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$eminary Tiff – Stud Walk

$eminary Tiff – Stud Walk


$eminary Tiff – Stud Walk
$eminary Tiff – Stud Walk


ARTIST NAME:  $eminary Tiff
ALBUM TITLE: $eminary Tiff
RELEASE DATE: June 13, 2018
GENRE: Hip Hop



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$eminary Tiff is the next hottest female rapper coming out of Oakland, California.
Born and raised in Oakland, California she chose music as her outlet. From hype, to trap, from club hits to leaving a message on your mind she makes music for everyone.
Her latest single “Put On For My City” featuring UC Lil Kayla (The New Oakland Anthem.) on the Girl Interrupted Feature Tape coming out soon… on KPFA 94.1 FM. It’s also on The Real Oakland Mix Tape Volume 7 and Dope Era and DJ Tasi Presents Mixtape Mondays which you can find on HELLAFREEMIXTAPES.COM.
She has been a rapper and singing for our 8 years and worked with talented artists like Richie Rich, A1, Shady Nate, Kiwi Da Beast, and Singular just to name a few.
She won second place in the SHOWCASE TOUR at the Complex in Oakland in 2018.
She has made her acting debut in “EVOL” THE SERIES which premiered in January 2019.
You can check her out on the Keep It Lit Podcast with her co-host KP of Planet Of The Apes Clothing, rapper and actor Mac Reem, and radio personal MS. Bay Area 411 which is set to Premier early April.
Her music is on all digital platforms.



Tell us your history.
Born and raised in Oakland, California. I started rapping around age 13. I won ‘first place’ at my high school talent show and everyone I entered. I dropped my first mixtape in 2009.


Describe yourself as an artist.
I’m humble and have a passion for music.


Tell us the genre of your music.
Hip Hop/Rap.


Tell us the problems you are facing as a musician.
Stereotypes definitely hurt artists like me. Being Gay and a stud rapping they put me in a box.


Discuss the recording and production of the song.
I recorded both songs at Slapwagon Studios with one of my favorite engineers SK. I come right in ready to go with my raps written and go straight in the booth and knock them out. I record my hooks and verses. Then I choose where I want drops with the engineer after.


List the names of blogs, radio, or television stations that have supported you so far.
My new single “Put On For My City” has been on 94.1FM and also Baylife Radio. C-icep Blog gave me a great review at my show “The Real Oakland Showcase” at the Black Respiratory Theater in Berkeley, California.


Elaborate on your music career, experience, and future goals.
At this point in my career, I have reinvented myself. I am ready to figure out the music business and put in work and get paid.
Opening for numerous people and wining different showcases, my goal now is to make a radio hit.
Stay booked, busy, and travel around the world. I am really looking forward to booking a festival in the future.


Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
What inspires me is life and just knowing that if I can get paid for doing what I love. I can live an incredible life and take care of my family and my wife.


Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.
If I had the top-secret I would be rich already but just stay consistent.


Tell the advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Put in the work and never give up. It’s not going to be easy. You should learn before you earn so they don’t get played.


Discuss at length your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition, or awards you might have received.
I dropped my first mixtape in 2009 hosted by KMEL SBC DJs Mike B Da Blenda. I have 500 physical copies pressed up and it also released digitally on I opened for Bay Area legend Richie Rich and Marvelless. I performed all over the Bay Area from Oakland to San Francisco, Cotati and Sacramento.
As a reward, I won first place in the “Hip Hop For The Soul” talent show and won first place in the Freestyle battle. My song “Put On for My City” made it to Mr. Fabs Music Mondays Mixtape.


Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.
I like to write my music alone when I am relaxed smoking a blunt and maybe a drink. I like to go to the studio…


Tell us how you will spend a million dollars.
I would buy a house and invest in something lucrative.


Discuss music promotion and how you are boosting your fan base.
Right now I am shooting a lot of videos because a lot of people want visuals. Your fans like to see you and I’m working on putting more content on my social media.


Tell us how you manage other activities with your music career.
It’s difficult trying to manage your life with music. But if you want it bad enough you will make a way. I sneak and write raps at work. You just have to make it happen.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
$eminary Tiff – Seminary is the street I grew up on and it is where my grandma purchased her first house; my grandma was a huge part of my life. She died in 2014 so I am dedicating this new Tiffani to her. I want to make her proud through my music and my life.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
When Shit Get Real is about loyalty and how when it’s tested people respond differently.
Stud Walk is about women dating women and having fun.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
My upcoming album is titled “Beautiful Sacrifice” I chose the title because I feel like I am sacrificing my life for this music. I am giving it all my time and energy and will repay my loved ones in the end.



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