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DSP Band – Every Time We Meet

DSP Band – Every Time We Meet

DSP Band – Every Time We Meet
DSP Band – Every Time We Meet



SONG TITLE: Every Time We Meet
ALBUM TITLE: Every Time We Meet
RELEASE DATE: 7/1/2019
GENRE: Country



Apple Music



Share your life story with us.
Rune Nyby and Per Øyvind Mathisen is Down South Pepper band.
DSP band hails from the northernmost part of Norway, a little Lappish village called Kvalsund that is just as far north as Wainwright, Alaska.
We have Sámi blood running in our veins, and grew up with the sound of the Sámi music yoik under the midnight sun. But even up in Kvalsund, we found cassette tapes with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, we loved it.
When we were around 12 years old we started learning to play the guitar, and very soon we started making our own songs. A couple of friends joined us, and we started our first band when we were 14 years old.
We made our own music and played at local parties and events. We loved to make music and perform and meet people that were out to enjoy a good time and nice music.
Then at a point, we took a break from making music, it would last for more than twenty years. This lasted until Rune bought a digital 8 track recorder and started testing it out. We were both thrilled by the possibilities such a recorder gave when it comes to songwriting and exchanging of ideas. Soon Per bought his own recorder and the music-making was back on track again.
So now we are making our own kind of outlaw country music, with lyrics about anything that comes to our attention that we would like to comment from our distant point of view. Most of our songs tell a humorous story with a deeper underlying meaning.



Share your press release and reviews with us.
Down South Pepper band have a new single release these days. The single is Every Time We Meet, an outlaw country/ Americana song about long-lasting friendship. This is a heartfelt, catchy, melodious, and unplugged song.
All instruments are acoustic and unplugged, and the vocals are rough and emotional.
This song is distributed to country radio stations all over the world and is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TIDAL, Amazon, and all other streaming services out there.
Radio Host Dixie McCorkell about Every Time We Meet: “WOW, that’s GORGEOUS!”
Swedish Radio DJ Åke Stentoft: “Very competent music. Vocals and instrumentation are perfect.”
Nordic Music Review about Down South Pepper band: “… it’s told in such a great way, and the jaunty musical accompaniments are impossible not to like, irrespective of your normal musical tastes.”


List the names of those that have supported you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them.
It means the entire world to us that our families are supporting us in our musical journey and have faith in what we are doing. We would also like to thank the phenomenal musician Lars Rune Rebbestad for his contribution to this, and other songs we have recorded, he really gives our music a finishing touch that lifts our songs to a higher level.


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio or while touring.
Recording new songs is always a lot of fun. There are always so many choices and paths to choose from, that will all lead us in different directions on the song.
Shall the song be with acoustic guitars or do we need a more solid wall of sound behind the vocals, shall we have the country twang sound, or will it work better with a bluesy guitar sound? Then if it is the bassline, shall it just support the rhythm, or does the bass need its own voice? Who will be the best fit on bass for this song? And then, piano, organ, jaw harp, and other instruments…Which one shall we choose? And how shall the lead vocal and the backing vocals harmonies be, do we need single backing harmony lines in the verses? How do we get the refrain to be outstanding? Arranging and recording a song can be a complex task, but sometimes it comes to us just like that.


Discuss your songwriting.
When we write a song it is often starting with a vague idea about which phenomena or situation we want to write about. It could be that one or we saw a TV program about a corrupt mayor and thought that this is something we want to comment on, and our way to comment will be to write a song.
Other times the song can just come to us when we’re sitting with our guitars and jamming. Suddenly a feeling, a riff, or a chord progression is born and can develop into a whole song.
The writing of a song can take us from one day up to several years.
Sometimes a song can be put away for a long time, and then just like that come back one day as a complete song.


Elaborate on your future projects.
We have a lot of projects going on; one of them is to make a vinyl album. We like the format of LP’s and we like the sound of the vinyl on the record player. The analog sound on vinyl is different from the digital sound that is used today, and the analog vinyl sound is perfect for our kind of music.


Tell us what you are doing to increase your fan base.
Today fans can be everywhere, all over the world, and we are still able to communicate directly with them. Everything we want to say or tell goes through Facebook or Twitter and the fans get updated there and then.
The downside with this development is that one can easily drown in the flow of information that comes from every direction constantly.
If you don’t have any interesting news to tell for a few days, the Facebook algorithms are passing you down the fans’ feed and you will soon be forgotten.
So, it’s very important to be active and put a lot of effort into communicating with the fans.


Tell us that point in time you wanted to give up on your music career.
There will always be a time when there is no inspiration and no progress in songwriting and guitar playing. But then it is just to let the songwriting and creative guitar playing be for a few weeks and things will feel better again.


Go into detail on how you make your instrumentation or melody.
We always start with the rhythm guitar along with the vocal melody, which is the core of the melody and all the other instruments will build upon that.
Bass will play the root of the chords and give the song its pulse, the drums keep the steady beat and complement solos and underline shifts in the song.
The solo guitar, steel guitar, dobro, and other solo instruments’ role is to spice up the song and contribute to the melody’s overall feeling.


Tell us your complete understanding of music licensing.
Music licensing and copyright laws give us ownership of our music.
This means that we decide if we want to sell the rights to use our music.
We have some of our music in music libraries, and they will on our behalf sell the rights to use the songs in marketing, commercials, or films.
If you make highly commercial music that sounds like a Billboard artist, you can probably make good money on music licensing for commercials, TV, and film.


State your favorite genre of music.
We listen to all kinds of music, but we like outlaw country a lot, artists like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash.
The rough, organic and unpolished outlaw music hits us straight in the heart and makes this our definite favorite.
We are not too fond of polished overproduced pop-country tunes with auto-tune and “wall of sound” mastering.


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.
We always try to write about things that we are interested in. It can be corruption, unfairness in society, people that have to work too hard to get their ends to meet, people that are captured and lured by trends, and all kinds of other things that come to our attention. You might say that our songs often are comments on life as we observe it.


Elaborate on this song.
Our new song ‘Every Time We meet’ is a song about long-lasting friendship and how important that is – The kind of friendship that is an important part of your roots and identity, and how that can bring you back in time and give you new energy.


Discuss digital distribution and streaming.
Digital distribution and streaming is a good thing. It brings the artist directly home to the fans without any delays and with very few distribution problems.
In the old days, you had to print a lot of CDs and send them around the world that was very costly and slow distribution.
Today it goes quick, but on the other hand, there are so many artists and songs out there and it is getting very hard to stand out in the crowd.
When a listener can choose from thousands of new songs every day, and also the playlist curators mostly choose the artists with a big marketing budget, it’s hard to get the songs moving on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.
The best we can do is just making good songs and let the fans know about them.


Tell us numerous ways that artists can boost their revenue.
As an artist, you have to get your songs out on the radio, on TV, on curated playlists on Spotify and Apple music and you have to be visible to the fans by doing shows and concerts.
If you get a song on commercial radio you get income, if you get on YouTube hit you can earn some money and if your Spotify numbers exceed 100 million you get a few bucks from it.
We guess that playing your music live on stage is the main strategy for revenue, but the digital channels may help a bit too.
In the future, new business models for digital distribution might be better for the common artist, so it is good to be there and be active so you are a part of it when it starts generating more money.


Tell us your opinion on self-training and enrolling in an educational institution to study music.
We are mostly self-educated, by listening to others and trying to figure out how they play and then use this in our own music.
But Per has also completed a university program in music theory and practical guitar techniques.
Both are very useful, it’s good to learn by trying and failing, but it is also very useful to learn about the theory and systems that it all builds upon.


Go on at length on what it takes to write a hit song.
That’s tough. But we guess that it is a plus if the listener can recognize the patterns and that pattern is repeated in a certain way.
But to find the right patterns that are likable for a lot of people is not easy and it is only very few who manage to do so. But it helps too to have a solid marketing budget if you want to make a song a hit because you will need a lot of airplay.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Our name is Down South Pepper band, a name that should reflect the kind of music we are making – Relaxed, unpolished, and biting hot tasty music.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The song title ‘Every Time We Meet’ is taken from the lyrics. It underscores the main idea of the song, which is to meet a good old friend, bring back old times and good feelings from back then.



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