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Geneva – Smoke & Mirrors

Geneva – Smoke & Mirrors

 Geneva – Smoke & Mirrors

Geneva – Smoke & Mirrors



SONG TITLE: Smoke & Mirrors


RELEASE DATE: April 16, 2021


GENRE: R&B / Electronic



















Toronto-based electronic RnB singer Geneva is a sleeper hit…but she won’t remain a secret forever. Geneva’s dreamy hybrid blend of electronic, RnB, and pop has been refined into a soul-soothing palette of warm sonic textures, ethereal vibes, and scintillating sensations.
With a growing catalog of past releases ranging from chill downtempo electronic, to house, to alt-RnB and encompassing collaborations with the likes of B. Bravo, Boddhi Satva, Felix Snow, Adam Tune of Keys N Krates, and Lucian, Geneva has managed to defy convention while demonstrating an innate songwriting sensibility. She has referred to her sound as “futuristic throwback music” forward-thinking and modern, yet classic and nostalgic.
Coming of age in the effervescent crossfire of convergent rave and hip hop scenes of the late 90s/early ’00s left an indelible mark on Geneva creatively; heavily inspired by everything from Chicago house to gangsta rap, 70s soul to techno, Geneva’s work has evolved into a compelling hybridized style all her own.
With comparisons to artists like Alessia Cara, Kali Uchis, LION BABE, and of course Sade, Geneva’s smooth, rich tone, emotive delivery, and finely honed songwriting chops put her in the same lane as some of today’s most exciting crossover artists in the pop, electronic and RnB realm.



Main Discography:


2011: Uncomplicated (House single, produced by Ron Allen)
2012: Bus Fare (Single – Electro/RnB chill jam, produced by Ron Allen)
2012: LoveSick (10-song “Mixtape”; various production: Chin Injeti, Moka Only, Techtwelve, Jarrel Young, etc.)
2013: Daydreamin‘ (Uptempo / ElectroPop single, produced by Ron Allen)
2014: Got a Man (House single produced by Felix Snow; re-released in 2020 so it would be on DSPs as it received sync placement on a couple shows: Letterkenny, Kim’s Convenience)
2014: Secret (House single produced by Boddhi Satva)
2016: Exhale EP (4-song EP produced by Jazzfeezy, Burd x Keyz) (URBNET)
2017: Like Water (Circle Research Remix) (the original song was off Exhale EP) (URBNET)
2019: Evolving (Produced by Adam Tune of Keys N Krates) (URBNET)
2019: Full Bloom (Produced by B. Bravo, West Coast electronic boogie funk legend!) / Full Bloom (DJ Nana Remix) (URBNET) – OFFICIAL VIDEO
2020: Probably (Produced by SLWJMZ) (INDEPENDENT) – OFFICIAL VIDEO
2020: Probably (SEKAijOURNEY Remix) (INDEPENDENT)
2020: Evolving (SEKAijOURNEY Remix) (INDEPENDENT)
2021: Smoke & Mirrors (Produced by SLWJMZ) (The Orchard) – OFFICIAL VIDEO


2021: Smoke & Mirrors (Circle Research Remix) (The Orchard) RELEASE DATE SUMMER ‘21





Verse 1
Staying up late again
Smoking my feelings down
I’m feeling down, yeah
Can’t trust these *** in my own damn town
Smile in your face
Talk about you when you’re not around
Don’t really know nobody round here
*** ain’t how it appears
It’s all Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors


I see right through ‘em
(True colors are showing)
I know what you’re doing
(Predict where this is going)
Took a sec
Now I caught the flex
They moving disingenuous
It’s all Smoke & Mirrors


Verse 2
I don’t believe your excuses, no
I see the truth in your eyes
Reading empty spaces
Between your words
Nothing but an enemy in disguise
Hard to tell what’s real around here?
People forgetting how to feel
It’s all Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors…yeah


I see right through ‘em
(True colors are showing)
I know what you’re doing
(Predict where this is going)
Took a sec
Now I caught the flex
They moving disingenuous
It’s all Smoke & Mirrors



Tell us how you build up the tune for this song.
I don’t think too hard about what I’m going to do in terms of tune/melody for a song when I’m writing; generally, I like to write to an instrumental or vibe out in person in the studio with the producer if possible so we can catch a vibe and find the best groove for the song. I think making music is very much an energy thing, so the more you can tap into that energy, the more cohesive the end results can be.
I have a pretty innate idea of what I’m going to do pretty quickly when I hear something I vibe with; whatever comes to mind first is usually the best, and then from there you can tweak and refine it. If it’s catchy and gets stuck in my head then I know I’m on to something! It’s important not to get too much in your head initially, and feel things out in a less cerebral way.


Tell us how fans are reacting to your music.
It seems like it’s been going over well, especially the latest release. I have been a bit inconsistent over the years in terms of releasing music regularly, but as you can see from my catalog, I’ve built up a healthy body of work over the past decade while remaining a bit of a secret.
“Smoke & Mirrors” has maintained a 20-30% save-stream ratio on Spotify since its release, signaling it has a strong resonance with listeners so far (good is considered 10%). The song has recently hit over 40K streams and has clocked over 6K saves, which is definitely a personal record. I think the song is extremely relatable because virtually everyone has had an experience where they trusted someone who turned out to not be as much of a friend as they originally thought. Having people tell me they relate to the song or that they have an emotional connection to anything I make means the world to me!


Tell us your point of view on the quality of production of today’s songs to old songs and point out what you think has changed.
I mean there are lots of “old songs” that have magnificent production and “new songs” that aren’t great, so I’m not sure it’s an “old” versus “new” equation to be honest. The whole point of a song is to capture a mood, so if the song does that well, whether it was recorded in 1940 versus 2021 I don’t know that it makes that big of a difference, although obviously, the bar for sound quality had improved due to the relative accessibility of having a home studio, etc. You even have AI mastering services now so that’s pretty wild! Technology has obviously made good sound quality more achievable to a wider number of people.
While technology can obviously make stuff sound “better,” I also love the audio quality of analog and the warmth of that sound, so I can’t in good faith say the quality of production is better now than fifty years ago because there were mixing geniuses back then too. It’s about the quality of the entire song and the emotion it conveys.


Tell us any interesting experience in your music career that is significant.
I think it’s pretty interesting that I’ve had such a long journey to get to where I am now; I have a lot of stories and have dealt with a lot of rejection, closed doors, and lack of overall support domestically (this is very common with Canadian artists, unfortunately,) but I refused to throw in the towel, no matter how tempted I was to give up. I decided this past year I was going to push as hard as I could and make as much music as I can, and now I have a whole album in progress and have picked up some momentum.
I’ve never been an artist that chases trends, and I always wanted to make what I wanted to make, and now it’s cool to see people starting to catch on. I’ve focused on quality over quantity over the years, I feel like you can listen to any song in my back catalog and it’s like, “Holy shit, this is actually pretty good, why have I never heard this!” It’s okay if people haven’t been paying attention because at some point the work speaks for itself and you become undeniable.
Once I get that push to reach a wider audience, I’m confident a lot of people will connect with what I’ve been making. I’m just an underground artist making underground music, and hope that other people vibe with it!


Tell us how you come across the lyrics of this song.
In terms of what inspired the song lyrics, there was definitely a specific scenario, or different scenarios, that helped spark the concept. At the time I wrote “Smoke & Mirrors,” I was witnessing some really foul behavior around me from people who I once considered “friends.” Once they showed their true colors, I knew I had to quite literally walk away from the relationship(s); if the energy isn’t being reciprocated, or you need to question someone’s intentions, you already know all you need to know.
It’s not a joke when I say the more successful or driven you are, the more people are going to show their asses as being two-faced, jealous, untrustworthy, a scammer, etc. I need people around me who I can keep it 100 with – if it’s not that, I’m better off without it. Aren’t haters usually just super fans anyway?


Discuss how you plan to create a piece of timeless music that your fans can cherish forever.
This question sums up my life’s mission! I really value music that has a timeless quality. I think that when a song is made can have very little relevance to how much people relate to it. I don’t think an artist can ever truly “plan” on something becoming timeless, that’s up to fans and listeners! Some of my biggest musical influences are artists whose music is absolutely timeless, like Bill Withers, Shuggie Otis, and Sade.


Tell us what triggers your creativity.
Seeing an incredible artist live always makes me feel inspired, like after seeing live shows by artists like NAO, Kiana Lede and H.E.R. pre-COVID made me want to go home and write. It can really charge you up and make you want to up your game. Any artist should be a music fan first before they are an artist because improving your craft is an ongoing thing, you can always improve and tap into other parts of your creativity and imagination by learning from other great artists and examining their stage presence, song structure, etc.
I also find ensuring I make time in my day to just daydream and meditate is really important in terms of tapping into ideas of excavating your emotions to inspire a song. I always write from experience but sometimes I may need to investigate a certain thread or feeling to flesh out a song so having that time and space to wander is really important. I haven’t had it in months since my child has been home during the lockdown in Ontario since April. I know how important it is after not having it for months! I like to be alone when I’m songwriting, and I have had zero alone time…but once I do, I’ll be more productive than I’ve been all year!


Tell us your greatest song and state the reason.
I genuinely like to think each one of my songs is better than the last, so I’m pretty proud of “Smoke & Mirrors”; I’ve had a few people tell me it’s my strongest song yet, and judging by how it’s performing on Spotify since its release seems to back this up.
“Smoke & Mirrors – Circle Research Remix” is coming out on August 4th so really excited to share this one…


Elaborate on the song.
The team I worked with for this song was amazing. Producer SLWJMZ works with a lot of exciting upcoming artists in Toronto and I was extremely floored by Yuri Koller’s talent in the studio recording the song, he took it to the next level. Jay Dufour was the mixing engineer and he is very well respected in Canada, I was lucky to have such a pro team that worked on this release.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
My artist’s name is Geneva as my real name is Geneva.



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