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Hass ECF – 50 Shots

Hass ECF - 50 Shots


Hass ECF – 50 Shots
Hass ECF – 50 Shots



SONG TITLE: 50 Shots
RELEASE DATE: 2/16/2019
GENRE: Hip Hop






State your reason for choosing music as a career.
Since I was a kid I always loved music. My mother told me when I was born I was doing the Harlem Shake to Biggie playing on the radio in the hospital nursery room.
Growing up I always loved old-school hip-hop, when I was younger I had all the hip-hop legends on my MP3 player. I started writing music as a teenager and after my mother passed away I decided to give it my all and dedicate myself to my craft, so her name can always be remembered.
Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song.
I isolate myself from everybody and find a quiet room. I’ll keep playing beats out loud until one of them catches my attention.
Then, I just start writing the best ideas I came up with on my phone. After, I’ll be up for hours writing until the song is complete.
Share your press release and reviews with us.
Since I released 50 Shots I got a lot of positive reviews from a lot of different people globally.
Every day since I released it my brand continues to increase steadily.


Discuss your life outside the music world.
My life outside of music is filled with a lot of pain in a lot of different ways but I always find a way to push forward.
I have been in a lot of different situations in the streets, with my family, and with my friends.
The music feels like the only option to change how I’m living for the better.


Discuss your music career.
I started rapping around 3 years ago but I wasn’t consistent. My friends and I would go to the studio and we all would be there just writing and recording. I would release a song and wait months until I drop the next one. Once I started becoming consistent everything started to change little by little.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
Hass is my nickname that’s what everybody calls me. I’m a part of a talented group of musicians called Eastchester Family, that’s where the ECF comes from.
List your five favorite music videos with reasons.
Drake – God’s Plan
I love seeing artists in the hip-hop culture give back to the community.



Kendrick Lamar – Hiiipower
The message in his lyrics is powerful. He’s educating you on black history in a musical form.



Drake – In my feelings
That was my favorite song on Drake’s Scorpion album. The video’s cut scenes are sharp; it looks like a scene out of a movie.



Biggie Smalls – Juicy
The lyrics catch me every time like it’s the first time I heard it. The video shows you everything he’s addressing from the worst parts of his life to the most lavish ones. You could see and hear him talk about his transitions through life in one video.



Tupac – Dear Mama
I always loved this video but after my mother died from cancer it became more significant to me. I feel every word from start to finish.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
My mother. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I have to show her and everybody else who believed in me that they weren’t wrong.
Tell us your experience of dealing with fans.
I love all my supporters. I remember it was a time I felt like I couldn’t get anybody to listen. I respect anybody who listens to my music and appreciates it for what it is.


Elaborate on the recording of this song.
I recorded 50 Shots in the summer of 2018. I knew it was going to make a difference if I planned it right. Then, I just kept grinding until I could shoot the video the way…


Tell us about your future projects.
My first mixtape is dropping in November. I have more videos and features that will be dropping throughout the year as well.


List the names of those that have supported you so far.
Eastchester Family.


Tell us your point of view on vocal tuning.
I think vocal tuning is a good option for musicians… It gives the artist a chance to experiment with different ways that they can approach their music.


Tell us your thought on quality and quantity for the release of songs.
I prefer quality over quantity. You could have a million songs and put in the work but if it’s not quality music it’s not going to last.


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
I don’t see a difference between a music career and a non-music one. Being a musician is just like owning a business. People see all the nice things musicians have but don’t understand how much work it took behind the scenes.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres.
I believe sub-genres are necessary because everybody is different. As the genre grows it gets broken down into smaller ones but each sub-genre helps push the culture forward.


State the genre you despise most with reason.
I don’t despise any genre because I know what the music that I like does for me so I can’t despise a whole genre that probably made a change in someone’s life.


List your five favorite movies with reasons.
Boyz in the Hood
It gives you a visual perspective on how the people you love the most could put you in situations that can stop you from achieving your destiny.



My father is Jamaican so I grew up watching it and we bonded a lot through watching this movie. It shows a ‘rags to riches’ story from a Jamaican point of view.



Nothing was sugarcoated; it showed you how treacherous it can get when you are pushed to the edge living in poverty.



Gangs of New York
I’m from New York so it’s cool to see an image of what the streets of New York looked like before it turned into what we know it as now.



A Bronx Tale
I love mafia movies and the movie kept me engaged from the beginning to the end.



Black Panther
Black Panther has a powerful message. It’s the first movie I saw with strong black superheroes and villains.



State the title of the song and the meaning.
50 Shots means I got 50 shots in the strap so I can protect myself and my people.



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