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Esther Turner – Never Change

Esther Turner – Never Change
Esther Turner – Never Change
Esther Turner – Never Change



Esther Turner – Never Change
ARTIST NAME: Esther Turner
SONG TITLE:  Never Change
RELEASE DATE: 10/5/2109



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Birmingham-born and bred artist Esther Turner was exposed to music from a young age with influences of Joni Mitchell, Craig David, Avril Lavigne Micheal Jackson, which later encouraged her to seek her own musical preferences.
She has supported a number of high-profile acts including Ed Sheeran, The Jacksons, and Boyzlife.
Esther is as much at home on the big stage as busking on the high street but she can usually be found playing local live music venues. Keen to further develop her sound.
The recent evolution of her acoustic style has seen her experimenting with a growing number of electronic effects units to produce a complex and engaging live performance.
Esther is working hard on her original records (plus accompanying music videos on YouTube).
2019 BBC Introducing WM made her brand single ‘The Great Escape’ February track of the month and has previously described her as a ‘grafter’ and ‘busking legend.’



Discuss the story behind your music video.
The video is set in a posh house where “Madame Delacroix’’ is teaching me how to be a “lady.”
I start to rebel throughout the video and the outcome is that you don’t need to be someone you are not and we should embrace each other’s differences.
In the video, I am wearing a bright pink frilly dress, which is the complete opposite of what I would ever wear as I’m a tomboy and I’m just being true to myself.


State the name of the locations in your music video.
My mom’s friend kindly let me use her house for the day to film.


List the members of the crew that produced this video and use this opportunity to thank them.
My friends at Pixel Pro Media: Brad O’Neil and Stefan Paiu.


Explain your emotional state while shooting the music video.
The video was a lot of fun to film everyone was bouncing ideas off each other and it was also a lovely experience to have my Nan acting in the video; her role was “Madame Delacroix.”


Discuss your music career so far.
I’ve been singing since the age of 10. After college I turned down a place at Birmingham University to concentrate on my music career since then I have been gigging up and down the country and busking to promote my music.
I have supported a number of high-profile acts including The Jacksons, Boyzlife, Ed Sheehan.


Tell us if you aspire to go into acting.
I’ve done some amateur theatre productions in the past and I do enjoy acting in my music videos.
It makes me happy that I can mix a little bit of acting with my music.


Tell us your gains and losses in the music business.
My gains are that I love performing; I do nine gigs a week and everything I earn goes back into my music – So that I’m able to create my videos and have studio time and travel. 🙂


List the media that have supported you so far with this song.
Switch Radio
BBC London
The Sound Lab
Merryn Music Feed
South Birmingham Radio


Tell us how you manage your time.
I’m doing gigs most weekends and I travel over the country doing busking.
I also sing at schools and encourage young people to sing since I am a full-time unsigned artist.
I try to take every opportunity and work hard to think of different ways I can progress and reach my goals.


Tell us how you are able to actualize success in your music career.
Hard work, setting goals, networking, putting everything I earn into progressing myself.
Always practicing and regularly performing.
I am constantly promoting my music.


Tell us if you an independent artist or you are a signed artist and tell us how you run your music career.
I’m an independent artist, I feel social media is the key place to promote my music, also performing so I do a lot of busking and I have a sign so that people can easily find me on social media.
I’m passionate about making my videos and songs upbeat and sharing positive vibes.


List the individuals responsible for writing, production, recording, and directing.
Recorded at The Oxygen Rooms in Birmingham
Producer: Tom Brookhouse
Songwriter: Esther Turner.


Tell us the instruments put together for the song.
The song has EDM vibes and pop production.


Tell us your experience recording in the studio and shooting the music video.
Recording in the studio is always exciting I and Tom Brookhouse have so much fun and he completely understands my ideas and sound. With my videos, I always try and get the story across as I feel it important to send a positive message to my followers.
I’m lucky to have such talented friends to help me put all my ideas together.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist planning to shoot a music video. 
Make sure the video is true to you. Have fun with the filming and try experimenting.


Tell us the estimate of a commercial music video based on your experience. 
Between £800-£2000.


Tell us the reason you shot a video for this song.
“Never Change” is one of my favorite songs I’ve written so far and I’m really passionate about the meaning behind the song so I felt a video would be a great way to share the message.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Esther Turner -This is my real name. I started performing when I was 10 years old doing gigs and local pubs so for 14 years I have built up my fan base as Esther Turner.
State the title of the song and the meaning.
‘Never Change’ – It’s about being true to yourself, your beliefs, and true love.
Sometimes others might express their opinions and tell you ‘you are living your life wrong and say you should or shouldn’t be doing things.’
But you shouldn’t have to change yourself for anyone else…



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