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Jenni Ferchenko

Jenni Ferchenko is a Ukrainian born British novelist, singer and songwriter. From an early age she proved herself as a talented musician and spent few years in her teens in Italy, Germany and Spain studying and playing classical piano. However, with the Soviet Union collapse, she was forced to return back to Kiev and take all sorts of jobs, including cleaning and waitressing to help her parents, whose savings were wiped out in the crash.

Jenni had to put her artistic nature on hold for long ten years and pursue a ‘good career’ to ‘never eat crumbs again’. Her language skills and wit helped her to obtain a masters degree in a major European school and later an internship at a top investment firm.

Ferchenko moved to London in 2005 and as life progressed got connected to various people tied to high finance, so the book’s characters and events are also influenced by the experience of others.

Her life in investment banking picked up like a tornado but it was only reinforcing her own insecurities and taking her further and further away from her true self.

She started to play piano again when she realized such life was not for her – the true happiness lies within and cannot come from the outside no matter how much luxury you surround yourself with. She decided to share her revelations in the Snow Job novel and the music album.

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