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Enpierre – Buckle Up Sailor

Enpierre – Buckle Up Sailor



Enpierre – Buckle Up Sailor
Enpierre – Buckle Up Sailor



SONG TITLE: Buckle Up Sailor
ALBUM TITLE: Buckle Up Sailor
RELEASE DATE: February 2018
GENRE: Deep House






Enpierre – Buckle Up Sailor



I am a creator, composer, producer, and arranger in movies, ambient and deep house. And I play some Saxophone…
Enpierre (Peter Heuvelman), the Dutch-bred solo artist born in Gouda, became interested in computers and composing music with FastTracker in the late ’90s. Influenced by bands like Boards of Canada, Underworld, Orbital, Massive Attack, Röyksopp, and later Bob Moses and Moderat, his creations fall mostly within the realm of ambient and deep house.



Tell us your favorite instruments.
My favorites are the Saxophone, Guitar, and Piano. But my MacBook is my biggest companion in the making of music.


List the names of those supporting you.
My girl Angela and my best friends are always prepared to listen to my creation.


Tell us your preferred musical styles.
Ambient and Deep House.


List the name of five artists that have influenced you.
Boards of Canada, Underworld, Moderat, Massive Attack, Röyksopp, and Bob Moses.


Tell us if you smoke and drink alcohol.
I smoke WHEN I drink alcohol. 🙂


Tell us about your musical experience.
Self-learned; I did have a good saxophone teacher!


Discuss live instruments for recording in the studio.
I use a Yamaha Saxophone with the instrument, microphone and electric guitar plugged into Guitar Rig.


Discuss your songwriting.
I just start creating and see what works and whatnot.


Tell us your plans in terms of your music career.
I want to do live performances within two years and plan to release a song at least every month.


Discuss your song and album.
I like long dark synths like these and love to go to Digital events on NDSM in Amsterdam the Netherlands. In my creation, I always try and create this raw industrial sound.


Tell us what fans are saying about your music.
They like it.


Elaborate on your music project.
“Buckle Up Sailor” is made when I visited ADE in Amsterdam. This was an event in ‘de scheepsbouw’ on the NDSM. This is an old Shipwarf. When I came back home I wanted to create something similar to what I heard and experienced there.


Discuss multi-genre and switching from one genre to another.
I switch predominantly between Deep House and Ambient. I also like the Nu Disco genre a lot. I always start making a song and then see in which genre it fits. I am not bound to the genre.


Explain the title of the song.
Buckle Up Sailor @…. is something that a friend of mine uses as an email address. It always stuck with me, so I decided to use it as a title.


State the reason you are into music.
I BREATHE music. Whenever and wherever I am; I always want to play tunes or decide what’s on (to the annoyance of others sometimes), I recently decided that music will be something I will be doing full time.




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