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Emma Kelly – Waves

Emma Kelly - Waves

Emma Kelly – Waves
Emma Kelly – Waves



RELEASE DATE: Friday 12th July 2019



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London newcomer Emma Kelly shares the second powerhouse, vocal-filled single ‘WAVES.’
Following on from her debut track ‘Running Wild’ that managed to “separate herself from the up and coming artists with the distinction in her sound” (A&R Factory), Emma is coming back with her second single, filled with continued powerhouse vocals and catchy hooks.
Emma makes bold, powerful pop music that balances precariously on the verge of euphoria, sorrow, and empowerment. With a distinct sound, reminiscent of an early Florence Welch, the 21-year-old artist pens intricate lyrics far beyond her years.
Filled with metaphorical lyrics, ‘WAVES’ tells of the fight of love and a loath of loneliness. The lyrical concept underlies a melancholy tone, which compliments the uplifting feeling from the musicality of the melody and instrumentation. With the first verse including the words of the hook, it’s hard for the song not to stick in your mind.
Emma explains about the record: “‘WAVES’ is about a battle that a person can endure when in need of being alone but at the same time wanting to be surrounded by others.”
Emma Kelly, born and raised in a small town in Surrey, grew up surrounded by the sounds of Queen, her father’s favorite band.
Her mother’s musical theatre genes led her to attend Italia Conti, a musical theatre vocational school, based in London, from the age of 11.
At 16, she decided that all she wanted to do was sing, so she left the school to pursue music full time, initially learning her trade at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford.
Now at 21, she has spent the last couple of years gigging around London whilst writing and recording a sound that combines her detailed lyrics and powerhouse vocals.



Tell us your opinion on creativity and originality.
I think these days it’s so hard to be deemed original, you’re always going to get somebody going “oh you sound like this person” and everyone is always taking inspiration from somebody that has already done something but I think that is a good thing in regards to growth as an artist/songwriter.
For me I thrive off creativity, there’s always something new that can be tried in regards to the songwriting process whether this being going to a new environment or collaborating with somebody new.
My sole purpose is writing a song I love so if that means putting myself somewhere new I am always ready to experiment.


Tell us the beginning of your passion for music.
I know it sounds cliché but I really think I was born with a passion for music, there are pictures of me as a toddler in my different colored tutu’s holding invisible microphones or slamming my hands on pianos.
However my first memory of really knowing what I wanted to do was when I was around 7, I got a solo in the stage production ‘Oliver’ and I remember when it came to performing; having everyone’s eyes on me singing and just feeling so euphoric at that moment.


Elaborate on how you make sure the quality of your sound is high.
I’ve always been a perfectionist when it comes to the things I love and when it comes to my songs I make sure that when it’s near finished I listen on good speakers, bad speakers, through headphones and then always make sure people I trust listen to the songs because realistically you never know what you could have missed and when you’re putting something into the world you want it to be at 110%.


Tell us how you get ideas to develop your song.
Lyrics wise I always base them on stories that have happened, whether about myself or people I know. I do this because I feel I can grasp a personal connection that also spreads to the listener.
With instrumentation, I always find it good to experiment by looking around my surroundings and seeing if there is anything that could make a sound of interest for the song.


Discuss your music background.
I started off in musical theatre from a young age and loving it so much that I ended up training full time at a secondary school in London, however, by 16 I had fallen in love with songwriting and just wanted to sing and so went to study contemporary songwriting from 16 to 19. Since then I’ve dedicated my life to writing and recording.


Discuss your music process.
Every process for me is different when I first started songwriting; I would simply record voice memos of lyrics and a melody then that evolved to working with my guitarist and he would find chords. Now I like to try new techniques all the time whether this is working with other people or reading a book and highlighting words that stand out to me.


State five hit songs and name the artists.
Who wants to live forever – Queen
Feeling Good – Nina Simone
Smile – Lily Allen
Buzzcut Season – Lorde
The Wild – Mumford & Sons


Tell us how you entertain the audience during a live performance.
I don’t think you necessarily need to talk to gain entertainment when it comes to music. If somebody likes you enough they will gain entertainment from your music.


List the name of artists that have a similar sound to yours.


Discuss how you think your music is impacting your fans.
I think my music allows you to create your own story, a person listening can connect in their own way and that is what I love most. People can feel a sense of relation to both me and my music.


State what inspires you to sing.
I think it’s just the only thing I truly love and am really good at. I love just sitting and listening to songs and working out harmonies, it is proper geeky but I love it.


Discuss this song.
It’s about the fight of the love for being alone whilst fighting the fear of loneliness.
You want to enjoy the moments of life by yourself but when you get to a hard part you want somebody to be able to catch you.
It’s sort of saying you want to be present with somebody, to grow, but to be able to disappear without necessary explanation.


Discuss how you develop your melody.
For the melody, I and the producer just sat by the keys playing around with different notes and singing melodies until we were like oh wow that is a hook. It started with the hook melody and the whole melody just evolved from there.


Tell us how you master your songs after production.
I am always present at the studio when the tracks are getting mastered, we go through everything to get to a quality we are happy with and then listen to other similar artists to make sure my track is sounding of the same quality before finalizing everything.


Discuss how you get your songs to digital stores.
My songs get distributed to all stores via AWAL, who honestly are phenomenal and give constant advice and help about what I can be doing.


Discuss how to generate income through music.
The music industry is definitely hard when you are first starting but you just have to have faith in the people listening.
Money can come from different aspects whether being getting lots of streams, people purchasing your song, and then live shows which you can then start to develop merch for that people could buy.


Tell us your piece of advice to a new artist.
Believe in yourself, it’s hard and not everyone is going to like you, but don’t give up.


State your favorite radio station.
Radio 1.


Go into details about this song.
I always refrain from giving too much detail but I did give some bits away earlier up. What I will say is listen to the song, shut your eyes and just take from the song your own vision, this song makes me feel a whole load of emotions at the same time but as a listener, you might feel something completely different.



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