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Eden Samara – Upside Down

Eden Samara - Upside Down

Eden Samara - Upside Down
Eden Samara – Upside Down


State your reason for choosing music as a career.
The same reason any other artist would. We’re insane and we love what we do.



Tell us how you write the lyrics to your songs.
Often I hear the hook in my head first, and the rest unfolds from there.  I decide what kind of story I want to tell, then craft a lyrical concept around it.



Share your press release and reviews with us.
“Upside Down” is a pulsing, earworm of a track that immediately captures the listeners’ attention. Of the song, Eden says it’s “about the frustration of being smitten with someone who can’t make up their mind how they feel about you. One day they’re ripping your clothes off, the next they’ve decided that they are no longer interested…then they change their mind again and the cycle keeps repeating itself in a merry-go-round of lust and confusion.”
Eden Samara grew up in the mountains of Nelson BC writing folk songs, performing in choirs, and sneaking out to raves to listen to dubstep. Having fallen into musical theatre as a child, she settled in Toronto to pursue a career as an actor for close to a decade while still secretly writing songs on the side. Influenced by a solo backpacking trip in
2016 to experience Europe’s vibrant music scene, the songs that emerged from this trip were the first she felt certain
the rest of the world needed to hear. Over the following year, those tracks took shape as the DAYS EP – a love letter to life as an awkward 20-something in the digital age. This collection of songs detailing the confusion of millennial existence are wrapped in catchy pop hooks, smooth harmonies, and moody electronic beats meant to be
experienced in a dark room accompanied by your substance of choice. The DAYS EP will be released in fall/winter 2018.




Tell us about your life outside the music world.
A lot of yoga and meditation to balance out the unpredictability of the entertainment industry. Eating well, seeing shows, and being outdoors as much as possible are all important to me.


Brief us about your music career.
I’ve been making music for a long time, but this is the first you’ll hear of me releasing it. So to the public, it looks like I’m just starting out, but I’ve been around and honing my craft. I wanted to make sure I was really ready and had the right collection of songs to put forward. There’s a long way to go, but I feel confident that my debut EP (out this year) is something to be proud of.


Elaborate on how you come about your artist’s name.
It’s my real name. It felt unnatural for me to go with something else when I’m telling such personal stories about my own life.


List your five favorites music videos with reasons.
Kendrick/SZA – All the Stars
Just watched it yesterday, so beautiful, and what a crazy production budget they must have had!



A l l I e – Bad Habits
I’m a huge fan of A l l i e’s and everything that Toronto director Mark Martin (yearxyear) has put out. Stunning organic visuals and the perfect amount of stylized quirk.


River Tiber – Acid Test
What can I say, I’m a proud Torontonian and River Tiber is one of the best we’ve got. Not only is it a killer track, but the video is lush, colorful and makes you feel transported to dreamy European acid-land.


Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You


Sigrid – Strangers
I could watch Sigrid dance all day.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
Exploring the modern human relationships with a healthy dose of chaos mixed in.


Tell us your impression of dealing with paparazzi.
Luckily I don’t think paparazzi are something artists in Canada have to deal with unless you’re Drake, JB, or The Weeknd.


Elaborate on the A-Z process of this song.
I wrote the first draft in Europe in the fall of 2016. Over 2017 it was developed with the help of my producers, along with feedback from other industry friends.


Tell us what you have on the way for your fans.
This year is about fans getting to know me and what I’m all about. I can’t wait for everyone to hear more of my music, as well as the visuals that will accompany it.


List the names of those that have supported you so far.
My debut single came out 2 days ago so it’s a bit early to say, but there have been some very kind personal feedback from Canadian all-stars like Strombo, Tasha the Amazon, Old Man Canyon, and a few labels that will remain nameless.


Tell us your opinion on the use of auto-tune.
As someone with a theatre background, I’ve always had an aversion to it. Anything you hear on my record needs to be something I could pull off live on stage and 8 shows a week. However it can certainly be used as a helpful tool, and when you’re writing for radio those vocals need to be tight AF. I get that.


Tell us your opinion on quality and quantity in terms of releasing songs.
I’m of the mindset that quality matters far more than quantity. Building a body of work is important too, but I want to be proud of any song that has my name attached.


Tell us your opinion on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
You have to be a little bit crazy to be in the arts; that’s for sure. But I promise it will never be boring…


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres.
Genre is becoming hazier these days and I’m super into that. It allows me to play around and have way more fun without feeling boxed in.


State the genre you hate most with reason.
Hate is a strong word! I can find something to enjoy about any genre of music. But the one I like least is Screamo, it’s too rough on my ears.


List your five favorite movies with reasons.
Almost Famous – pure, pure joy…so many feels.


Call Me By Your Name – just watched it, a beautiful universal story of love. Also, Armie Hammer & Timothee Chalamet are moderately attractive I guess…


Moonrise Kingdom – childlike whimsy and wonder.


Take This Waltz – A love letter to Toronto that breaks your heart.


The Last Year – throwing a documentary in here! Samantha Power is my hero.


State the links to your stores and website.
Facebook: @edensamaramusic
Instagram: @edensamara_
Twitter: @edensamaramusic




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