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Down From Above – Where Angels Fall
ARTIST NAME: Down From Above
SONG TITLE:  Where Angels Fall
ALBUM TITLE:  Down From Above
RELEASE DATE: February 2019
GENRE: Electro Rock/Industrial



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Down From Above juxtaposes bittersweet melodies with menacing guitar riffs, instinctive pop sensibility against growling basslines and twisted synths, ethereal calm in opposition to hard-driving beats and rhythms.
Comprised of vocalist Anastasia Resurrection and guitarist Rob Ackerman, and inspired by acts ranging from Blondie to Nine Inch Nails, Down From Above have honed their electronica driven hard rock via the highs and lows of the London club scene, and are now looking to bring their distinctive blend of heavy soundscapes and trippy dark angelic vocals to a wider audience.



State your academic qualification. 
We both have degrees: Rob read History and Anastasia read Theology.


Elaborate on your music career, band name, experience, and skills.
In between the day jobs Rob and Anastasia have always done music on and off and there has always been a pull towards it that both could not ignore.
It’s in the blood, so to speak…Anastasia can wake up in the middle of the night with a tune in her head and she has to record.
Rob also gets tunes in his head that have to come out.
Down From Above as a name came from the idea of the juxtaposition that is represented in DFA’s unique sound – trippy ethereal vocals, which can be deeply heavy and visceral as well as angelic and dreamy, against a backdrop of dark driven guitars and grinding basslines.
In terms of skills, Rob is a self-taught musician, learning to play the drums, guitar, and bass, and Anastasia learned to play a few instruments when she was younger.
Both members focus on writing songs they love to hear and hope that others too will enjoy their sound and lyrics which reflect their life’s experiences – the highs and lows that this world has thrown at them throughout their lives – happiness, death, struggles, pain, friendships, loneliness, identity, etc.


Tell us your genre and idea behind your music video or song.
Our genre is electro-driven heavy rock with a twist as the vocals are a stark contrast to the guitars and some of the darker elements of the song’s backdrop.
With Where Angels Fall – we had it recorded in Turkey as we wanted to capture an ‘angelic quality’ to the song and felt that Turkey has a spiritual wealth to offer in the scenery and the amazing people.
We asked the videographers to reflect the lyrics in a Turkish style through nature and storytelling from the protagonist’s perspective: i.e. the fallen angel in the video experiencing the beauty of the world around her.
The song is symbolic and works on several levels: the lyrics also reflect the struggles of life and overcoming these personal battles that we have experienced in our own lives i.e. overcoming bereavement and battling with those darker moments.


Tell us how to run a record label based on your experience as an artist.
In terms of a record label – allowing a band to have its own identity and not expecting it to follow other bands’ sounds.
Allow a band not to be generic or bland and have a vision that allows an artist to set a new genre or sound that people will love.
Great music will stand the test of time and should translate well as an acoustic song without the frills of expensive, overproduction.


Tell us how you are promoting your music.
We sent to a few music blogs, underground radio stations, and websites and we have been getting good feedback from those who like our sound/genre.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Independent Music Review:
The guys have knocked out something a bit different here and when we say knocked we mean POW!!!! Right out of the park!
The video itself is beautiful and the track is vocally a masterpiece. Both powerful and atmospheric.
The track builds itself slowly and when the guitar finally hits it’s nothing short of sublime.
Down From Above are a bit special and the direction they are taking highlights just how much they are progressing. Very well put together.
Great lyrics. Musically masterful and nothing short of perfect. 10/10
Stereo Stickman:
Down From Above is one of the most contradictory bands I’ve ever heard, and that’s precisely the reason they are so compelling.
Their latest single, Where Angels Fall, is a uniquely twisted blend of alternative, metal, and electronica, that is as hauntingly alluring as it is innately energetic.
The song guides you on a journey through a plethora of distinct genres of music that all come together to form a holistically idiosyncratic experience.
Where Angels Fall starts off with a very deliberate pace and establishes Down From Above’s greatest asset: lead singer Anastasia Resurrection. Her voice has a very Blondie-esque quality to it that’s authentic and tender, yet still has undeniably raw power. It’s as if you’re enjoying a warm spring breeze flowing through your hair, knowing that at any moment there is the potential for a devastating thunderstorm.
That storm does eventually hit, but it’s not in the form of Resurrection’s vocals – instead, it’s in the form of Down From Above’s guitarist, Rob Ackerman. His play-style and tones are inherently hard-rock/metal and they provide a harmonious antithesis to Resurrection’s almost angelic vocals. It feels stylistically reminiscent of Evanescence but still maintains an identity entirely of its own. Producing music that has that familiarity yet still pushes the envelope is undoubtedly the sign of a truly great artist.
If Ackerman’s guitar playing is fire, then Resurrection’s vocal is ice. Down From Above are two opposing forces of nature that have somehow come together to create a seductive piece of art in Where Angels Fall. It’s a beautifully destructive track that’s enticing in its mysterious uncertainty and absolutely worth a listen.


Explain the story behind the song.
Where Angels Fall
Combing ethereal, reverberant melody with hard-hitting guitars and pop concision, ‘Where Angels Fall’ is the third single from London-based alternative hard rockers Down From Above.
Ostensibly a song celebrating the supportive nature of relationships, there are hints within the lyrics towards a darker side of life and love.
Ultimately, this reflects the duality, the battle that lives within all human interaction – the urge to be an individual yet also to give…ourselves wholeheartedly to a greater whole, and the price we have to be willing to pay in order to balance these conflicting forces within our lives.


State the names of other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director.
We have Imran Hanif joining us from Naked Players and we are working with Alex Loring of Big Spring who has worked with Fangclub.


Tell us how long you have been in the music business, your experience, and your future goal.
In terms of the music business, we are new to the scene really.
Our future goal is to keep making great music that appeals to a range of people and we hope to be part of the growing alternative scene.


Tell us what makes you unique from others.
Our sound and style of songwriting – we encapsulate a range of styles so we are hard to pigeonhole which is a good thing but not when people want to put you in the same-named box!


Tell us your weakness and strength pertaining to music.
Being completely different with a different female vocal sound means that some promoters do not know what to do with you in terms of matching you up with other bands or what night you belong to. This can be a strength as you stand out and people who get us; love us.


List your five favorite songs. 
Grimes – ‘We Appreciate Power’
Nine Inch Nails – ‘Less than’
Royal Blood – ‘Little Monster’
Abba -‘SOS’
Blondie – ‘Dreaming’


Tell us your position on “Do It Yourself” and signing to a major label.
Well, DIY sounds very romantic in a way, but then the reality bites and you realize you actually need the support of a record label as they have contacts, experience, money, etc. that you as an artist simply do not have access to.
So signing to a major label would be a sort of quid-pro-quo-back-scratching-deal-with-the-devil sort of thing that you just have to accept if you want to have as many people as possible hear your music.



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