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Encure – You Lead I Follow

Encure - You Lead, I Follow

Encure - You Lead, I Follow
Encure – You Lead, I Follow


Discuss the composition of this song. 
We created a future-pop song with a highly danceable drop, combined with some clean and energetic vocals.


State the name of your producer and elaborate on the production of the song. 
It’s a composition of us as the producers and singer/songwriter Brett Miller.


Go into details on the lyrics of the song. 
Meeting a new person, sharing a gaze, and ultimately meeting and dancing with them. When we’re both dancing and into it we never want it to end. It’s hot and electric with each other and all you can think about is that person. The worries of the night disappear and you’re lost together on the dance floor. The boldness and uniqueness of the song are when the singer smoothly tells the other to lead the way so the night ensues and the magic happens. This song is lathered in lustful moments and sexy vibes while promoting a powerful truth. One partner leads and the other follows but also references the usual dialogue between partners about moving forward. It’s that team effort that can lead to magic and memorable nights and sometimes it’s all about empowering your partner.


Elaborate on your music career. 
The motto is improving every day and working hard on every production. Every production is unique and has its own message.
Our Spotify streams, bookings in clubs are getting bigger and bigger with every release.


Brief us on how you are reaching fans with your music. 
In our inner circle of friends and people we know, we spread it on social media.
For everyone else, we are trying to spread our music as much as we can in Spotify playlists, Soundcloud, iTunes, and many other platforms.


Discuss your motive behind making music. 
We love to see people listening and liking our music. We hope to one day play our music on the big stages and see the people reacting to it.


Discuss the process of your songwriting. 
We discuss it with our singer and set up songwriting sessions together. But we always leave our singer/songwriter the space he needs to have in order to write something catchy and good.


Brief us about your work and achievement so far in your music career. 
We reached 2017, over 150k Streams on three of our Singles. We also played shows all over south Germany and we even had a few gigs in Switzerland.


Tell us your opinion on using a rhymes dictionary or writing software to develop lyrics. 
We don’t think it’s a good option to use. Artists should come up with the lyrics themselves.


Discuss what is old and what is new in the music industry as in overall changes. 
Right now it’s all about digital sales and streams. Stores like Spotify and Apple Music are very important these days.


Elaborate on how you prepare yourself for a recording session. 
We meet up in the studio, try to get some ideas together, and start turning those ideas into something real. Mostly the first session is the best and we really get a lot of the rare track done.


Brief us on your preference in terms of tempo as in up-tempo, mid-tempo, or slow tempo. 
We prefer to produce around 100-110 Bpm (Mid-tempo) but some remixes are also in 120Bpm.


Discuss your genre or performance. 
It’s a mix of EDM and HIP/HOP or Trap. We like to switch it up sometime and bring a lot of cool new Remixes into that.


Discuss working as a full-time or part-time musician. 
As a part-time musician, you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. You might have to leave some hobbies behind or see some friends less often.


Send a message across to your fans and supporters. 
We want to thank all our supporters and fans! Without you guys, nothing of that would be possible! Please keep supporting us in the future since we got some fire tracks coming your way! 🙂


Discuss the storyline of the song. 
“You Lead I Follow” is an infectious dance-pop hit of 2018 and tells the story of a deep burning attraction two strangers have for one another in a loud crowded space. Consumed inside their interaction and remembering the night is young one empowers the other to lead the way out the door. As one leads the other follows.


Tell us what makes this song unique from others. 
Definitely the very nice story behind the track and also the vocal composition of the track.
Tell us the subject matter of most of your compositions. 
It’s always the melody. Every melody of every track we create is unique and different.


Tell us the official date of release.
Our single got officially released over RNFR records on the 2nd of March 2018.


State the links to your social media and stores. 



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