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EmCave – 4th Mile

EmCave - 4th Mile

EmCave - 4th Mile
EmCave – 4th Mile


Tell us about yourself.
I’m a Londoner through and through but spent some time living in America. I traveled a lot when I was younger, often on my own. I had a good childhood, but some of the decisions my parents made left a huge impact on my life. I’ve worked hard on my spiritual happiness to let go of the things that hold me back and natural medicine has a huge place in my life.
Writing and releasing music was something that was in my ‘don’t regret anything’ jar.  I just had to do it, regardless of my age – this is the right time for me, and I’m excited.


Tell us about yourself as an artist.
I’m a singer-songwriter from London and love to interweave powerful melodies and harmonies with lyrics drawn from my personal experience in order to share my stories.
My early operatic training enabled me to bring a range and depth to my work that couldn’t be more different today in my tone and approach. But after singing classically for so long, I reached a point where I wanted to explore a new kind of music. So I joined a band, and I started writing my own music – much later than most I guess. It took me some time to realize that I actually could and that I was good at it. Writing music is better than therapy!


Tell us about the genre of your music.
I would say it is Vintage Pop fused with Trip-Hop. I love most things about the ’80s and ’90s, so it was inevitable my music had that vibe. I love soul, funk, and hip-hop, but I can’t rap and I don’t sound like a soul diva! So this is my lane and I’m very happy about it.


Tell us about the story behind your song.
Being single wasn’t always easy. “4th Mile” represents my fourth decade. As I waited patiently for my soul mate to come into my life, the frustration and loneliness were excruciating at times, especially when you felt like the whole world was passing you by.


Tell us about the problems you are facing as a musician.
Ha! Trying to get heard in a very big ocean of amazing artists. But mainly, keeping my belief and positivity going continuously. Juggling my day job and making music is tough sometimes too. But I wouldn’t change it. I’m lucky to have something that motivates me every day!


Tell us about the recording and production of the song.
Jack Gourlay from Ferocious Talent recorded and produced “4th  Mile” in his studio in Stoke Newington. We spent about 3 days in total working on it together until we were both really happy! It was an incredible and exhilarating experience hearing my song turn into what I always had imagined it to be!


List the names of blogs, radio, or TV stations that have supported you so far.
I’m just starting out, but the support has been incredible! Mystic Sons featured EmCave as a new artist of the week. I got onto 3 Spotify Playlists such as Do The Dance. Plus Sir Chillicious featured me on SoundCloud.
Grateful for the love and support.


Tell us more about your music career, experience, and future goals.
I would just love to be able to support myself financially as a professional musician, and not rely on my day job. I’m happy in whatever form that comes in.  I’m going to keep all the doors wide open.  But a major goal would be to have one of my songs in a movie, as I love film too.


Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
I’ve been singing since I could speak, initially classically and operatically. My inspiration for writing comes from all the stories of my life. They are real, and the lyrics come from my heart.


Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.
Haha – I’ll let you know once it happens! But I guess it’s a mixture of timing. Who you know. Talent and a lot of magic in the studio!


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Work hard at your craft and filter out the negative noise in your head. Be authentic, always!


Discuss at length your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition, or awards you might have obtained.
My first single “Crytsallise” was released in November 2017 and the second single “4th Mile” was out in January 2018. Both taken from the up-and-coming EP “Older”, which is out in March 2018. Produced by Jack Gourlay from Ferocious Talent.
My video “Eradicate The No”, a short promo video documentary explains my journey so far.  A woman, of a certain age, who–against the odds–has chosen to go for my passion in an industry that notoriously is a young person’s game.
I’d like to encourage, empower and inspire people to follow their passion too; modeling that both music and musicians can be ageless and that people can get behind and completely support artists like me.
My first video for “Tongue Tied” was an Award Finalist at the Kent Creative Awards. My idea was to use archived vintage photos and then animate them to tell the story of the love song. It was pretty cool. The animator was amazing!


Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.
I start writing the story out first usually, and then I create the song lyrics from the story in a more structured way. Tweaking continuously, sometimes, right up until I actually record my vocals! I like the studio to be darker and moody when I lay down the vocals, and fairy lights, lots of fairy lights.


Name the artists you are willing to collaborate with.
So many – Jill Scott, Massive Attack, Kate Bush, Bastille, The Cure, The Roots, Bilal, Barbara Streisand, Coldplay, James Blake…


State the links to your social networks and stores for the purchase of your songs.
4th Mile


Tell us about your happiest day and saddest day.
I like to focus on the magic not the tragedy! Some happy moments are stepping into the studio for the first time. Traveling around the world on my own, and meeting my boyfriend.


Tell us how you will spend a million dollars.
I’ll tell you when I get it. J


Tell us about your song.
“4th Mile” holds a special place in my history. It was a time to push through and have trust. I’m happy with the vibe we created, it’s super chilled but with strong bass and drumline. Especially when it kicks in for the first time after the vulnerable first verse.  It then builds and builds to at least 4 harmonies in the end chorus, and it has elements of Trip-Hop thrown in too, which I love!


Tell us how you manage other activities with your music career.
Ha! My time management needs working on for sure, as I spend way too much time on my music, but it brings me so much joy, it’s hard to stop!


Tell us, five artists, you can regard as legends.
Jill Scott, Prince, Bjork, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder


Tell us your future plans pertaining to music.
Keep doing it and never give up!


Tell us what you think about creativity and originality in music.
You have to write and create from your heart, not your head, if you overthink it too much, it won’t be authentic, and it will be affected.


Tell us the major reason you are into music.
Music can transport you back to an exact time and place, like a time machine! It’s so powerful, making you smile and laugh all in the same 3 minutes.
As a recording artist, it is amazing watching something you’ve written in your lounge (The EmCave) turn into something completely different – It gives me just a buzz creating my vision in the studio with a producer. Pure adrenalin and magic!


Tell us your view on old school music and new school music in terms of preference.
I love old school, always have. But there’s always room for new stuff if it’s good.


Tell us your most memorable day as an artist.
We were in pre-production for ‘Funny Things’, a super personal song to me. The guitarist finished a riff and it was so beautiful, it bought tears to my eyes.  Having my story bought to life in chords and harmonies was magical. I knew we had something special right there!


Tell us what you would do for the people if you found yourself in a position of power.
Mainly empower them.




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