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Graham John – Rising Sun Remix

Graham John – Rising Sun Remix
Graham John – Rising Sun Remix
Graham John – Rising Sun Remix



ARTIST NAME: Graham John
SONG TITLE: Rising Sun Remix
GENRE: Ambient Rock



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Discuss your songwriting.
Guitar chord sequence, sometimes keyboard tinkling, sometimes the words come first…


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Lancashire Lads Examiner Review
Posted by Billy Phoenix
The British Invasion is not over, boys and girls. Get ready for the second wave! The Lancashire Lads are on the way.
According to their rather brief bio, this Brit band was “born in Leigh, not On Sea, but on a navigation, absconded to Atherton, biked to Bolton, produced in Preston.” They’re fresh off a tour through Europe having played gigs in such places as Manchester, Milan, and Munich “courtesy of a Stately intervention.” But just who are The Lancashire Lads?
Glad you asked! The Lancashire Lads are Graham John “Jolli Holli” Hollingsworth (lead vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboard), Corner Shop’s Andy Flynn (drums), Richard (“bowing” strings), Steve (“blowing” brass), and Alan Gregson of West Orange Studios (“perfecting” production and background vocals). Their new EP, the eponymous Lancashire Lads, is a fine four –aural example of the band’s current musical musings.
The lead-in is titled “History”. Ironically, the band’s bio is so brief that while their own history is hardly revealed, this song serves as an interesting introduction to the act’s tuneful talents. It’s another observation on love in a melodic orchestrated elevation . . . (indeed) “delivered with swagger and panache” just as the boys say.


List the names of those that have supported you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them.
Peter the Great, John, Richard, Alan, Steve.


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio.
We used to add drums, trumpets, and strings, and polish up production on my own recordings most of the time in the studio.
Elaborate on your future projects.
I’ve just released a great single “I Need Your Love”, and am now focusing my creative energies on producing some dance remix material, closer to the genre of the Rising Sun Remix.


Tell us what you are doing to increase your fan base.
Website, CD Baby, Spotify, Radio releases, videos, remixes…


Tell us that point in time you wanted to give up on your music career.
There hasn’t been one, it’s in the blood – hear my dad, Peter the Great’s version of Bold Gendarmes on Spotify.


Go into detail on how you make your instrumentation or melody.
Most of the time the guitar is the first thing to be picked up, but if there’s a keyboard nearby a little tinkling may realize a different feel.


Tell us your complete understanding of music licensing.
I did once do a cover of Imagine, for which I paid Yoko Ono a license fee…


Tell us your favorite genre of music.
Identity politics is divisive and I prefer cross genre music…


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.
Songs are rooted in personal experience thereby conveying emotion and meaning.


Elaborate on this song.
It began life as a pop rock number and was first released in 2003 on my GT Live It All album. It was number one on the internet site for six weeks, sung live on BBC radio. In 2013/14 back in West Orange studios the drums, strings, and trumpet were laid down following the original keyboard parts.
Subsequently, the separates were sent to Mikey Gallagher who stripped away the guitars apart from some repeating samples and put minimal vocals together with the tuneful trumpet to produce a vibrant clean driving sound that caught on.
Tell us numerous ways that artists can boost their revenue.
Gigging is the main route, giving music lessons another way to augment, streaming brings relatively little.


Tell us your opinion on self-training and enrolling in an educational institution to study music.
Both have their merits, self-teaching can create a more distinctive original sound guided by the ear and intuition, rather than precedent, but may involve much more trial and error.


Go on at length on what it takes to write a hit song.
Perseverance to produce a punchy and memorable track.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
It’s my name.



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