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Foxlove – Neverland

Foxlove - Neverland

Foxlove - Neverland
Foxlove – Neverland
Tell us your favorite instruments. 
Drums are my favorite!!! I’ve been playing the drums since I was a little kid and it’s just as fun creating beats on Ableton Live.


List the names of those supporting you. 
My Dad is my biggest supporter. <3


Tell us your preferred musical styles. 
This is a tough one. I love everything except for country music. I am actually allergic to country music. I love anything from heavy metal to classical, but I would say my style is more pop and electronic.


List the name of five artists that have influenced you musically. 
Mura Masa is my biggest influence!!! I also love to listen to Julia Michaels because I love her songwriting.


Tell us your favorite food and hobby. 
Goat cheese is my fave. Sounds weird but put goat cheese on anything and it will immediately become my favorite dish. I also love boba tea!! My favorite hobby is making music.


Tell us if you smoke and take alcohol. 
I don’t smoke but I definitely drink a lot of tequila.


Tell us your musical experience pertaining to the recording of this song. 
I had a small catalog of rough drafts of songs I had been working on and played all of them for a friend of mine who I wanted to work with. She chose this track and we started building it from there. We co-wrote the song and the process was a lot of fun. We went on frequent walks around the block when we reached writer’s block hahaha. It’s a lot more fun working on music with people you care about than on your own. I also enjoyed writing the song because it was about someone very special to me.


Explain what you know about vocal training. 
I don’t know anything about vocal training because I don’t sing. Always willing to learn though.


Discuss the use of live instruments for recording in the studio. 
None of the instruments I used were live. I designed everything in Ableton live.


Brief us about your songwriting process. 
It always changes for each song. Sometimes I write the lyrics first and then build the song around that, or I write the music first and then build the lyrics on top. I haven’t quite figured out my process just yet.


Tell us your other talents apart from singing. 
I don’t sing; I just produce the music. I have plenty of talented friends who will sing my songs for me which I am very grateful for.


Tell us your future plans in terms of your music career. 
Just keep releasing music and perfecting my sound.


Tell us the worst experience in your music career. 
Ummm, nothing really sticks out to me that much. I will say that it stings a little when you release something you are really proud of and not many of your friends/family share your excitement. It’s a little demotivating at times but I have found a way to use that as fuel to keep going, try harder and produce better music.


Discuss sexual harassment in the music industry. 
Oh jeez lol. I don’t really have a comment on sexual harassment in the music industry because that will take up a lot of time and explanation. I will say that I have had a lot of trouble just being a girl in the music production world. I feel like a lot of men don’t take me seriously and immediately assume I have no idea what I am doing OR they assume I’m just a singer; which I’m not at all.


Discuss in detail all we need to know about your song and album. 
It’s a love song about feeling like you will never find someone to share your life with and then meeting that person and not wanting them to hold back. I always write my lyrics with something in mind otherwise it doesn’t flow out of my brain as easily.


Tell us the concept behind your music project. 
Still trying to figure that out haha!


Discuss multi-genre and switching from one genre to another. 
I do this ALL the time. I think that’s the beauty of being a music producer! You are supposed to be able to produce multi-genres so we can get away with it. Most artists have to stick with their genre otherwise they lose fans whereas I think music producers can get away with it.


State the links to your stores and website. 
Instagram: @iamfoxlove


Explain in detail the title of the song.
The title of the song is “Neverland”. The pre-chorus says: “Hush now, take my hand. Follow me to Neverland” and it’s basically saying: don’t speak, don’t overthink, just take my hand and let’s enjoy this world we are creating for ourselves that only we belong to.


State the reason you are into music. 
It’s my life.


Share your biography with us. 
Foxlove is a South African music producer living and working in Los Angeles. Her sound is a mix of electronic and pop music with a huge influence from African music/culture.




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