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George Blue Galanos

George Blue Galanos - I'm dead inside
George Blue Galanos – I’m dead inside



Artist Name: George Blue Galanos
Song Title: I’m Dead Inside
Genre: Blues Rock
Release Date: 09/26/2018






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George Blue Galanos – I’m Dead Inside
George Blue Galanos is an emerging rock ‘n’ roller from Greece. “Galanos” actually means blue in Greek, and if you don’t believe in coincidences, it could be his calling to play the blues. George has been playing live for a long time. Having consistently played in lots of rock clubs in Athens and Thessaloniki in the past two decades with numerous bands, he decided to finally make his own act and deliver his own music to the world. His style can be described as heavy, aggressive blues-rock, influenced by bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Gary Moore, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Spiritual Beggars, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tinsley Ellis, Dave Meniketti… (the list can go on for pages). In fact, it was one night that he was listening to Dave’s “On the blue side” album, heartbroken and in a very dark period of his life, that it dawned on him to pick up the guitar and forge his own blues orientated rock sound. This is when his first two ballads “Dead Inside” and “Nataly” were written. In the months that followed, he took very big decisions in his life. Born in Sparta, he boasts of leaving a career in pharmaceutics and returning to his homeland to become a farmer, in order to have more time and peace of mind for his musical pursuits and to enjoy life to the full. His attitude towards life is non-conformist and aggressive, and he incorporates it in many of his songs. He affectionately calls his following and everyone who stands by his beliefs, a part of his “bull tribe”. His songs are about defining one’s self, relationships, love and heartbreak, life’s troubles, standing one’s ground, his own experiences, and anything that may have an impact on him. Groove and straightforward attitude are key elements to his songwriting, while his ballads are blood dripping – pain-inducing – straight from the heart – made. Heavy riffy guitars, climaxing solos, and big, warm, and gritty vocals are a trademark of his sound. A sound consolidated by full analog production, using classic gear of the 70s and 80s, attempting to translate a live feel to the songs. His intentions: To rock the world! To testify his own blood and guts, conjure the demons that haunt his spirit, to play rock ‘n’ roll till his last breath. Ultimately, to have a great time doing so! His first EP has been digitally released, and his first video clip “I’m dead inside” is officially on YouTube.



Tell us your real names, country of birth, and childhood experience.
My name is George Galanos. I was born in Sparta, Greece. Yes, THE Sparta. I grew up in a small agricultural town about 40 km south, called Skala, which is near the sea and is a place with endless orangeries. There wasn’t much to do over there so I spent my time studying English, doing lots of sports, and learning music, all of those by the age of 5. The town was still developing back then. When I went to high school, only five out of six high school grades were being taught. Lucky for me, the town had a philharmonic orchestra that I attended, and I had an amazing English teacher, who got me to read all the classic literature, like Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde, and introduced me to Elvis, The Beatles, and Bruce Springsteen, as part of my English lessons routine. I was first in my class during all my years. I also was the municipal champion in mid-distance running, 1km and 3km. Every Sunday my dad used to take me and my sister to Sparta, to have private music lessons. There I started to learn the guitar, and I have to say I hated it! But as time went by, I loved music and everything started to take its natural course.


Tell us your academic qualification.
After taking my exams, I was admitted to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and studied pharmaceutics. I also run my own pharmacy for quite some years in Athens, but the economic crisis in Greece forced me to close it down and return to my hometown to become a farmer. The best thing that ever happened to me! I’m enjoying life in the country, great freedom, and family life. I also have the time to make music, study, and become better at it.


Elaborate on your music career, band name, experience, and skills.
I lived in Thessaloniki for over 10 years. During that period I was a guitar player and singer in lots of rock clubs. I used to play three to six nights per week, making a good name for myself and gaining valuable experience. I’ve been playing the guitar for over 3 decades, professionally since I was 19. I also took singing lessons with various coaches, Jason Catron being the best. Believe it or not, Galanos means “blue” in Greek. I don’t think it’s a coincidence! I’m a guy whose life turned around pretty violently with the crisis, I became a farmer when I used to be a pharmacist and I love to play the blues. Had to stick! My life is all about the blues!


Tell us your genre and idea behind your music video/song.
I play heavy rock blues if this is a term. Cranked Marshall and Orange amps, huge drums, and the blues vibe is everywhere. The idea behind the video is simple: Beautiful landscape, a place that no other video has been made, at least no other blues or rock video, a pretty girl and great drone takes.


Tell us how to run a record label based on your experience as an artist.
I wouldn’t want to be in a label’s place with all that’s happening in the music industry. One thing I would do for sure though: I’d sign up artists and bands willing to tour and be sure to book them big shows and many shows. That’s what music is about.


List your various works.
I’ve released two records in the past, one with independent label Sleaszy Rider, and one with FM Records, both Greek labels.


Tell us how you are promoting your music.
Well, I’m using Facebook and Instagram ads to promote my video clip and Facebook page. I’ve sent my material for reviews to many blogs, webzines, and web radios, via sites that are soliciting submissions. I’m running a weekly promotion with ReverbNation for discovering new artists. I also participated in a ReverbNation playlist promotion “Artists you should know”. Right now I’m putting a band together for the best promotion of all: Live shows.


Explain the story behind the song.
“I’m dead inside” is a song about the end of a love affair that shouldn’t have taken place, to begin with. It’s about a man having misconceptions about the woman he loves, that she loves him back. But this woman is in confusion because she hasn’t decided to leave the man she is with, so she breaks our hero’s heart. She leaves him so torn up inside and she treads on his pride so much, that he just can’t feel anymore. He believes he’ll never love or care about anybody again. He feels dead inside.


State the names of other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director.
George Galanos: Guitar and vocals (Greece)
Stelios Pavlou: Drums (Greece)
Marcin Palider: Bass (Poland)
Asterios Papastamatakis: Hammond (Greece)
Sandra Bullet: Backing Vocals (Portugal)
Alex Paclin: Harmonica (USA)
Guitar reamping at Studio Matrix Athens by Yannis Petroyannis. Drums recording, mix, and production at Studio 133 Athens by Michael Skarakis. Drums recording for “I’m Dead Inside” at Prova Studio Athens. Mastered at VU Production Athens by Nasos Nomikos. Vocals recorded at my home studio.


Tell us other activities you are pursuing apart from music.
Well as I said, I’m a farmer now. I own quite a number of acres. I grow Valencia oranges, Ortanique tangerines, and olive trees. My goal is to make my crop as big as possible and buy new land. I’m also trying to find new markets for my goods, in Greece and abroad. This involves traveling, so I love it!


Elaborate on the song/music video.
The story behind the making of the video is very sweet. I had just returned to my hometown and found my old friend, Costas, who runs a photography and video shooting business. They shoot marriages and stuff and it is a family company. I asked him to make the video clip for me and he said he’d do it for free! I didn’t let him do it for free of course, but since it was summer and I knew he had so much to do, I took up online video editing lessons and bought a new computer so that I could edit the video myself. The pretty girl starring at it is my little sister, Helen! We shot the video at the spot here in Homer’s “Iliad”, Paris, the prince of Troy, stole Helen of Greece from the Spartan king Menelaos and spurred the Trojan War. It’s a pretty historic place, filled with heavy vibes. The idea was a simple one: A breakup taking place during the summertime, in this beautiful setting. And of course, a Belle Hellene!


Tell us how long you have been in the music business, your experience, and your future goal.
I’ve been playing professionally since 1995. My first release was in 2006, (heavy metal) and at the same time, I was the lead singer of a big Pink Floyd Tribute band. Unfortunately, I had to join the army for a year and I left the band. My second release was in 2012 (Greek hard rock). I’ve played with numerous bands, and last year I had formed a band called “Waxed Circles” (blues rock). The bass player and drum player were in a band called 2002GR, a historic Greek rock band of the 80s. We released a single called “I Just Wanna Take You Home”, that I had written and produced, with a Greek label called Final Touch. My current goal is to go all the way. I’ve released a four-song EP, but I’m already making new songs for a full-length LP. I intend to stick around, because I know I’ve found my sound and calling in music. I intend to play shows all over Greece and abroad and keep promoting my work until more and more people know me. Hopefully, I get a good record deal, but till then, I’m going to rock being an indie artist.


Tell us what makes you unique from others.
Blues music and rock music as I hear it nowadays tend to have strong pop elements in the vocal melodies, and in general. The rock sound has become softer. Anything heavier is also harder and towards a more heavy metal path. My sound is not metal and definitely not pop-influenced. I keep a heavy wall of guitars and shredding guitar solos but I stick to being rock. I rely on emotion, outbursts, and climaxing my songs, rather than coming up with pop–like hooks, hoping that they will get me on the radio. I respect my roots and the blues I have incorporated into my rock. But I am heavy because strength is something that describes me both physically and mentally. I also have a strong distinction from stoner music, because I lack any psychedelic element that this kind of heavy rock music is about.


List your five favorite songs including the artists.
  1. Wild Frontier – Gary Moore
  2. Rocket Queen – Guns ‘n’ Roses
  3. Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You – Led Zeppelin
  4. Take It Like A Man – Dave Meniketti
  5. Cherry Red Wine – Luther Allisson




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