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HiCONiK – Divine

HiCONiK + Exxy – Divine
HiCONiK + Exxy – Divine



ALBUM TITLE: Divine – Single
RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2019
GENRE: Electronic/Pop



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The project of HiCONiK, a 22-year-old Florida-based producer, is one that alters the classic sounds of modern music. Composed with groundbreaking sound design, he has devised an entirely new genre.
While producing self-made mixes for local events as well as working on collaborations with many local artists, Spencer Smith quickly grew a presence as a Producer/DJ throughout high school.
After countless hours perfecting his craft, “Modern Music” was released Mid-August of 2018. This album features a wide variety of sounds, perfectly demonstrating his purpose to forever revolutionize music.



State your favorite instruments.
I grew up playing the piano and guitar, so I would say I definitely favor these over others. I do love the classical sound of the violin accompanying the piano. I try to incorporate as many live instruments into my music as possible.


List the names of those supporting you.
Matt Parenti is by far the biggest support to my brand. Nicolaas Ten Grotenhuis, my manager is a big help. My collaborator, Exxy, the vocalist on Divine, is an amazing and talented artist who supports my music all of the time.


Tell us your preferred musical styles.
I love Future Bass, Pop, Dubstep, Classical, and melodic music.


List the name of five artists that have influenced you.
ODESZA, Illenium, Slander, Disero, Au5.


Tell us about your recording experience in the studio.
I try to head into the studio with a plan of what and how I’m going to record. I usually then go through many, many takes until I have the perfect sound.


Discuss your experience with the music industry.
The music industry is tough. It’s hard to break into. The main key that I’ve learned is connecting with as many industry individuals as possible. The more people you know; the better.


Explain vocal training.
Vocal training is the key to success for any vocalist attempting to breakthrough. Practicing every day will be essential.


Discuss live instruments for recording in the studio.
Recording with live instruments is always a fun task. Unlike a synthesizer, you will always get a different and unique take, each time. I love how you can start with one idea, and then come out with a completely different one.


Discuss your songwriting.
Songwriting is almost in a way, the same as producing. You compose an instrumental while creating emotion and theme. Then you portray that emotion with words. It’s all about creating a catchy melody.


Tell us your other talents apart from producing.
I play the piano classically. I also create all of my own album artwork, website design, and merchandise. I love graphic design.


Tell us your plans in terms of your music career.
At the moment, I’m producing and collaborating with as many artists as I can. I plan to release 5 singles and an EP by the end of 2019. I would love to start booking shows eventually and getting in front of a live audience.


Tell us the worst experience in your music career.
At the very start of my music career, I had signed a “manager” and paid him up front, and then he ended up doing absolutely nothing for me and disappeared without contact.


Discuss your music career in detail.
My music career started professionally about two years ago when I signed my first manager. I have released two projects thus far, and have many more planned for 2019.


Discuss your song and album.
‘Divine’ is my debut single. It is a collaboration with the artist, Exxy. It is an emotional track heavily inspired by the artist, ODESZA. It portrays the extreme, “divine” love between two people.


Tell us what fans are saying pertaining to your music.
Fans seem to really enjoy my music. Different people relate to each track differently which I enjoy. I’m glad people from all different places can find love in my sound.


Elaborate on your music project.
My music project is ever-changing and progressing and growing. I am branching out and working with more and more artists while growing daily.


Discuss multi-genre and switching from one genre to another.
I believe in multi-genre. HiCONiK is all about creating different genres, creating new genres, and expanding into many different types of music.


Explain the title of the song.
The name “Divine” came from the hook of the song. “We are Divine.”


State the reason you are into music. 
Music has always been my passion. I listen to music from the second I awake until I head to sleep at night. The fact that I am lucky enough to have the ability to create it myself is unbelievable.



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