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Fake Fake – Goodnightmare

Fake Fake – Goodnightmare


Fake Fake – Goodnightmare
Fake Fake – Goodnightmare



Fake Fake – Goodnightmare
SONG TITLE:  Goodnightmare
RELEASE DATE: May 10th, 2019



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With a love affair for popular music with a purpose, and artists that attempt to meet their audience somewhere beyond the slick production and hooks alone, reaching out is R&B duo FAKE FAKE with their debut offering ‘Goodnightmare.’
An array of inter-generational R&B, soul, funk, and electronic influences between them, Victoria (Canada) based artists Leith Hynds and Justin Campbell are fashioning their own genre-bending niche.
Following a casual collaboration in August 2018, the duo became fast friends and writing partners, with explosive creative energy and natural chemistry between them.
Their self-described ‘Disposable Love’ approach to songwriting has been the result, with a focus on rich gospel arrangements, funk-drenched guitars, offset percussion reminiscent of the late J. Dilla, and wry wit to Campbell’s contemplative lyricism.
Fake Fake is producer/ instrumentalist Leith Hynds and vocalist/ instrumentalist Justin Campbell. Their debut single ‘Goodnightmare’ is available now.



Tell us your opinion on creativity and originality.
Originality is a word that holds a lot of baggage in the realm of music, where it’s easy for musicians to chase and try to acquire some sense of being an “original” or “authentic” artist. That is part of the reasoning behind our name Fake Fake.
Every artist including ourselves is trying to find that authenticity while having to balance putting on a ‘fake’ persona at times and maybe not sharing some of the more authentic sides of themselves for the sake of image. Fake Fake is our coming to terms with that and showing both sides.


Tell us the beginning of your passion for music.
We’ve both been creating and consuming art since we were young in one medium or another, so I think that passion to create and express ourselves through music and other formats has always been around.
For myself (Justin – Vocals) a large part of that was seeing pop music videos on late night T.V and feeling so energized by the sounds and visuals, and wanting to do that someday.


Elaborate on how you make sure the quality of your sound is high.
Staying critical of every songwriting decision you are making is the key in my experience.
If I’m really liking the part, it’s easy to be satisfied with it and move on instead of building on it, and even harder to throw it out altogether for something potentially better. So it’s always a ‘push and pull,’ to get the best possible sound or feel.


Tell us how you get ideas to develop your songs.
In terms of lyrics, everyday life and relationships can be surprisingly interesting when approached from different angles and perspectives.
Musically Leith (producer and guitarist) will usually start with a short loop or melody that he wrote and the rest unfolds pretty organically with a new tone and melody ideas popping up at the same time.


Describe your vocal ability.
I’m (Justin – vocals) very inspired by an array of singers across genders and backgrounds, so I think my vocal ability reflects that. Sometimes it’s very soft, and at other times gravelly and commanding. It really depends on what the song is about and what the music calls for.


List the name of artists that have a similar sound to yours.
NAO, Blood Orange, Anomalie, Gavin Turek, Leisure, J.Dilla, Anderson.Paak, Zanski, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Toro Y Moi, Charlotte Day Wilson, Vulfpeck.


Discuss how you think your music is impacting your fans.
This is our first release as Fake Fake so we’ll see!


Tell us what inspires you to sing.
Sometimes I (Justin – vocals) don’t really know. Mainly just everyday human life experiences, that I get the chance to distort, bend and eventually immortalize in a song.


Discuss how you develop your melody.
Melodies come pretty freely to me (Justin – vocals). I think writing melodies is probably one of my strongest abilities in songwriting.
There are plenty of times where something will come to me organically after hearing a portion of a song or idea, and I’ll review it later and think, “Wow, I actually really like 90% of this!” and then proceed from there.


Tell us how you master your songs after production.
‘Goodnightmare’ was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered all by Leith Hynds. One half of Fake Fake.


Discuss how you get your songs to digital stores.
Distribution choices seem to change as much as popular music haha. Distrokid has been a pretty good distribution choice.


Discuss how to generate income through music.
These days it’s all about having variation and being savvy enough online to take advantage of some of the promotional opportunities available to independent artists.
There is a lot out there to benefit from, so staying focused and putting in the work to understand it all is where we’ve seen success in the past. Putting on well-booked shows is also a huge part of the equation.


Tell us your piece of advice to a new artist.
My advice is to keep creating and getting inspired by others. It’s easy to feel closed off and separate from the wider music realm at times, but you’ll start to feel more and more a part of it if you open yourself up to other artists, genres, etc.


State your favorite radio station.
Whatever artist radio or artist-curated playlist I might be listening to on Spotify. It’s really cool to see the music that your favorite artists listen to, and they always have great taste.


Go into details on this song.
‘Goodnightmare’ is an ode to the friendships and romances where we deeply rely on someone else: how that dependency is a freeing and paralyzing place to find one in.
The sounds and sentiments of the song are equal parts uplifting and introspective, with a push and pull that we found ourselves reflected in.
Being massive fans of pop music with a purpose, we admire artists that attempt to meet listeners somewhere beyond the slick production and catchy hooks alone. ‘Goodnightmare’ is us reaching out.



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