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Erik Jorsal – I will learn to fly

Erik Jorsal – I will learn to fly
Erik Jorsal – I will learn to fly
Erik Jorsal – I will learn to fly






Erik Jorsal – I will learn to fly



Discuss composition.
This song is a mixture of a couple of genres but I like to utilize those genres with electronic sounds to make it all blend together.


Name the artists that have influenced you so far.
Aviici, Diplo, Mako and Lukas Graham.


Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time”.


Elaborate on this song.
This composition was really where I knew I wanted to do something in creating music and producing. I was inspired by the movie La La Land, I wrote this song for the people that are trying to make it into the “arts” world.


Rate the social media and tell us the platform that works best for you in promoting your music.
Instagram has helped me the most.


State the areas that need improvement in the music industry.
Just to give the people that work hard more chances than the ones that don’t and being able to identify who those people are.


Explain how you are getting your songs to stores and getting them to fans.
I use Distrokid.


Tell us how you prepare yourself for a live performance or show.
I get hyped up and excited to perform.


Tell us your opinion on frequent releasing of singles or just an album in a while.
I think it’s better to do both; singles and albums.


Mention the name of the artist you will be glad to see the live performance.


Tell us the genre of most of your songs.


Discuss your recording.
I record with my own equipment since I travel a lot.


Tell us how boring or exciting the music career can be.
The music life is the life that I would love to live the most.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist’s name is my name and I think I am the only family in the world to have “Jorsal” as a last name so I want people to know it.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
“I Will Learn to Fly” is my most favorite song and I loved writing it. I spent a lot of time on the lyrics as it speaks to me and motivates me to keep going with music.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
“Incunabula” means like “the beginning” and I released it at the start of the year as it is the first album I released.




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