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ELYAZ – Wildlands

ELYAZ - Wildlands


ELYAZ – Wildlands

ELYAZ – Wildlands



ELYAZ – Wildlands
SONG TITLE: Wildlands
ALBUM TITLE: Wildlands
RELEASE DATE: 3rd July 2020
GENRE: Dance Pop, EDM






Italian producer, musician, and singer ELYAZ (“ee-lie-as”, real name Mauro Elias Morone) born in 1993, is from a musical family, the son of revered fingerstyle guitarist Franco Morone.
ELYAZ learned to sing and play the guitar and piano, which led to a discovery: a passion for producing and creating music.
ELYAZ studied Sound Engineering at the Italian National Academy of Cinema and holds the International Professional Certificate Program in Film & Television from UCLA, Los Angeles.
Deciding to trust his own instincts and fully empower himself as an artist, he studied Sound Design and now produces his own tracks, allowing total creative control and artistic freedom.
He started as a DJ/Producer releasing his first tracks in 2016.
His first independent release Whispers secured a Top 10 spot in Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool and went on to release Break the Distance in 2018, opening a new chapter in his story and style of production.
Wildlands is ELYAZ’s latest work. Laying bare Earth’s beauty and power, the soaring Nordic-style vocals and contrasting instrumentals on Wildlands are at one with vast landscapes and hidden secrets.
The overall message is powerful and combative. We’re all warriors protecting and respecting our wild planet.
ELYAZ is aiming big with many other projects in the pipeline, following his creative path through his passion and individual stylistic flair.



Discuss your recording experience with your producer.
I’m the producer; I produce all my own stuff!


Discuss what comes first and last while creating a song.
The music comes first, I always follow my feelings, where the music takes me, then the lyrics, all the production, and sound design.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Just follow your instincts and don’t let yourself be conditioned by anyone else.


Discuss your worst experience in the music business.
After a gig one time, somebody stole some of my equipment, a very bad day.


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
I don’t let it get to me, I move on!


Tell us what you are doing to impact the people around you.
I’m always myself, I don’t make music to impact people, and I make music to feel free.


Tell us the music that makes you happy.
There isn’t one specific genre and it depends on the day!


Tell us how you make instrumentation to your song.
Usually, I record the guitar part as I’m a guitarist, I use my keyboard to play all the other instruments, then I work with my DAW to mix all the channels, tracks, and instruments.


Tell us how you feel when you sing and your fans sing along to your song.
I feel really free, this spurs me on to work on new music and continue doing the work I love to do.


Tell us the goals you aim to achieve when creating a song.
I always try to have a free approach to the music I compose, this is the first goal, then I try to create something that can excite me as well as all the listeners!


Tell us about your approach to writing.
I try to tell stories through my projects, striating with my first big project Break the Distance then with this second one Wildlands, I believe that a song has to tell us a story that could be told also by other people.


Tell us how you plan to develop a unique music style.
I simply make music that I like, trying to put it out there.


Tell us how to record a song.
All you need to produce music is a DAW (I personally use Ableton Live, but also Pro Tools, Logic, and many more are really great!), then a pair of good monitors, a good location for acoustics, an audio interface, and your preferred instruments if you’re also a musician.
Then a lot of determination to learn how to use all your hardware and software, in this way you can be the master of what you create.


Tell us if you are collaborating with other songwriters or you write alone.
I prefer to write without anybody else.


Discuss your experience with fans.
I always try to stay as close as possible with everyone, I always try to tell people about my days through Instagram and Facebook Stories! It is a good way to stay in touch; especially during this lockdown phase.


Tell us about your experience of booking gigs and shows.
I made some dates in my home country Italy long time ago, but in recent years I’ve focused on producing my music in the studio, and this can really make the difference to show other people who you really are.
The other side of the coin is that often many ghost productions are sold to artists you see performing on the main stage and it’s really difficult to understand who’s behind the production, and who really provides the passion behind it.


Tell us if you consider a song placement in TV or Film.
I’m working on this with Wildlands, it would be great!


Elaborate on the song.
Wildlands shows the beauty and power of our earth. Wild landscapes hide and protect the secret, showing us the way.
With gentle yet determined steps, the girl represents a harmonious symbol of the origin of everything. We will run far away, with the overall message being powerful and combative. We are all warriors protecting and respecting our wild planet.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
I prefer to work with music singles, instead of albums, Elyaz is a variation of my name Elias!


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