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Jase Ace – Love So True

Jase Ace – Love So True

Jase Ace – Love So True
Jase Ace – Love So True



Jase Ace – Love So True
SONG TITLE: Love So True
RELEASE DATE:  January 23, 2019
GENRE:  R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Pop



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Jase Ace is a producer, songwriter, and singer, from Los Angeles, California.
Born and raised with a short period of living in Virginia.
Jase Ace got his start in the music industry dancing for MC Soula; who had a single from the famous, “Where All In The Same Gang” album. He was also featured in her music video of the single ” Soul Sista,” which aired on BET, MTV, the Box, and VH1 to name and few. The video is now on YouTube.
After dancing for Soula, Jase Ace formed a group called “Brou Ha Ha” with three MC’s including Jase Ace. The group was courted by Profile Records, and Virgin Records, to name the most prominent labels.
The group signed with a small label called Funky Max Records, and recorded a full album for the label before it went defunct.
The group disbanded and Jason went back to school to earn his B.A. in Psychology, and Grad School for the same major.
He worked as a Social Worker for many years before realizing his first love is what he needed to pursue before he got too old.
He spent two years producing, writing and recording over 200 songs.
And now Jase Ace is releasing these songs for the public to enjoy!



Tell us how you structure and arrange your song.
My songs are arranged from hard-hitting drums to smooth melodies laid on top with, hi-hats to drive the songs.


Discuss how you fix a tempo for your song.
I fix a tempo for my songs by the mood I want them to represent.


Elaborate on multi-genre music.
Multi-genre music is a vibe that descends any labels and demographics.


Tell us the best means of reaching fans.
The best means to reaching my fans is through Instagram because the response is faster than any other.


Discuss the process involved in launching a musical career.
Launching a music career involves lots of time and dedication. Also understanding what you want your fans to feel when they hear your music.


Tell us how to develop a lyric to a full song.
I develop a lyric for my song by understanding what the song is about, does that line represent how I really feel, and it makes sense and rhyme?


Tell us how you come up with a melody.
I come up with melodies from how I feel the mood I am in.


Tell us your ideal type of recording studio.
My ideal type of studio is my own.


Describe the factors you consider in a good song.
A good song is a song that makes lots of people feel happy when they hear it.


Tell us how you impact your listeners with your songs.
I make listeners feel relaxed, sexy, strong, and loving when they hear my music.


Tell us how you interact with producers and music directors.
I relate to producers and music directors well when we share the same interests in music.
Tell us how you feel after the completion of a song.
I feel stronger in my craft after I finish a song. I feel like I need to keep recording more songs.


Tell us your worst song and state the reason.
My worst song was the first song I recorded and released when I first came back to making music. The reason was I did not understand the new studio I was using.


Tell us what you will change in your music.
I will probably have more live musicians play in my future recordings.


Tell us what is special about this release.
This release is special because it moves me every time I hear it and it describes how I really feel, it has sexy lyrics and a vibe to it.
It is dance music. It is pop appealing. It has a smooth relaxing party feel.


Tell us about your future goals.
My future goal is to find ways for the world to hear all my music in the next couple of years!


Tell us how you overcome obstacles.
The obstacles I have to overcome are being an independent artist with limited connections to the music business or lost connections because of leaving music for a few years.


Elaborate on the song.
This song is funky, jazzy, smooth, fun lyrically to sing along with, and catchy hip lyrics.


The bass line is phat, and the chords are brilliant and smooth.


The singing is in tune, natural, and goes along great with the music – the tone matches as well…


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
The name JASE ACE was a childhood name given to me by my family and later my friends and associates, and because of the amount of artists with the name Jason, I decided to go with my nickname.




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