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ELIA EX – Let’s Play

ELIA EX - Let’s Play
ELIA EX – Let’s Play
ELIA EX – Let’s Play



SONG TITLE:  Let’s Play
GENRE: Alternative/Indie



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ELIA EX is a Nashville, TN-based Alternative artist. Her music has been featured on the Xbox E3 Trailer for the hot new game “The Outer Worlds,” Showtime, Netflix, HULU, and she has the current 2020 spot for STARZ Network Kids and Family with her new single “Let’s Play.”
ELIA is a singer/songwriter and producer who likes to push the boundaries of pop, soul, and alternative music.



Tell us what your fans are saying about your music.
“Her voice is amazing and she’s an unknown artist who deserves to be heard! Finally, a brilliant dark voice”
-Steven (fan)


Tell us the factors you consider in choosing a song as your favorite.
Does it make me feel something? That’s an important question because music is always supposed to do that job.


Tell us the names of producers you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
I love Butch Walker! I often listen to random playlists and the songs that always catch my ears are always his productions.


Tell us the names of the songwriters you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
My songwriting hero is Ryan Tedder. Not only is he an amazing lyricist, but he is a master of melody.


Tell us your favorite TV show and state your reason.
Hahaha, Gilmore Girls:-) – The reason being that there is something so sweet about that show. I was also raised by a single Mom and truly relate.


Tell us your best mood to create a song.
A lot of my best work happens when I am sad.


Tell us your interpretation of fame or success.
I am trying hard to make music that I love. I try to focus on writing the best songs I can and enjoy the process. I’ve never desired fame, but success would be great!


Tell us the names of artists you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
One Republic, Annie Lennox, Lana Del Rey, Marina, Lorde…


Tell us about your experience performing on stage for the first time or recording in the studio for the first time.
The first time I went to the studio was with my father who was a songwriter and producer. I was 19 and very green. He walked me through the process as my fingers bled from playing the guitar on a thousand takes. I’m thankful for that experience because my father passed away and I’ll always have that memory with him.


Tell us how you approach songwriting.
It’s different every time. Sometimes I start with a lyric, sometimes I sing a crazy little thing in my voice memo that starts a song. I wish there was rhyme or reason to it!


Tell us your opinion on blending genres or experimenting with sound.
I’m a fan and do it myself!


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
Rejection is very painful, and I cry sometimes.
This is a hard business, anyone who tells you otherwise probably got lucky or something. 🙂


Elaborate on what compels you to sing.
I love to sing, I almost lost my voice a few years ago and had to have vocal cord surgery to remove a polyp on my cord. So thankful that I CAN sing!


Tell us how you record your vocals.
I record on a Slate VMS.


Tell us the software you used mostly for recording.
Logic Pro X.


Elaborate on the song.
This song is simply about having fun! We don’t have enough songs like this in the world and since most of my music is dark, I wanted to switch it up a bit and show some of my upbeat personality. 🙂


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
ELIA EX is a name that I came up with, “ELIA” is a family name and was from my late Grandmother’s maiden name Elias.



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