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Dylan Rockoff – I Made A Mess Here

Dylan Rockoff - I Made A Mess Here

Dylan Rockoff - I Made A Mess Here
Dylan Rockoff – I Made A Mess Here
Tell us your real names, country of birth, date of birth, and childhood experience. 
Name: Dylan Rockoff
Country of birth: United States
DOB: 9/8/1994
Childhood experience: Family of 6 – 2 older brothers, 1 little sister, 2 dogs.  Born and raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania called Williamsport.


Tell us about your music career, your band name, musical background, experience, and skills.
The name of my band is Dylan Rockoff. I started playing piano from the age of 6, moved on from the piano to the guitar around the age of 13, and joined a school of music in my hometown where I took guitar lessons and participated in many live shows.  At that school, I took guitar lessons and also learned how to sing, and play bass and drums.


Tell us about your genre, concept, and idea behind your music video and the song.
It’s tough to categorize myself in terms of a genre but I’d say it’s a mix of r&b, pop, and rock. All of my songs are based on a real experience I’ve had in my life or an emotion that I’ve felt at one point or another.


Tell us everything that we need to know about you as a musician and the ups and downs you have faced in the music business. 
As I mentioned above, it’s tough to place myself in a genre and that’s because I enjoy listening to and playing every single style of music. It has been tough to carve out a singular identity as an artist as a result. It’s also a great way to keep things fresh and new.


Tell us about other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director, how the song was recorded, and how the music video was shot. 
My drummer, keyboard player, and producer are all either students or alumni of Berklee College of Music who I met during my time as a student in the neighboring Northeastern University. I write and conceive all of my music with a few exceptions – the band learns the parts in order to perform them live. Once the songs are completely written, I link up with my producer to perform the song and all of the parts (except drums).


Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience, and your future goal. 
I have been in the industry for about 2 and a half years now and have recorded an EP as well as a full-length album.  I hope to one day be able to support myself and a family through my music career.  I plan to continue writing, releasing, and recording music no matter where life takes me.


Tell us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
I’m inspired by all of the things that are happening around me.  I am hypersensitive to the people and environments in which I am involved and I am constantly impacted by them.  I also get inspired by a lot of the ideas and stories that I read in books.


Tell us the secret behind making a hit song.
There is no secret behind making a hit song – if there was I definitely don’t know it! I just always try to write honestly.  If I’m not writing honestly then there is no point in writing at all.


Tell us the message you will like to pass to your fans out there.
I hope you enjoy the music and are inspired to create something of your own someday – whether it’s music, visual art, a business – always be creative. Thanks for being a fan!


Tell us the kind of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Keep going.  Keep pushing.  Keep playing.


Elaborate on your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition, or awards you might have obtained.
I’d say the coolest opportunity that has come from my music career was the night I got to open for Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden.  I was chosen as the winner of a contest run by Live Nation and Bon Jovi and got to play a 20 minute set at one of the most legendary arenas in the world.  Truly a night I’ll remember forever.


List Radio or TV Stations that are airing your songs and blogs that have featured you as well and send messages to them via this platform. 
Pat Monahan of Train has played several of my songs on his Sirius XM show “Train Tracks” on The Pulse over the past few years.  I’ve also gotten some airplay on iHeart Radio.  My song “Feeling Fine” was played on The Today Show.


Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio. 
I usually write the guitar/instrumental parts first and then use that as a canvas over which to tell a story.  Once I’ve pieced together the song form and the lyrical content, I go in and record in the studio.  Drums first, then guitars and bass, then vocals, then all auxiliary instruments and overdubs after that.


Name the five biggest artists that you like. 
Jeff Buckley
Led Zeppelin
John Mayer
Kendrick Lamar
My Chemical Romance


Name the artists you have collaborated with before in your songs or artists you are willing to collaborate with in the future if you have the chance to do so.
I have collaborated with Will Tenney, Christian Medice, and all of the members of my band.  I also used to write and record with friends from high school.
I would love to collaborate with Allen Stone, John Splithoff, and Theo Katzman.


Give us the links to your website and your entire social network.
Instagram: @Dylanrockoff
Twitter: @dylanrockoff
Facebook: Dylan Rockoff


Give us the links to your various stores for fans to buy your music. 


Tell us about your happiest day and saddest day.
My happiest day was the day I saw “Feeling Fine climb” on the iTunes chart and saw one of my songs next to names of my favorite artists: John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, that was amazing.  One of my saddest days was the day my first dog died, I loved her very much and I miss her dearly.


Tell us how you will spend a million dollars.
I’ll spend it all on music.

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