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D’Champ – Bad Bitch

D’Champ – Bad Bitch

D’Champ – Bad Bitch
D’Champ – Bad Bitch


Tell us how you fund your music projects.
I work part-time at a Petstore here in my city, Oshawa.


Tell us if your music career is paying your bills.
Sadly at this point, my music career is not paying the bills. I believe that my hard work and dedication will eventually pay off and my career will begin to pay the bills. It’s just a matter of time.


Tell us if you will change the style of your music to sign a record deal. 
My goal is and always will be to make the best possible music for the fans. If I get suggestions that I agree with for improving the music, it is possible I would make small changes to improve. However I would never change the style to a different genre, I still need to be me out there!


Tell us the process of writing a song from scratch to the final stage. 
I search tirelessly my email, YouTube, and SoundCloud for the perfect beat. Once I find it I begin freestyling some vocals over it. If I find my vocals work well with a particular beat I start to write down some lyrics. Once the lyrics are written I hit the studio and record it. Then it’s off the mixer to mix and master the track, and bam new track is complete!


Tell us if you have a guideline or standard set for your music production. 
If it isn’t lit it isn’t a hit! I only put out fire music, if I don’t think it’s up to par it’s back to scratch to create something new and better…


Tell us your preparation for a live performance and how you ensure the quality and output of your music are never compromised. 
I practice my set every day leading up to the event and make sure I know all my lyrics before ever hitting the stage. I communicate with the sound guy ahead of time to make sure everything is going well with the setup at the venue. I also deliver a high-energy performance and make sure to get people moving every time!


Tell us your bad habit. 
I drink and get so hyped up off of caffeine it’s ridiculous, I drink espresso out of my espresso machine and regular coffee out my French press. I also drink 6-8 cups of tea every day. I get so buzzed that I walk around in circles while people talk to me. I plan on getting a gold espresso machine someday…


Tell us if you are totally in control of your performance or you are still learning.
I don’t think it’s possible to fully control your performance, I think there’s a certain give and take between the artist and the audience. You have to feel everyone’s energy and participate at the moment with them not just control them at every move. But I am always learning and I think there will always be room to improve when it comes to performing.


Tell us that precious moment you chose music as a career.
I was high with my best friend and we were brainstorming things to do in life. I always wanted to rap and I brought up the suggestion that we should start writing rap music and put it on YouTube. The next week I bought everything I needed for a home studio and it all began.


Tell us the greatest feedback you have ever received on a song of yours. 
I was performing at a bar, it was a smaller show. I had just performed “Bad Bitch”, and a man I had just met told me he had been listening to hip-hop for 33 years, and the song I had just performed “Bad Bitch” was one of the greatest songs he had ever heard.


Tell us your side interest apart from music. 
I sip a crazy amount of tea; I have tried many different types and would like to someday drink some of the world’s most expensive teas. White to green teas, chai to chamomile I flux with it all. However, my favorite is white tea. In the past it was exclusive to emperors, I like to feel like royalty when I sip on my tea. I also like to work out almost daily. I do cardio and strength workouts. I also like going shopping and eating different vegan foods as I have been a vegan for 10 years.


Tell us the artist that most influenced you as a musician. 
It’s hard to pinpoint just one, Juicy J has influenced me to get that paper and blow that haze. Whereas Tyler the Creator has taught me to do my own thing and not care what people think.  Drake of course has been a huge influence as well, inspires me to keep doing it as big as I can, he proves you can get as big as you want coming out of Canada. The dream is out there you just got to make it happen.


Tell us if you are more comfortable singing as a solo artist than collaborating with others.
I generally perform and work the music on my own. I’ve been mostly solo thus far. However lately I’ve had some rappers feature on the track. I’ve had AuCoin just recently. I also have a track with Tai Smoove dropping soon.


Tell us the full details of this song. 
So “Bad Bitch” is a club-type song I put together. I was feeling like I wanted to hear myself get played up in the clubs. So I made something for just that. It’s a song all about a bad bitch that I’m seeing and about how I’m living this high-intensity life keeping up to her. Of course, she is bad as well… I really feel that she won’t disappoint.


State the links to your social networks and stores.


Tell us the kind of organization you will set up to fight a cause and state your reason for fighting the cause.
In the future, I could see myself starting an animal rights organization. I believe that since animals experience pain similar to humans, they should be treated similarly to humans. I think it’s cruel to use animals when it is unnecessary and awful for the environment.


Tell us how you feel while performing. 
I feel great. I like to get really lost in the moment and get the crowd as hyped up as possible.


Tell us the dos and don’ts in the music business. 
Do remember it takes money to make money. (Invest in yourself).
Don’t trust phony promo companies.


Tell us your opinion on smoking, health is wealth but people still smoke. 
I think it’s key to be happy, you can’t always achieve this if you’re unhealthy. If you’re smoking I don’t hate you, but I don’t advise your lifestyle. But hey everyone does everything for a reason so who am I to judge. But smoking weed on the other hand is perfectly OK for most people.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
D’Champ –
So there are a couple of reasons why I chose D’Champ. First of all, I’m Da champ so you know what it is.
Secondly, my last name is Deschamps which sounds a lot like D’Champ when people pronounce it without the correct French accent.


State the title of the song and the meaning. 
“Bad Bitch”-
So “Bad Bitch” is a female that is fine as hell. I wanted this song to be about a bad bitch. I also like to dedicate it to all the bad bitches in the crowd when I perform so the name just fits.


State the title of the album and the reason for picking the title.
Hustler’s Odyssey
So Hustler’s Odyssey is a name I chose because I hustle hard out here. It’s an everyday grind. And it’s an Odyssey because it tells the story of my grind.




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