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Deleo – Unfair

Deleo - Unfair
Deleo – Unfair
Deleo – Unfair



GENRE: Pop/Electro-Folk






Explain how to get over writer’s block. 
I listen to a whole bunch of bands that I like in different styles … and the inspiration comes back!


Tell us the tricks behind making a hit song. 
What kind of hit, I think a title shouldn’t just be successful commercially to become a hit.
A hit can be personal because the song struck something in us in positive or negative! We all have a unique song that we love without knowing why.


Tell us how you get feedback for your demo before working on it. 
I put the song on various listening platforms, then I had feedback from James Sanger on our title Unfair … It all started from there.


Explain your recording experience in the studio. 
Mad, magical like James the producer of the album. He’s a sound magician and a great creator! It is captivating. Each day was a new day, a leap into the unknown. There was an overall objective but not for the day. Feeling… musical!


Tell us how you compose. 
I take my guitar and I place chords … I stick to my dreams and a melody hangs on to me. I place words, I structure… and the piece constructed.


Tell us if you add effects to your vocals to sound better. 
That’s James’s manufacturing secret. There is compression, delay reverb, and other little things. 😉


Tell us the best streaming platform to get new fans. 
Spotify is the largest, well if you master the tool! Be careful not to get lost.


Tell us your opinion on music education. 
Too weak or even inexistent at school in France… I am self-taught.


Discuss the shooting of a commercial music video for a song. 
The idea of the script is crucial! intrigue, beautiful images…


Tell us how you interact with other artists. 
We like and share the songs we like. It’s important to help each other…


Tell us if you can collaborate with an artist of a different genre. 
We accepted the remix of Unfair proposed by a DJ – The Wooden Cross in a Deep House style. We are curious about all music so why not? We’re reaching a new audience.


Explain how to finance a music project. 
Self-production for the moment, we finance ourselves!


Tell us how to generate income from a musical work. 
Stream, Merch, Tickets… to start!


Send a message to your fans. 
Keep pushing with us to meet us in the most beautiful… 🙂


Explain the process involved in recording a vocal. 
Know the words well, focus on the meaning of the words, and give it your all!


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album. 
Deleo has several meanings, first, the contraction of two first names, Deleo was a duet originally formed by Denis…


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