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Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions

Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions

Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions

Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions

ARTIST NAME: Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions


SONG TITLE: The Glory Days Are Now




RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2021


GENRE: Americana Indie Rock





















Heart-pounding, foot-tapping, ear-ringing, hip-swiveling, arm-flailing, rock & roll from Grand Rapids, MI. Jack Droppers & the Best Intentions deliver anthemic songs full of dynamic energy and reflective lyrical storytelling.
Jack Droppers & the Best Intentions (Grand Rapids, MI) are set to independently release their third record “Dad Rock” on June 18, 2021. The album title holds a double meaning that stems from the birth of Droppers’ first child and apt comparisons to Springsteen and Petty. Through its eleven songs, this record shows many signs of heartland rock while also demonstrating a modern roots-rock sound that draws comparisons to Dawes, Delta Spirit, and Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit. The album, written and recorded over the course of one and half years, was produced/mixed by Jake Rye (Michigander, Brother Elsey) and mastered by Grammy-nominated Mike Cervantes.
There will be plenty of pandemic-inspired records released in 2021, and though this album engages the universally felt restlessness and despair, it also expresses the reality of hope just beneath the surface.





I’ve got a half tank of gas
And a head that’s full of ideas


And if we start driving now
We’re two hours from
Where the sun goes down


While the highway’s clear


So tell me
Can we make a way
Through this pale malaise?
I’ve heard that there is


A place beyond the lookout
Where the dreams don’t quit
Where the poets and the prophets play like kids


And the music’s always loud


They say if nothing round here seems that obvious
If you’re somewhere between the darkness
And the flaming tongues


Or lost on the horizon in some midnight run
Just know it’s not some place you’re bound
Or some past life you can recount  
Cause the glory days are now    


Here’s to saying I’m sorry
Here’s to saying I was wrong
Here’s to finding our way back to this moment
Like we’ve needed all along


Do you feel the drums?
Kicking inside your heart?


Do you believe in the echo?
Of the hungering dark?


Do you really want to go?


To the place beyond the lookout
Where the dreams don’t quit
And the poets and the prophets play like kids


And the music’s always loud
Cause lately nothing round here
Seems that obvious


I’m somewhere between the darkness
And the flaming tongues


I need a little resurrection inside my lungs
I wanna see what can’t be found
So don’t let my fire burn out
Cause, the glory days are now


If there’s a place beyond the lookout
Where the dreams don’t quit
And the poets and the prophets play like kids
And the music’s always loud
I’m gonna sell all things to which I’ve ever clung
So I can ransack that field for the song unsung
I’m gonna chase down this dream till kingdom come
I wanna you see what can’t be found
I want a fire that won’t go out
I’d believe it if you showed me how



Discuss the processing involved in creating a song.
Our process is different with every track. That’s not to say every song is spontaneous but rather the way a particular song unfolds can be drastically different than the one before. For example, this track “The Glory Days Are Now” started as a refrain that I tried to fit into several different songs over the course of the last two years whereas a song like “Sound of the Rain” was 95% written within an hour at the dining room table. Typically we try out different iterations of songs at shows while in the pre-recording process but because of the pandemic, the majority of tracks on this record were made into demos that I sent off to the band, and then they’d write their parts before coming into the studio.


Elaborate on the themes of most of your songs.
This is our third record and each record differs thematically. This record, “Dad Rock” mainly attends to the growing sense that as I was about to welcome a child into the world I also had a profound sense of listlessness as if my “alive-ness” had faded somewhere along the way. It’s a common trope in rock & roll music to go chasing after that feeling on the road (hence the giant catalog of driving songs) yet this record concludes that perhaps the alive-ness is not “out there” but hidden within.


Tell us your greatest musical works up to date.
I very much so believe that the greatest musical work is the one I am working on now (hence the mantra, “The Glory Days are Now”) so this record as a whole feels like the best work yet. That being said, I would also say the two-song drafts I worked on the day after we released the record are also pretty great.


Tell us those behind your music process.
I (Jack Droppers) am the primary songwriter but The Best Intentions (Laura Hobson – vocals, Devin Sullivan – guitars/vocals, James Kessel – keys/vocals, Garrett Stier – Bass/vocals, and Josh Holicki – drums) all write a ton of their own parts as well as steer my rough drafts toward finished products. For this record, Jake Rye produced and mixed the album and Mike Cervantes mastered it.


Tell us your future goals and how you aim to accomplish them.
Our goal has always been to continue to create music for as long as it is life-giving and to aim for longevity over sensationalism. Therefore, we are already writing our next record and will be scheduling studio time to start tracking that this fall.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
Too much to articulate in a couple of sentences, but I’d say the biggest change I’ve seen in the last 2-3 years is a shift in the venue; music is written to be performed in shifting from a physical space to headphones.


Tell the greatest mistake to avoid while making a song.
Never censor your first draft, make it raw and make it terrible. Editing along the way will paralyze any project.


Explain the structure of the song.
The Glory Days Are Now is a rock ballad starting off with a piano that slowly leans into a descending arpeggio as the vocals roll in. As the band slowly joins the stage, we find the chorus’ tension is met with relief just as the wailing of the choir and Devin Sullivan’s Fender Twin soundtrack the euphoria.


Discuss how the instruments come together for a song.
Our band has been playing together for over five years so we naturally know how to not only write with but for one another as we make new songs.


State your musical skills.
When I was 13 I saved up my lawn mowing money to buy a $99 red Fender Squire Strat with a matte black pickguard. It came with a free 10-watt practice amp that sounded just like the distorted parts of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” when you turned all the knobs to ten. I’m sure my skills have improved since then but I feel the same connection every time I pick up a guitar. I am also the least talented musician in our band.


List the name of artists you cherish most.
Bruce Springsteen, Garry Tallent, Roy Bittan, Max Weinberg, Steven Van Zandt, Nils Lofgren, Patti Scialfa, Clarence Clemons, Danny Federici.


Tell us how you get inspiration.
Sometimes my daughter laughs and there is a song hidden within it, sometimes I hear a song and there is a very different song hidden within it, often I am inspired by the thoughtless words that roll off while improvising demos.


Elaborate on the song.
The Glory Days Are Now is a plea with myself to not look to the past or the future with resentment or lust but to rather be present to the gift and grace of this moment.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
Jack Droppers is my given name and the Best Intentions started out as “the best people that would agree to play this show with me.” Dad Rock is both tongue-in-cheek as I became a father this year and we receive frequent apt-comparisons to “Dad Rock” bands.



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