of the lovers decides to contact the other to see if they can try again BUT is rejected.


Tell us what fans are saying about your music.
I will provide a few comments:
Royce: Hi I absolutely love listening to your music!
Ana: Hey hey hey first time when I received a message to listen to your music I thought it would be a waste of time but it could be a great mistake if I didn’t check this out and now I’m a returning listener almost daily! Wishing you well and you got my support!
Elie: Hi I just have to say that you create a piece of very good music and it appeals to a lot of people. I’ll be listening to you; I’ve just added your n1m page to my faves.
Tracy: Hello Dave, thanks for the fresh voice, lyrics, and music. You’re a true star – I mean the bright kind in the sky!
BigBen: Omg I listened to your stuff for the first time a few days ago and just love it Cheers to your hard work. BigBen
Genaro: Dave, You have a voice it’s undeniable.
Oscar Rose: Dear Dave, I absolutely love your song IN YOUR ARMS!!!! You have such a way into my soul with your words and music!
And many more positive comments from my many fans.


Discuss multi-genre and switching from one genre to another.
My favorite music is Country, however, I also love Southern Gospel, Blues, and Adult Cont./Easy Listening.


Explain the title of the song.
The singer is trying to escape a love gone bad, and the concept is going down a lonely highway (LOVE’S LONELY HIGHWAY), with no exit ramps, going as fast as possible to put this bad love affair behind you (get these bad memories fading behind). In the second verse the possible retry, but he ain’t taking the bait. I feel this song says a lot in few words.


State the reason you are into music.
To make an impact on the world through my music/songs.

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