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Finja – Calling You Home

Finja – Calling You Home
Finja – Calling You Home
Finja – Calling You Home



Finja – Calling You Home
SONG TITLE: Calling You Home
RELEASE DATE: 25th May 2019
GENRE: Indie Folk



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FINJA is the creator of original songs inspired by life, love, and spirit.
Her intention is to uplift you out of time and place, moving you into a state of joy and empowerment.
She believes in the virtue of music as medicine and its inherent ability to bypass the noise of the head and be received in the heart.
Her bold and buoyant message is expressed through her music and the way she lives life.
May you feel inspired to deliberately create a life you love and realize your limitless potential.



Tell us when you are most comfortable singing.
Driving! On the open road, windows rolled down, wind in my hair, stereo turned up, kids in the back…I sound and feel amazing!


Tell us what you like to write about in your lyrics.
Consciousness – I tune into an emotional state that I have experienced (usually a heavier one like grief, doubt, and insecurity) and I tell a story that takes the listener up the emotional scale until we reach a state of joy, upliftment, and empowerment.
A good story takes its audience on a journey from a place of depth (problem) to a feeling of freedom (solution) while defeating the villain (adversity) in the process.
I try to incorporate this narrative arch in my songs. The intention behind my lyrics is to remind my listeners, and myself, that our power and potential as humans is limitless.


State your most emotional song and the reason.
It’s yet to be recorded, but it’s actually the first song I ever wrote. It’s called ‘My All, My One’ and I wrote it in the weeks after the devastating news that my former partner, and father of my firstborn child, committed suicide. I still choke up when I sing it; not because I am currently experiencing the pain of grief, but because the song taps me back into that emotional space.
The song has moody jazz feel in the verses, describing the pain of shattered dreams, and an uplifting dreamy pop vibe in the chorus, speaking to the eternal love that can exist between two souls.


Discuss the process of finding the right sound for your vocals.
I have a classical background having trained in violin and piano for fifteen years in my youth. But my teenage dream was to be on Broadway, singing and dancing in musicals. Either that or a jazz singer in a smoky back alley club!
In my twenties, I was obsessed with drum ‘n’ bass female MC’s and vocalists, and later, after my party years, I swooned over soothing mantras and medicine songs that feature in plant medicine ceremonies.
Now I’m in my thirties and have finally given myself permission to sing from a non-technical, untrained place and to songwrite just for the pure love of it. The sound I embody is a mixture of all of the above. My vocals are smooth-sounding with a particular focus on harmonies and have been described as being rather ‘theatrical.’


State the challenges you have faced as a musician.
Actually just starting! Coming from a past of classical training I felt embroiled in a world of technique, precision, and immaculate performance of a piece of music that was written by someone else, hundreds of years ago.
I felt boxed in, having to express my musicality according to how a school of thought believed it should be expressed. Also, the thought of improvisation and intuitive composition was one hell of a scary idea and I did not know how to unlock the door into that realm. I could read music before I could read words, but I really envied those musicians who could play and create off-the-cuff and by ear alone.
As I was going through my ‘dark night of the soul’ and wrote my first song, I played it to a peer singer-songwriter whom I looked up to and received words of praise and encouragement in return. And so began the process of overcoming the fear of rejection from others. Pretty soon I felt brave enough to approach a producer, expose the inner-workings of my heart and mind (though the subject matter of my lyrics), and begin recording, which is oh-so-rewarding!


Tell us your opinion on how artists should raise funds for their music projects.
Hmm, great question and a much-needed discussion! However, I don’t feel my opinion holds much weight as my experience is very different from the usual tale of a hardworking, on-the-road musician. Since I began songwriting and recording, I’ve been living the life of a mother and housewife (or as I like to call it, a space of love creator).
But I have learned a thing or two from my entrepreneurial husband. When starting off I think it’s wise to be Clarke Kent by day and Superman by night. That way, you can ensure you’re not ‘in-the-red’ struggling to make ends meet; you can save and budget for your recording costs, and you have the benefit of learning how to handle (keep and grow) your money, before making it big time in the industry (where you potentially will have a lot more wealth to manage).


Tell us the present state of your fan base.
Ooh, this one makes me laugh (and kind of shy away!). It’s very small. My kids, husband, family, and close friends, and the rest are unknowns (though dearly appreciated).
I wrote my first song less than two years ago, and have just released my first single. I haven’t toured or played any gigs as of yet. I’m a stay-at-home mum with a five-year-old and a six-month-old baby. But what matters to me, is that I don’t use any of these supposed “limitations” to stop me from doing what I feel passionate about.
And, I have my first gig booked where I’m playing at an amazing conscious festival in New Zealand, NY Resolution, at the end of this year, and again early next year for NZ Spirit Fest. Totally stoked to make my debut performance!


Tell us if you consider sharing your music with the world or a specific geographical zone.
The world, baby! (We are one, after all)…


Tell us your genre of your music.
I have an Indie-Folk sound with influences ranging from Blues, Acoustic, Soul, Jazz, and Conscious Pop.


State the title of your best song.
Calling You Home.


Tell us your greatest supporter.
That would be my husband Sebastian. He truly sees the boundless nature within me and holds me in this loving space (no matter how moody I can be).


Tell us the artists that have impacted you.
I’m truly inspired by the great Harry Nilsson. I think his songwriting skills and ability to tell a story is phenomenal. I’m also very inspired that he was able to reach so many people, yet never went on tour!
I have a nostalgic love of The Carpenters, particularly Karen’s smooth and soothing vocals, and again their ability to tell a good story through their lyrics.
I just love how successful Bjork’s career has been – not in spite of, but because of her quirkiness. Her voice is one of the soundtracks of my teenage years.
I embrace Rising Appalachia and their wonderful work at bringing sexy back to multi-harmonies, and their hybrid mix of genres.
As far as EDM goes, I love some Tinlicker and Black Sun Empire for when I’m in a banging mood (my current dream is to guest vocalist for both!).
And my most played artist on Spotify would have to be Trevor Hall…


Describe the listeners that listen to your music.
I would say they are folks who are more in the “conscious” or spiritual scene, due to the nature of my lyrics. I’m also a publisher on Insight Timer, the world’s #1 Meditation App, so I tend to attract people who have a desire to explore self-development and practices in mindfulness.


Tell us the future of the music business.
I love this one – it’s a topic that constantly ticks over in the back of my mind. Simply put, it will be all about the EXPERIENCE an artist can offer. I really see VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) playing a BIG part in this. I intend to embrace this move as I believe it creates much freedom for the artist. Just think you could produce a visually-sonically mesmerizing concert from the comfort of your own home each week, at very little cost. All without the need to constantly be away on tour. How exceptional, for new artists who have chosen to stay at home, like me – Just watch the film Ready Player One for more inspo on this…


Discuss the gains and losses of technology to the music business.
What comes to mind is autotune. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the value of developing your skill as a vocalist or a musician, and pitch and intonation are a huge part of that! For me, autotune takes the soul out of the music, and the virtuosity out of the musician.
Then again, how amazing that we don’t have to necessarily spend hours and hours of practice perfecting our pitch and technique. This means we can create and produce more music at a much faster turnaround rate.
Either way, it’s all good. Some people love to use autotune, others not so much. Luckily there is enough supply to cater to both preferences.


Tell us if you still make CDs of your release.
I actually have never thought about it, which means, no. I, myself, wouldn’t even have a way to play it if I did!


Elaborate on the song.
‘Calling You Home’ is a beautiful lullaby sung from your inner being to you. It serves as a reminder of your divinity and gently empowers you with the knowledge that you can do, be, have whatever you want – courtesy of the most powerful law in the universe, the law of attraction.
I usually advise my listeners to treat this song as you would a guided meditation. Lie down, close your eyes and take five minutes to marinate in the uplifting essence of the source that is Calling You Home.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
FINJA- I was born Fiona, but never felt it was the name for me (Sorry mum, you really got that one wrong!).
Coming from Australia where we love to abbreviate every word possible, I go by Fi. One day I learned that the Gaelic boy’s name Fionn is actually pronounced Finn. Somehow my mind put it together that the correct pronunciation of Fiona would be “Finyah”. Then I found the name “Finja” is a legit Nordic name. I have Irish and Danish roots (yup, according to my family tree I’m a real-deal Viking), so it feels and sounds better for me.
Calling You Home – Simply put, Calling You Home is an action performed always and in all ways from your source / higher-self / god / inner-being, to remind you of your greatness and to help you stay centered in any situation.



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