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Dre-Key the Ghetto Millionaire

Dre-Key the Ghetto Millionaire

Dre-Key the Ghetto Millionaire
Dre-Key the Ghetto Millionaire


Tell us how you develop your sound and style to make it different from other musicians.
My style is different because I appreciate all eras of Hip-Hop/Rap. So whereas “Do Tha Fool” has an old-school party sound; I have other songs that have a trap feel and others that sound more musical & lyrical.


Tell us your opinion on the way new artists are coming up and the frequent release of songs.
I’m not mad. Now me personally, I like an album with a concept, something I can start & just let it play. But as a fan, I don’t really get caught up in the “Golden-age” of Hip-Hop vs. the new era. First of all, EVERY era of hip-hop/rap was first looked down upon till it was forced down people’s throats until it was finally accepted. And secondly, as an indie artist and businessman, I like being able to control when & how I drop a song or album. The digital age has made it so easy; you got to be lazy not to be getting some kinda money out here. Love it or hate it, this is the state of hip-hop/rap music just like this is the state of the world. I can deal with it or leave it alone but I don’t have time to be mad about it.


Tell us your experience as a musician.
Aw man that could take forever…talent shows when I was a kid, performing at school events & pep rallies later on. Even before I started spitting, I used to dance on that M.C. Hammer “Can’t touch this”…hell yea. Then from dropping underground & local indie projects to working as operations manager at Paid In Full Ent. (Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, O.G. Ron C, Mista Madd, 50 50 Twin & more) then working out my own label & distribution set-up. It’s been a long ride…


Tell us your opinion on streaming and digital download of songs.
It changed everything across the board but specifically with me, it changed the way I handled inventory control. No more wondering how many CDs to order, once it’s on the digital shelves of digital stores it’s out there for good, no more shipping costs or long phone calls to store managers trying to get physical shelf space. Lots of people still like CDs, but the demand is lower so the prices for CD duplication are lower also.


Tell us how you see yourself in the coming time as a musician.
I’m the one that’s going to tie all these together & make it where every type of rap artist can get real money. My next album will change everything.


Tell us five current artists that are your favorite presently.
Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Drake, Migos, Whiz Khalifa… I like a lot of cats, but my favorites are ones that do big things and do them consistently.


Tell us your best song up to date and share the link.
I’d have to say it’s the “I Cut Fa” Ya'” remix featuring the homie Paul Wall. S/O Paul Wall man, he killed it & I really appreciate all the love he showed on that thang.—> YouTube


Tell us your dream and hope for the future.
My dream and hope are to reach my full potential and to be able to help others who want to do the same.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
The energy has changed. Not as much general excitement and feeling of awe & wonder about music and the industry.


Tell us your opinion on TV and radio stations playing the same songs from established artists mostly and giving little chances to independent artists.
Again, I’m not mad. It’s business. These stations don’t get paid to play music, THEY GET PAID BY THE ADVERTISERS. So when the advertisers are choosing which station to spend millions of dollars with for ad placement they don’t want to pay a station that is playing an underground song because they don’t care how hot the song is, they care that the masses of people already like a song, because they want their commercial to play in front of as many people as possible so they can get a better return on their advertising dollars. It’s like do I want my commercial to play during the Superbowl or during a really good regular-season game? People may be watching the regular game but guaranteed more people are watching the big show. But it’s really a good thing because it forced us to find other ways to get our music heard. Now if you just figure out your target audience you can go to a million different internet radio shows, blogs, and podcasts that cater specifically to your type of music and get your music to them. Then commercial radio has to take you more seriously because you don’t need them.


Tell us your opinion on how corruption is affecting society and how it can be eradicated.
Wow…corruption. Corruption can only be eradicated when people can be convinced that there is a right & a wrong & that we all should agree on and stick to the rule once it’s set. Whether or not we can all agree on right and wrong remains to be seen.
State the links to your social media and stores.
Tell us what you think about using social media to promote music online.
I love it. Being able to post a link to my website & instantly people all around the world can listen to and buy my music… that’s beautiful.


Tell us how you start as an artist.
I loved books and loved writing, but when I got caught up in the streets; there was no time for any of that. I think writing rap songs just replaced that need to write about what I would see or what I was going through in book form…
Tell us what still motivates you to go on with your music career.
I don’t know, I guess… well I’ve given up a lot for this music; invested a lot. I feel like I owe it to myself, my family, and my fans to go all-in & really show the world what I’m capable of.
Music is so much a part of my life. I’m addicted to it.


Tell us about you as a person.
Not much to tell…I’m that guy in the group that everybody says is crazy. I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. I like to watch people. No one believes me when I tell them I’m shy, but I am.


Elaborate on the story behind the song.
This song was originally going to be featuring my kin-folk T-Blakk & Fat Jack. When I went in & recorded the first verse the producers I was working with at the time ‘Southern Fried Ent.’ went crazy about it and asked if we could do a remix featuring Slay Rod & Bugzy Malone who were other artists affiliated with Southern Fried. After we made the song, the deal I was in fell through but I was able to retain the rights to the song and was finally able to officially release it years later.


Tell us the process involved in making this song.
It was pretty simple…I listened to the track a few times, felt the energy & came up with “Do The Fool”. When Slay Rod & Bugzy heard it they felt the concept right off and killed their verses. It was a fun song to make.


List the people that deserved to be given credits for the making of the song.
I got to thank the whole Ghetto Millionaire Paid In Full & Southern Fried Families as well as all the fans that supported this song. I think it’s one of those songs that people never forget about.
Tell us how you get funds to run your music career.
I won’t be specific but it took a lot of hard work and budgeting to fund my career. I had to learn how to make big moves with small money.


Tell us the genre of your music and the reason you decided to go for this genre.
I don’t really have a genre. I know a good track when I hear it and I write what I feel. Sometimes an idea comes to my head then we develop the song, but I rarely start with trying to fit into a genre.


Tell us if you prefer to write your own songs or you prefer to write with professional songwriters.
I like writing my own songs but I wouldn’t mind writing with someone.


Tell us if you prefer to produce your songs or you prefer to work with reputable producers.
I have produced tracks and plan on getting back into it, but right now I want to work with people who have produced or are producing for the people who make the types of songs I like & are selling. It can get expensive, but when my next few projects come out it’s going to be worth it. Best stuff I’ve ever made.



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