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DJ Romestallion – #BornDay

DJ Romestallion – #BornDay


DJ Romestallion – #BornDay
DJ Romestallion – #BornDay



ARTIST NAME – DJ Romestallion
FEATURED ARTISTS: AB of YH, Mr. Jet Black & Just L
ALBUM TITLE – #AOTP [All Over The Place]
GENRE – Hip-Hop/Rap



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A San Francisco native, DJ Romestallion’s passion for music began at the age of 12 when playing the clarinet and vibraphone at Aptos Middle School.
During his late teens as a club promoter, he saw another aspect of music and entertaining.
After graduating from Terra Nova High School and attending San Francisco City College where he obtained the 2003 Junior College Football National Championship with the Rams, his athletic career as a centerfielder granted him a full athletic baseball scholarship to Mississippi Valley State University.
After a year at Mississippi Valley State University, he continued his education at San Francisco State University with a degree in Journalism, all throughout this his love for music by his side.
During his college years, his teammates and classmates became very familiar with his playlist “Butt Slaps.”
After graduating from SFSU and interning at CBS 5 and ABC 7, he ventured back to his love of music and began learning the art of DJing.
With a residency at Blackthorn Tavern and Rockit Room, now known as Neck of the Woods, his career in the industry began.
In 2016 he became a resident DJ at Big Box Radio in Chicago and began executing producing and releasing his first single #DropItLow featuring Just L and releasing two more singles #DOTB (Dance on the Beach) featuring Just L & Alma Rosae and #LiftOFF featuring AB of YH & Kurtanz later that year.
He then went on his first promotional tour in New York where he did many radio station interviews and a short film about his life.
Also, he attended the A3C festival and conference in Atlanta, where he interviewed multiple artists and networked with upcoming artists. There he decided he would start working on an album and release it the next year.
In 2017 he started working on his first studio album entitled, #AOTP [ All Over The Place ] featuring artists from California, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, and Florida.
The album is also produced by leading experts from California, Amsterdam, France, New York, Ohio, and Nevada.
He premiered two singles #BornDay featuring AB of YH, Mr. Jet Black & Just L in which, he filmed and released his first music video, and #TheChampMVP featuring Mr. Jet Black, AB of YH & Johnny Caine before the release of the album in July.
He then went on another promotional tour in New York where he did five radio station interviews and filmed the music video for the song #HellaSalty featuring Mista HookCiti off the album all in a three-day span.
He is the 2017 Allstar Mixtape Awards Grinding DJ of the Year Winner.
Moving into 2018, he released the music video and joined The Program DJ crew as a resident DJ doing shows at various clubs around the Bay Area.
Staying focused he began honing his craft as a songwriter and artist working on his next four solo singles #Lottery, #BlowinChecks, #Ratchetta, and #Legacy.
He is currently working on his next project #TheeFriscoanMixtape and is looking to release it in 2019.



Go on at length on what it takes to write a song from the start to the end.
I usually start by just listening to the beat first. If I’m feeling it, then it’s on repeat for a few hours.
I always start with the hook first and build the song concept around that. After the hook is done, then I start to work on the verses.
If I can hear other people on the song inside my head, then I’ll reach out to those artists and ask them what they think and if they would like to be featured.
After the writing process is done, I set up a studio session with my engineer and then we lay down the vocals for the song and it’s a wrap!


Elaborate on the gain and loss of being an artist.
The gain of being an artist is the excitement of having endless possibilities once you make it and making money doing something you absolutely love doing. Plus, having the power to touch so many people with your music is extremely humbling and rewarding.
The loss side of things is being broke while chasing this dream and not having many people believe in your talent(s).


Tell us how you connect people with your music.
I connect people with my music by making party music and music that people can relate to. I like to bring my personal experiences to the music, so people can hear the issues that I battle with on a daily basis. I like to tell my stories from the past and present.


Mention your greatest song up to date.
My greatest song to date in my humble opinion is #Legacy from my latest project #TheeFriscoanMixtape in which I released in March 2019.


Tell us what you hate most about the music business.
What I hate most about the music industry, is the huge lack of professionalism and cocky people.


Discuss how you monitor your digital distribution and streaming.
I’m able to monitor my distribution and streaming data through ASCAP, Sound Exchange, and SoundCloud analytics.


State the obstacles that a new artist can face as a starter.
I think the obstacles you face starting out are mostly financial. Having the start-up money to invest in yourself takes a lot of time and a lot of research. Studio costs, beat costs, video costs, PRO costs, website costs, performance costs, legal costs, social media costs, etc. All of these things can add up and can overwhelm a beginner artist easily.


Tell us how you will tutor a new artist in the music business.
If I could tutor someone in the music industry I would go-slow with them to make sure a lot of things were covered. So much information to obtain these days; it can definitely be an intimidating factor.


Explain how you record songs.
I like to go into the studio with my songs already done; meaning I finished writing them, so I can just focus on laying my vocals down. I also like to have water, tequila, and food on hand as well. My sessions are usually 5+ hours long because I like to complete 2-4 songs within that time period.


Discuss digital and analog recording.
My engineer uses Pro Tools to record my sessions digitally. I’ve never recorded through analog in my career.


Tell us your opinion on adding effects to vocals.
I think adding effects to vocals is a dope thing! As an artist, you have to have an open mind and see how the industry is evolving. If you sound great with the effects on your vocals, why not do it? I encourage anybody to play with some effects on your vocals and give it a try.


Tell us how you eradicate noise in your recording.
My engineer does a great job at eradicating noise during my recording. I record at a professional studio.


Describe the theme of your lyrics.
The theme of my song #BornDay is to have fun and live life to the fullest on your special day and/or all year!


Tell us if you consider rapping about politics or injustice rather than love stories.
I usually just rap about whatever I feel at that particular moment.


Discuss the registration of your songs with your Performing Rights Organization.
I’m registered with ASCAP and the process is really easy. I just type in all required information about the song and they register the song on their end and it ends up in my catalog to view anytime.


Discuss how you distribute your music.
I distribute my music using Tunecore. Tunecore places my music on platforms such as Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Spotify, and various other platforms around the world. If I didn’t have Tunecore, I wouldn’t know how to place my music on these platforms.


Discuss how you cope with the crowd on the stage.
I cope with the crowd onstage by just being myself and bringing tons of energy. I like to ask them how they’re feeling at that moment and to take a spiritual trip with me during my set…


Elaborate on the song.
My song #BornDay is a celebratory song about one’s birthday. It’s a straight party song/anthem that everyone should play when their special day comes around.
I was able to grab my guys AB of YH, Mr. Jet Black, and Just L for this track to give it that party energy.
When you watch the video you can see we had fun that night and a lot of people came out to party with us as well.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
My name Romestallion was born from my close group of friends.
There are two Jerome’s amongst my friends and I got hit with the name Romestallion to differentiate between the two of us.
Plus, I am kind of a wild outgoing guy, so the name is a perfect fit for my personality.
When I started DJing I knew it would be a name that would standout out the most, so I just put the D and the J in front of it and the rest is history.
The title of my album #AOTP [All Over The Place] comes from just my journey growing up and just being all over the place spiritually and emotionally.
Also, the different sounds, artists, and producers are from all around the world, so all over the place was the perfect concept of how I wanted my album portrayed.


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