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House Of Spirituals – Everyday

House Of Spirituals – Everyday

House Of Spirituals – Everyday
House Of Spirituals – Everyday



ARTIST NAME:  House Of Spirituals
SONG TITLE:  Everyday
RELEASE DATE: 8th March 2019
GENRE: Indie Pop/Electronic Soul



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Tell us how you structure andarrange your song.
When it comes to structuring we have an obsession with mixing Motown structures such as the magic 3-repeat with the structures of house music and electronica.


Discuss how you fix a tempo foryour song.
We generally write the song first and then we do experiment with the grooves at different tempos and check the vocal flows, sometimes when you write something like a really slow song then you speed it up it takes on a different life and it can change the meaning of the words.


Elaborate on multi-genre music.
As you can’t reinvent the wheel of music you can only use different spokes we believe fully in mixing genres.
We are always looking to put something that doesn’t belong on the track to see what overall effect it has and if it sounds fresh, it stays


Tell us the best means of reaching fans.
Keep releasing good music.


Tell us how to develop a lyric to afull song.
Usually, it starts with a title, then we decide the concept, then make a chorus hook then work backward on filling in the detail in the verses


Tell us how you come up with amelody.
A lot of trial and error, sometimes from my mouth, sometimes from an instrument.


Tell us your ideal type ofrecording studio. 
One with lots of analog keyboards, vintage guitars, and Casio keyboards.


Describe the factors you considerin a good song.
How potent the lyric is…


Tell us how you interact with producers and music directors.
We self-produce so we argue with ourselves a lot.


Tell us how you feel after thecompletion of a song.
Like a post-sex high.


Tell us what you will change inyour music.
Always looking for something more emotional and fresh.


Tell us what is special about thisrelease.
We are releasing one a month to make an album so this is track three of the album.


Tell us how you overcome obstacles.
Never let anyone or anything stop you because you are only an ism in this universe so you may as well be happy.


Elaborate on the title of the album.
Rituals – because we used to make our music every Friday night as it was the only time we had to make our own music and this became our ritual every week.


Share your press release and review with us.
House of Spirituals release their new track ‘Everyday’ as a pure declaration of love, which came about as a happy accident…
Newly signed to High Tribe Records, House Of Spirituals make infectious and soulful alternative pop music, which whilst rooted in the Deep South of America, underpinning contemporary electronics give a forward-thinking twist to the aesthetic.
The Spirituals have an unhealthy obsession with music that pulls on the soul whilst the machines reprogramme your heart…



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