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Heren Wolf – I Gave You Flowers

Heren Wolf – I Gave You Flowers

Heren Wolf – I Gave You Flowers
Heren Wolf – I Gave You Flowers



Artist Name: Heren Wolf
Song Title: I Gave You Flowers
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 5/10/18






Heren Wolf – I Gave You Flowers
Italian singer-songwriter Heren Wolf returns with his second single, a cinematic, expansive record, which uses the imagery of a flower representing the fragility of human emotions.
The track was written in response to feelings of grief and confusion after the passing- away of his father a year prior to the song being written. The song is intended to reassure himself and his sister that they can escape from their pain.
“It is a song that arrived at a difficult time in my life. These words have helped give me a voice to the confusion and feelings that I carried and still carry. It is a reaction to a loss. To avoid that a pillar in your life leaves when they go away forever”.
Touching on such a deep and painful subject matter at such a young age is a testament to Heren Wolf’s songwriting ability, channeling his emotions into a song that oozes maturity and individuality.
Heren Wolf is an Italian singer-songwriter, currently based in London.
His musical identity is a mixture of cinematic, soul, and electro-pop elements which together create a dark, melancholic landscape. His tracks heavily reflect traumatic experiences, facing personal demons and turning them into his own abstract take on pop music.
His debut single ‘Phoenix’ was well received in the UK, where Heren studies, as well as in his homeland of Italy. Heren’s second single ‘I Gave You Flowers’ will release on the 5th of October.
“I write songs to give my inner silence a loud voice, quieting my demons, getting lost, and then finding myself in a cathartic circle of always new rebirths.”



Explain what has motivated you so far in your music career.
The wonderful feeling I have whenever I perform or write a song is what motivated me so far. When I am on stage I feel alive and it’s something I always try to remember when I get lost and I start being too negative about my future.


Discuss your experience as an artist.
Being an artist is one of the most beautiful things that could happen to me. I started off being a dancer and then I continued with music. Whenever I create or get in touch with pieces of art I feel happy and I find my place in this world.


Discuss the story behind the song.
The song was conceived from a progression of images – the image of the flowers, so beautiful but so fragile, and the image of a girl who, similarly vulnerable, escapes from her pain. I had lost my father a little over a year before and this song has helped me to give voice to the confusion of feelings and thoughts that I carried (and still carry). It is a response to loss and the void that someone so important leaves when they go away forever. It is a desperate need to regenerate and reconnect with what has been lost.
I was thinking about my sister, one of the most important points of reference in my life; a woman so strong but who like me was torn inside. With this piece, I would like to reassure both of us that one day this pain will make sense.


Tell us the greatest piece of advice someone has given you as an artist.
Just be true to yourself.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
‘Heren Wolf’ means a lot of different things. Heren is a fusion between Heron (the bird) and Ren (which means ‘lotus’ and ‘love’ in Japanese).
The reference to the bird, because somehow with my music I would like to be able to transcend reality, get closer to heaven, and be free from the heaviness of things.
The lotus flower, a symbol of transformation, which grows out of the mud, in the water, and yet remains uncontaminated, to remind me of living in the world without letting it contaminate me and to accept the negative aspects of life as necessary steps of transition.
Love, so that I can always remember the important people in my life and can honor my father with my art.
‘Wolf’ because many people have always associated my physiognomy with that of a wolf and it’s something that has always fascinated me and that binds me to my homeland.


List your best artists with reasons.
Florence+The Machine – because her lyrics are so powerful and deep and because I really like her aesthetic.
Aurora – for her beautiful voice and her folky, almost mythological vibe.
ANHONI – for her wonderful tone and raw emotion in her voice.


Discuss your songwriting and recording.
I write songs when I am sad and I usually start with lyrics. When you let things out it’s easier to understand how you feel. So yes, I face my demons on a piece of paper and that helps me to exorcise the sorrow.
For “I Gave You Flowers” and the other songs I am releasing as part of my first studio project, I have recorded rough demos with my laptop and sent them to my producer Dave. He then created wonderful productions on which I recorded new vocals in one of the studios at my University (The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance).





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