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Giudi – Sleeping Boy

Giudi – Sleeping Boy


Giudi – Sleeping Boy
Giudi – Sleeping Boy



Giudi – Sleeping Boy
SONG TITLE:  Sleeping Boy
RELEASE DATE: 18/02 /20
GENRE: Alt-Pop



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One of the most creative artists currently in music Alt Popstar Giudi combines music with fashion and visual arts, featuring issues such as sustainable Fashion and Diversity in society.
She has toured across Europe, much in demand as a featured performer at many international fashion events as well as music festivals also working with many international fashion designers.
Before becoming a solo artist in 2017, Giudi’s music journey included fronting a rock band and even managing to find herself in the Final of Czech/Slovak X Factor as well as getting the Silver Award for new artist at the 2018 Czech Music Awards.
Now signed to the UK label Minimal Surface, Giudi has been busy recording a new album set for release in May 2020.



Explain how to overcome writer’s block.
For me, reconnecting with nature works, going to the woods, visiting my favorite mountain views.


Tell us the tricks behind making a hit song.
I would say that the real magic happens when the universe gives you touch, it’s like blowing wind and happens only if you are ready and bright and catch it.
For me, an authentic feeling and a real story behind it are always essential for a great song. After all of this, there needs to be of course great production and a sound like edible stardust on the top of the muffin.


Tell us how you get feedback for your demo before working on it.
If I need to pick tracks to finish from my demos to record, I’ll play them to my producer or I do some A&R consulting with my label Minimal Surface, but at the end of the day it’s always my choice, I need to feel that I want to do that song and I have something to say.


Explain your recording experience in the studio.
I prefer older, smaller studios with a cozy atmosphere. Where I can just cut off from the rest of the world, be lost for a day, and live for the moment. Like this, I can really enjoy the process.
Most of these studios I used to record are underground, but my dream is to record somewhere in the middle of nowhere by the forest with beautiful panoramas, mountains, and lakes; I would just leave my soul in such a place.


Tell us how you compose.
I spend a lot of time in an airplane or traveling in the car, so the best choice for me is Garageband or Gadget Le app on my phone and after sending it directly to my producer or putting it into my computer and tighten it up in Logic, for example adding some guitars or better vocals and harmonies.


Tell us if you add effects to your vocals to sound better.
It depends on what suits each song. I enjoy the contrasts so usually in verses I like a dry and natural voice, and in the chorus, I play with all sorts of reverbs, distortions, or even harmonizers.


Tell us the best streaming platform to get new fans.
The biggest rush of fans always comes every time I appear on TV, they usually go to my Instagram and YouTube first.
Also, obviously, Spotify, its discovery, and algorithmic playlists are great for the musicians to be discovered by the audience.


Tell us your opinion on music education.
Music education gives way to more options for one’s career.


Discuss the shooting of a commercial music video for a song.
The visual part of the creative process is very important to me. It’s just the way I get closer to my visions for the track and it opens a new dimension…


Tell us how you interact with other artists.
It’s 2020 and I can say that almost every single day I discover new artists, there are really a lot of amazing new artists, and that is always an inspiration to try to make even better music.


Tell us if you can collaborate with an artist of a different genre.
Sure, I can, hopefully, I will do more. I consider myself a ‘genre-fluid’ musician so I really enjoy playing with different genres.


Explain how to finance a music project.
One of the options is to build up a cool and authentic image, then you can find some sponsors.
You can start a collab with some cool brands or music organizations. Play shows. Sell merchandise. Make good music and people will find you and want to get involved, the internet has made it so much easier to get yourself out there.


Tell us how to generate income from a musical work.
One part of the income you can earn by touring, live shows, and selling your merchandise.
Another from streaming platforms. It’s also important to be signed up to rights organizations, that collect money for you when it’s played live or on the radio.


List the name of organizations you know can be helpful to new artists.
I think in the UK you have PRS, we have OSA, which collects money for artists when they perform.


Send a message to your fans
“Let your light shine out.”


Explain the process involved in recording a vocal.
So, the vocal part of the recording process is fun, but sometimes it depends on different circumstances that can slightly change the process.
If I am rested, in the right mood or it depends also on the woman cycle because it affects the vocal cords.
There are so many factors that can make a good vocal, but it is important to sing out your true feelings. When you can sing your soul can speak.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Sleeping Boy’ is the story of a young boy who lives a stereotyped life.
From time to time he meets completely open-minded people, from whom he felt freedom.
He starts to dream about his transformation and free himself from these shackles.
In the music video, I wanted to demonstrate, through contemporary dance, the pressures of society and mental health issues.
We were shooting in the Prague Metro and the main actor was a talented dancer and queer model Matej Psenicka.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
My friends in Italy started to call me Giudi, the Italian version of my name and since that time it seemed to stick.
My first album is going to be called “The Fountain” – the symbol of joy and peace.
The water represents the energy in each level, the eternal nature of this mystical dimension, and the infinite nature of its source. There is only one source and it’s endless.
A fountain also has different floors and levels – like my musical taste as well. I consider myself like “genre-fluid” musician.



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