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Doc Fell & Co. – Dandelions

Doc Fell & Co. - Dandelions
Doc Fell & Co. - Dandelions
Doc Fell & Co. – Dandelions



Go into detail on why you decide to choose music as a career. 
I began writing songs in earnest around 2011.  I had a few songs I had written and I showed up at an open mic to play them.  Afterward, I was asked to come back in a month and do an hour’s worth of original music.  I went home and started composing everything I could think of.  I made it through the hour set barely but from it I kept the discipline of trying to write constantly.  After a time it became obvious that music was calling my name loudly so I began chasing it.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans concerning your music.
A common thread is that people like how our music is real and they like the original country sound interwoven with modern twists.  I feel like our greatest asset is the strength of our songwriting and storytelling.
Discuss the relevance of social networking to music.
Social networking is to some extent the new concert venue.  I feel like the days of needing to drive all over the country to spread the word are gone. If you make good music and market yourself, new fans are eager to stream your music on their computers and phones.  The additional value is a deeper connection to the behind-the-scenes life of the artist.  It’s in a way everyone’s one reality TV show.


Brief us about the recording of this song.
We recorded this album in Oklahoma at Monotone Studios.  We were pleased to have The Mastersons sing backing vocals. Otherwise, musicians were local artists.
Mastering was performed at the famous Yellow Dog Studios.
Tell us the story behind the song.
Watching dandelions blowing in the wind inspired this track.  It blossomed into the visual image of us all being fragile dandelions dancing in a hurricane.  The verses support the underlying premise that while we are all different we all have similar vulnerabilities and ultimately we are all in this fight together.
State your area of specialization in music.
I am primarily a singer-songwriter.  As one friend says a song collector.


Tell us how long it takes to finish a song from the start.
It depends on so many factors.  Some songs are small ideas that like seeds take a long time to cultivate and blossom.  Other songs flow out like they are writing themselves.  The quickest I’ve written a song has got to be 5 minutes and the longest is several years.


Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody.
I tend to develop my lyrics the majority of the time independent of a melody.  Sometimes I have a concept of how it should sound and try to develop a melody accordingly.  On a rare occasion, I get a melody in my head and it gives birth to lyrics. Frequently those songs tend to be a little simpler and quicker to write.  Most of the songs I write are while driving.  I will start with a small thought or lyric and try to expand on it.  To keep from losing pieces I will record lines on my phone and gradually construct a song out of it.


Discuss music generally in full details.
Music is a beautiful outlet for the musician and listeners. It connects so many of the facets of our lives together.  It serves as a personal soundtrack to the story of your lives.
State your five favourite genres of music with reasons.
Classic country as it bore a large impression on me as a young child growing up in Oklahoma and is present in the music I create.  Red dirt because it originated in my home state and encompasses a lot of our sound.  Americana as it gives birth to a wide array of sound embracing more traditional instruments.  Folk music as a songwriter appeals to me.  My songs tend to be driven by the idea of storytelling.
Discuss your rehearsal. 
We don’t rehearse much except when we have a new song or new members to the band.  We know the material well but we like to keep the tunes somewhat fluid as we improvise on the fly.  Accordingly each time we play a set; it would be somewhat a unique experience in itself.
State your favorite musical instruments. 
I prefer the guitar as it is my primary instrument and gave birth to a lot of my musical passion. I had a little bit of piano training as a child and recently have gotten into composing some tunes on it.  I also like playing a harmonica as it is an extension of what I do vocally.
Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance.
I really like to react to the crowd.  I frequently change the set, based on the atmosphere and crowds’ response.  I was told once there are no small crowds just small performances so I always play them all like we are at Carnage hall.


Discuss your personality in full details.
I have no off button.  I tend to be a keen observer of human nature and use that as a resource for my songwriting.
Tell us about your musical background.
I had a few years of piano lessons in grade school and a few years of trumpet playing in Jr high.  I am self-taught at guitar.  I grew up in a southern Baptist church influenced by classical hymnal tunes. I really didn’t perform publicly until my late 20’s. I was fearful of public performance but I am well past that stage now.
List your musical work.
We have three studio albums.  “Scissor Tail” was released in 2014, “Dust Bowl Heart” in 2017, and our latest album “Heaven, Hell or Oklahoma” is scheduled for May 2018 release.  We have a few singles as well.


Give us the links to purchase your music and contact you.
DocFell & Co. on Apple Music



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