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Fans of Jimmy Century

Fans of Jimmy Century
Current Song Placements by Fans of Jimmy Century
Fans of Jimmy Century
Fans of Jimmy Century



ARTIST NAME: Fans of Jimmy Century
SONG TITLE: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go vs Love TKO
ALBUM TITLE: Songs From The Babymakers Series
RELEASE DATE: August 23, 2019
GENRE: Mod Soul, 70s Soul, Alternative Soul, Neo Soul





Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song.
Victor James, the Bassist of the duo Fans of Jimmy Century, is also the producer of all of FOJC’s songs, and this particular song was mastered by Grammy winner Oscar Autie at El Cerrito Studio in the bay area.


Discuss the processing involved in creating a song.
This process was a bit different; it was our first official remake. I started singing George Michael’s lyrics from Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go to a slowed-down soulful 70s groove which then became more and more inspired by Love TKO. They flowed so easily together that it inspired us to create and officially release it and do an entire album of it as well.


Elaborate on the themes of most of your songs.
We’re genre-benders so themes have been all over the board. The Wake Me Up remake is a sexed-up version of Wham!’s classic pop song because the lyrics fit that theme. Best of My Generation is an aggressive, confident theme of living out your life’s purpose in this limited time. Most of our songs like Hot Sahara at the start of our career have had a party, fun, sexy theme mostly about female characters in the song.
Tell us your greatest musical works up to date.
Hot Sahara was our first song to get us bigger commercial exposure and is still our most popular song with syncs in TV and Film, especially gaining popularity on Gossip Girl. Best of My Generation was a breakthrough in that it was featured on the NBA on Giannis Antetokounmpo’s highlight reel, then he won MVP 2019 and the song became even more popular because of our association with him and the NBA. Our newest release, the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go vs Love TKO remake has probably seen the most buzz even before its release with early audience support on TikTok and SoundCloud.


Tell us how you are handling the promotion of your music.
We love syncs and will continue to work on getting placements, film and TV placements have always been the biggest career booster for us. Streaming and playlisting have been good to us as well. We also love to work with fans on fan-generated content, with hashtags like #WakemeupFOJC and contests…direct fan engagement is the most rewarding for us.


Tell us your future goals and how you aim to accomplish them.
We’re focusing on developing a current and popular “hit” song so we can have the freedom to tour the entire album and perform for audiences who want to see us perform those songs live, develop our brand with merch, develop our YouTube channel featuring our characters and tour that as well. One big song can pull your other less popular songs through and that’s what we’re trying to make happen.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
It’s a time where anyone can release their music, presence, and brand to the world, without too much barrier to entry. Still takes money though to break, be willing to invest in yourself and rack up at least one credit card.


Tell the greatest mistake to avoid while making a song.
Don’t underestimate the power of a hook. When you’re writing really try to make each section of the song (verse, pre-chorus, chorus, tag) a standalone earworm on its own.


State your musical skills.
Alicia Perrone: Vocals, Lyricist, Arranger, Voice Over Artist
Victor James: Bass, Producer, Composer…
Tell us if you consider acting in a movie.
Absolutely, we’ve always wanted to be featured in a movie as a duo, we enjoy acting on our own YouTube channel with various series and character spoofs.


List the name of artists you cherish most.
Prince, Bowie, Fantastic Negrito, Childish Gambino, St Vincent, The Floozies, Big Gigantic, Big Wild, Late Night Radio, Janelle Monae, and of course George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley, Teddy P….too many to mention.
Tell us how you get inspiration.
We’re inspired by genre-bending and creating entirely new worlds for each song we write. That really keeps us going and keeps it fresh for us. Regarding singing and songwriting, I’m subconsciously inspired by Voice Overs I’m hired to do for video games and films. Those character voices get under my skin and end up “singing” our songs haha. I think those different character voices have really inspired some of the different genres and voices we write in. We also get our inspiration from anyone who is living outside of their comfort zone, a scary, unpredictable place to be….creators of any kind that sacrifice their time and put it into a bigger passion, purpose, and end goal.


Share your press release.
Fans Of Jimmy Century Closes Out Summer With A Bang Releasing A Mod Soul 70’s Sex’d Up Remake of Wham!’s Classic 80’s Pop Song out
Fans Of Jimmy Century turn it on late summer with a mod-sexy soul remake of Wham!’s lively mega-hit “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” in a fresh re-imagining of the original sound.
The new single “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Vs Love TKO” officially lands on August 23rd, 2019 along with the official video. It was announced in July that FOJC had become a member of the AWAL/Kobalt Music distribution family of artists and have teamed up to release the single.
The genre-bending duo of Alicia Perrone & Victor James transforms the hooks we know and love from the original song to create a brand new babymaking earworm that potentially turns good times into really good times behind closed doors, reminiscent of 70’s sexploitation-era exotica wave, but more accessible. The duo attempts to bridge the gap uniting several generations with a 70’s approach that honors the 80’s Wham! Original, while also giving major props to the Teddy Pendergrass hit “Love TKO.” Says Perrone “George, Andrew, and Teddy P. are so beloved and it’s an honor to even be mentioned in the same breath with them, having done this remake.”
Young TikTok influencers have picked up on it early creating viral videos to 15-second snippets of the song in advance of its release along with the rise of fan-generated content using the designated hashtag #WakemeupFOJC to support the remake.
This shift into modern soul wave sets the scene for FOJC’s full-length alternative soul album “Songs From The Babymakers Series” launching in Fall 2019, delivering more 80’s pop songs turned on by the ’70s. FOJC’s YouTube series “The Babymakers” featuring comic characters and alter egos spoofing the adult film industry, was a world originally and solely created for and built around the single to tease and promote it to fans.
From Oakland California, Las Vegas-based Fans of Jimmy Century is the mod-wave, mod squad genre-bending duo of vocalist/voice actor Alicia Perrone and bassist/producer/video director Victor James.
They recently became a member of the AWAL/Kobalt Music family of artists teaming up to release the newest single “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go vs Love TKO,” and the accompanying album. The newest single is a big style stretch from the iTunes-charting rock-rap electropunk song “Best of My Generation (All The Way,)” which is now an official NBA Song for MVP 2019 winner Giannis Antetokounmpo.
“This wonderfully quirky, provocative duo of music masters inspires relentless loyalty and a runaway enthusiasm from super fans for their intriguing brand which centers around creating entirely new worlds for each song they release. FOJC will continue to rise and scorch the earth in all the best ways with their best release yet.”
– Sleeping Bag Studios



“I thought when I discovered Prince I found the last great talent on the planet, I was wrong, you are awesome.”
– Chris Moon, Moonsound Studios



“The sensuality of Goldfrapp & Portishead, the modern pop & humility of St. Vincent, the quirky charm of pop’s great eccentric visionaries like Kate Bush. Perrone’s charismatic vocals capture you. The world is about to become fans of Fans of Jimmy Century.”
– The Faulkner Review



“Influences from the likes of Prince, Queen, Bowie, and beyond. Great bands not only create great music, but they also create their own worlds. Welcome to the extraordinary, stand apart world of Fans of Jimmy Century…astonishingly and strikingly accomplished collection of musical style, idea and influence, and a testament to the dedication, passion, and sacrifice required of the modern artist.”
– Toby Davis, Brash Blog



Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
The Jimmy Century name is a fictional reference to a cult leader. So the “Fans” (part) are the followers of that cult. In general, it’s meant to be fans of adrenaline or whatever passion inspires you to go for broke and sacrifice everything.




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