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Haji Outlaw – LASIK

Haji Outlaw – LASIK
Haji Outlaw – LASIK



Artist Name:  Haji Outlaw
Song Title:  LASIK
ALBUM TITLE: Jokes & Beats
RELEASE DATE: October 30, 2019
GENRE: Hip-Hop/Comedy






Haji Outlaw brings creativity to light with the piece of the work entitled ‘LASIK.’
The spoken words are deep and in conduct with the powerful instrumentation.
Even though the duration is short but the instrumentation will enchant the listeners.
LASIK is an exceptional piece of work.




Tell us how you develop your sound and style to make it different from other musicians.
I developed my sound as a sort of chemistry experiment. I take a collection of sounds and work out how they work best together and the mood/feel they create.


Tell us your opinion on the way new artists are coming up and the frequent release of songs.
As far as the frequent release of songs, I have no problem with it. Especially since Griselda Records drops projects rather often. And if Griselda does it, then dammit it’s nice!


State your experience as a musician/artist.
My experience as an artist is good… As soon as I make six figures a year (wink).


Tell us your opinion on streaming and digital download of songs.
Digital is where things are at. So my opinion doesn’t matter that much.


Tell us your goals and plans.
My goal is to put out quality music and hopefully garner a rabid fanbase.


Tell us five current artists that are your favorite.
Everybody on Griselda Records is my favorite. All-time would be WuTang Clan and Prince.


Tell us your dream and hope for the future.
I have no dreams. And for the future, if I speak it into existence it never seems to work out. So I am not saying anything.


Tell us what has changed in the music industry.
Money has changed the music industry. It’s one of the two things that make the world go round.


Tell us your opinion on using social media to promote music online.
Social media… It’s cool.


Tell us what still motivates you to go on with your music career.
The sun, moon, gravity, and stars motivate me.


Tell us the process involved in making this song.
I make the beat. I select the joke. I perform the joke over the beat. Rinse and repeat.



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