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Intellect – Then There Were Two

Intellect – Then There Were Two


Intellect – Then There Were Two
Intellect – Then There Were Two


ARTIST NAME: Intellect
SONG TITLE:  Then There Were Two
ALBUM TITLE: Out of Left Field
RELEASE DATE: October 26, 2018
GENRE: Hip Hop



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Go into detail on why you decided to choose music as a career.
Music has always been my first love. When I was younger I did poetry slams and from there spent some time singing in the church so naturally music was embedded in my DNA.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans on your music.
Wow, the responses I have received are beyond my comprehension and expectation.
There have been a lot of handshakes from new fans, a lot of anticipation from my current fans and people are just waiting to know my thoughts and expressions as a whole during live jam sessions.
I am humbled that more and more folks are engaged in what I have to say not only as a US veteran but as a human being.


Discuss the relevance of social networking to music.
Social media pushes artists to new heights. Before everything was word of mouth then innovation created more creative aspects in not only business but personal standpoints.
To be able to showcase my music all over the world with one click is massive.
This is why I take such pride in what I put out because my audience is not just locals anymore.


 Tell us how you record your song.
I go to Sweet Spot Studios in Annandale, VA. I record all my songs with either Nico or one of his technicians.


Tell us the story behind the song.
‘Then There Were Two’ was a song about my journey to get to the love of my life a.k.a. hip hop and the dwindling of having a variety of producers to having 2…Nico and Brian “Maddfrequency” Leotaud.
The song explains my journey and what’s beautiful about it is Nico creates symphonies and the backdrop is actually from a song he has called “Elao” he offered this song to me and it is the most unique and popular song on my album.


State your musical skills.
I am a lyricist, through and through. I love to keep the storytelling aspect alive but I challenge myself when I rap to outdo my previous lyrics. I am very clever in my wordplay.


Tell us how long it takes to complete a song from the start.
I have never timed myself but I can write fairly quickly since I travel a lot, so maybe 4 hours or more.
Recording wise I take no longer than 2 hours in the booth before my voice gets hoarse, it also depends on how many songs I record.


Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody.
I can’t take credit for the melody, that brainchild goes to Brian MaddFrequency, that his specialty. I base my lyrics on my experiences in the military, my heart, and events that I want to talk about.


Discuss your music.
I will just say this about music – I strive for a tight verse over a tight beat any day.


State your favorite genres of music.
I love all types of music but Hip Hop is my First Love and Driver of Purpose.
I really like Neo-Soul for the simplicity and creativity.
Country music is amazing because the storytelling element keeps an audience engaged.


Discuss your rehearsal.
Normally for a show, I am fairly quiet, maybe three or four days before I am rehearsing with a band I have collaborated with or just solo.
I take a moment and meditate and pray before I look eyes with the hungry fans.


 State your favorite musical instruments.
The microphone, I don’t play any instruments.


Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance.
The energy is magnificent, to watch people who have never heard me speak vibe, bop their heads to what I am saying is addictive, it’s a drug and it just keeps me humble to provide more great music.


Discuss your personality in full detail.
I am typically a shy guy, but my gift of gab is because of music. I love to talk about my art form, my influencers and I have a great team around me that is able to help me to get my message across.


Discuss your music career.
I entered the music scene in 2013 with the EP titled ‘Ready to Go’ while it was a successful release I decided to change the overall musical direction to capture my raw, uncensored self as a soldier. This created a new span of audience which then led to the release of the next EP in 2018 called Truth about Lect featuring Taps Mugadza.
While writing my next album, I was selected to serve as a technical advisor on ABC’s show Quantico.
Currently, I’m serving as a consultant on NBC’s newest show The Enemy Within starring Morris Chestnut and Jennifer Carpenter.
Music is still my number one love even though I’m making my presence known on television.
In late 2018, I released my first independent album entitled Out of Left Field, which placed me as one of the top rising artists and best new music on Reverbnation.
‘Out of Left Field’ is reminiscent of Nas’s Illmatic in 1994.
There are clever wordplay and storytelling, paired with some of the most amazing production heard today.
Most of the album is live music and has very little sampling, I aim to stand the test of time and there is no stopping me.


List your musical work.
2013 – EP – Ready to Go
2018 – EP – Truth About Lect featuring Taps Mugadza
2018 – Album – Out of Left Field


Share your memorable experiences with us.
I have met some amazing people, since I am an actor, I am in constant handshakes but meeting DJ Dreswki from Hot 97.1 in N.J. was a confident booster.
New York City is my second home so having someone vibe to my music made me very proud that I was heading in the right direction.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Reverbnation – Press


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist name ‘Intellect’ came from a friend of mine in Florida.
We were playing the word game and he stated that I wasn’t able to speak without using big words; he said that I was an intellectual and needed to dumb things down, and the name Intellect was born.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
‘Then There Were Two’ is about my love of hip hop and the creative process I went through with my two producers, Brian “Maddfrequency” Leotaud and Nicolas “Nico” Laget.
I narrowed my music relationship to two creative guys who gave me the tools to put out this great music today.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
‘Out of Left Field’ took a few months to come out with because actions, sequences had to happen before I could release the album.
If you look at the cover art it showcases my deep love for New York City, so that’s why all the music have an organic vibe, I like using instrumentals in my music so people can really hear the bare essence of art I place in my work.



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