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Gordon Thomson – Here I Go Again

Gordon Thomson – Here I Go Again

Gordon Thomson – Here I Go Again

Gordon Thomson – Here I Go Again



ARTIST NAME: Gordon Thomson
SONG TITLE: Here I Go Again
RELEASE DATE:  9th of July 2019



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Tell us your definition of being a talented artist.
Talent – persistence, dedication, the love of music, and the belief in your own ability.


Describe how you get involved in music.
I have been playing guitar and writing music since I was 10 years old and have never fallen out of love with its creation.
My first recording was a birthday present. One day in a recording studio and the excitement of recording has never left me!


Tell us if you are a starter or an established artist at the moment.
I am not a starter but a long-term developing musician and I never stop learning!


Elaborate on the themes of most of your songs.
The themes of my songs are mostly about relationships, reactions, to being part of or the consequences of them but when a subject sparks my imagination then I go with it.


Tell us your opinion on old music and new music in terms of preference.
Inspiring music is what excites me and taking ideas from all forms.


State your greatest performance.
My greatest performance was in a church hall in my hometown and one of the very first gigs of my first album. I had the whole audience in the palm of my hand and at the end, everyone just got up and sang along with the title track of the album and it was incredible!


Tell us the greatest mistake to avoid while recording a song.
The biggest mistake when recording is to know when to stop! Less is usually more like any artist; one of the greatest talents is to know when to put down your brush etc. and say that’s ENOUGH!


Tell us your definition of a hit song.
Hit song – short and sweet with recognizable empathy and something universal to lock onto instantly.


Tell us what you know about your fans.
My fans are diverse fickle but loyal if you recognize their worth. I love the fact I have any at all and I appreciate every single one of them and I only wish I could thank everyone personally.


Describe your mood during recording or performance.
When recording I have my creative head-on but I am always open to instant ideas and to try and bring out the very best in myself and very conscious of the help I can get from people around me.


Discuss your songwriting.
Songwriting for me is to create and destroy, build and breakdown, play over and over and change what doesn’t work to that which does tweak, tailor, mould, clarify and perfect then say that is ENOUGH.


Discuss your recording process.
The recording is a world of my own complete control and an instinct as to what works…


Discuss how you experiment with different sounds.
I tend not to be out of control with sounds when recording but I am continually seeking the sound I have perfected in my head and never quite get; one day I will achieve nirvana but until then I will keep playing around with sound until I say ENOUGH.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
My name is Gordon Thomson and I would have loved to have created a better name for myself but it’s who I am.


Elaborate on multi-genre music.
To me, multi-genre music is simply taking influences from other forms of music and adapting them to suit one. And to me, they have no bounds just as music has no bounds. Interpret it as you wish with what you wish with who you wish and in any combination. You have to wear blinkers not to be influenced as a musician by other forms and I prefer not to even pigeonhole my music but it always annoys me when asked what type of music is yours? Who do you sound like? Etc.
Listen and make your own mind up – like a painting; read into its landscape what you want and if you identify with it greatly, if you don’t, move on and listen to something else!


Tell us how to develop a lyric to a full song.
My ideas come often out of the blue with just hearing a line of a song or a spoken word or even a mood brought on by a conversation or a thought.
My songs go through stages of rough drafts played over and worked on; especially the lyrics.
Most of my songs are dictated by the lyrics…and the simplest way to get over the message without too much effort.


Tell us how you come up with a melody.
The melody fits the feeling I get when I read my lyrics on the page or simply sometimes doodling with an acoustic guitar.
In my opinion, a good song should be a journey as long as it says something to the listener that they can identify with and easily understand, but sometimes it can simply be a soundscape you can listen to as you look at a painting and take it in, absorb it and enjoy the way it makes you feel.


Tell us how you impact your listeners with your songs.
The impact of my song generally is on an emotional level as the song’s lyrics often take you on a journey sometimes with a story that has meaning sometimes profound but often just good narrative…


Tell us how you deal with producers and music directors.
I direct and produce my own music and I am happy to do so but I often collaborate with people I respect when recording my music as they often influence the way in which some songs will go…


Tell us what you will change in your music.
I change all the time. I develop, create, and am moved by my desire to get better and be satisfied.


Tell us what is special about this release.
This is my latest album and it is my best work simply because it has been the most fulfilling and satisfying.


Tell us your best means of expression.
My music is my creative outlet and that’s what I simply want to carry on doing. I want to put aside the dogma of disappointment, the agony of inadequacy, and the frustration of what the creative endeavor unfolds.



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