Edith – I Kinda Liked You

Edith – I Kinda Liked You



SONG TITLE: I Kinda Liked You
ALBUM TITLE: I Once Felt Like That
RELEASE DATE: 14th March 2020
GENRE: Pop, Dance Pop






Tell us about your future music projects.
I am releasing a new EP this year, I’m not sure of the date yet, but if you keep an eye out you will know soon! 😉


Tell us if you will change the style of your music to get signed.
I personally wouldn’t ever change anything about my music because it represents who I am, and it tells my stories.


Elaborate on this song.
It was a fun song to make. I recorded this one in London with the producer I usually work with, Paddy Hunt.
I wrote the songs in less than twenty minutes because at that moment that is exactly how I felt about a specific person in my life. Realizing that in fact, you need to love and like yourself as much as you can before letting someone else in your life, and if that someone is damaging, then just let him/her go, it’s honestly a waste.


Tell us if you have a guideline or standard set for your music production.
I usually know how I want the songs to sound and work from that with my producer.


Tell us your preparation for a live performance and how you make sure the quality of sound is high.
The live shows I have played in the past have been mainly acoustic; me and the guitar so it was easy to do a soundcheck before the show.


Discuss how to live in a healthy way.
I think living healthy isn’t just about our bodies, I believe we need healthy relationships with the ones around us… healthy thoughts and a healthy lifestyle.
There is no strict diet, I think if we eat as healthy as we can and indulge in cravings when we want to, that’s healthy for me.


Tell us if you are in control of your performance or you are still learning.
I have always done acoustic sets so therefore I have always been in full control.


Tell us that precious moment you chose music as a career.
I always knew, ever since I was a kid I would sing everywhere.


Tell us the greatest feedback you have ever received on a song of yours.
Someone said that I was going to be the new pop face of the UK, I was like wow do they really think that.


Tell us your side interest apart from music.
I love painting, drawing, dancing even though I am not very good.


Tell us the artists that influenced you.
Lany, Lauv, Lennon Stella…


Tell us if you prefer singing as a solo artist to collaborating with others.
I love singing solo as it gives me freedom, but I would love to collaborate in the future.


Tell us the organization you will set up to fight a cause and state your reason for fighting the cause.
I am doing a live stream for War Child on the 28th of May.


Tell us about your mood while performing.
I love the energy of the crowd but also the silent moment when people appreciate the meaning of the song. It’s a cool connection.


Tell us the mistakes to avoid in the music business.
Changing who you are.


Tell us your opinion on smoking; health is wealth, but people still smoke.
I personally don’t smoke, but I can understand how people have their own little rituals, even though they might not be healthy.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Edith, it’s just my actual name.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
I once felt like this – I always write songs from my own experiences, therefore I once felt like this, but I do not anymore which is very relieving.




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