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Joey Aich – WeDidntBudget

Joey Aich - WeDidntBudget

Joey Aich - WeDidntBudget
Joey Aich – WeDidntBudget


Discuss your personality.
I’m a pretty laid-back person for the most part. I’m pretty shy until people get to know me and then you see a more outgoing side of me.


Brief us about you as a musician.
I’m a creator. Music has been a part of my life since I was a child. I’m a hip-hop artist influenced by “traditional” hip-hop but with a modern twist.


Go into details on what has changed in your life for choosing music as a career.
A lot has changed. I’ve had to go through transformations within myself to suit the profession. I’ve had to make myself vulnerable and be OK with people that know about my life through my musical diary journals. With being vulnerable I’ve become more confident in myself. I’ve discovered and learned a great deal about myself that I wouldn’t have without music.


Tell us the benefits and drawbacks of choosing music as a career.
  • Having a platform that I can use to promote a positive message.
  • Being able to create on a daily basis.
  • Inspire people.


  • Always need to be seen.
  • Putting too much pressure on myself.
Tell us how you will manage fame as an established artist.
Remaining humble and realizing that all of it can be gone tomorrow. I try to utilize the idea of fame and use it to be a part of the change I want to see in the world. As much as people want to view me as some higher character I want to let people know that I am on the same plane as them.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song.
So after I graduated from Denison University in May 2016; I wanted to focus on making music my job. I wanted it to be my livelihood. I learned quickly that it’s easier said than done and not having steady cash flow was hurting me. On paper and what people were seeing on my social media people would have thought even moment I would be getting signed or going on tour with someone but that’s because I would always present myself in a very positive manner. Shit was hard though. I would sleep on my friend’s couches, late paying my car note and some other things that just drained me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I wanted to be on so back at that time. I wanted to be touring and creating but things weren’t falling into place on my clock. In hindsight, it wasn’t my moment. I was watching my other friends make big moves and I felt like I was falling out even though I was performing close to 4 times a month, traveling to different cities, and gaining fans along the way. I just wanted it all and where I wanted to be wasn’t where I was even though I was doing a lot. I felt like I couldn’t fail with music because I didn’t prepare myself to enter the corporate world. I was so far behind the 8-ball. My friends from colleges had internships in the summer and I was working on mix-tapes so my professional resume was lacking.
Although, I was down on myself about it all I was inspiring people in my life. I saw people using my drive and my spirit of chasing my dream to help them pursue their dreams. I realize 2016 wasn’t my time but without those moments it wouldn’t have kept me hungry and I wouldn’t appreciate where I am now without it.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career.
I’ve had several moments that I see as greatest moments such as meeting Asher Roth (one of my idols), or performing on the main stage at Breakaway Music Festival in Columbus, OH at the Crew Stadium, or even crowd surfing. However, my greatest moment is internal and it’s being able to inspire people on the daily. A lot of my friends applaud me for chasing my dreams and really going after them. Every moment I’m on stage or on record I have a chance to impact someone’s life by inspiring them to do something great. It’s a beautiful feeling for me.


Tell us the highest amount of money you have ever received from your music career and how it happened.
Ummm well it wasn’t in one sitting but I had these tees based on one of my older songs “40oz” that I made a music video too. I threw the cover art, which is a 40 and my name, on a tee and sold them. To date, after several restocks I’ve probably made close to 1500 off the tees alone. Might even be more.
Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours.
Personally, I enjoy the live performance aspect of music more than the actual music. All my life I’ve been an entertainer and being the center of attention so when I’m on stage it’s like I’m as free as possible. I call it “Stage Sanctuary,” because I blackout and nothing matters to me except inspiring, having fun, and entertaining. It’s like I’m living out my purpose.
As far as the experience I’m very regular in preparation. I rehearse an awful lot and I test theatrics that could potentially end up happening on stage, but I’m very regular. I don’t do anything differently the day of. I don’t smoke nor drink in order to calm my nerves. Ok, I might take a shot or drink a beer or two but for the most part, I’m very self-driven.
I’ve never been on a tour outside of the state of OH, but I’m very excited for the day it comes. I’ve done a few shows out of OH and the experience around just traveling and being somewhere new and in front of people I don’t know is super dope.


Tell us how you interact with your fans.
I relate with my fans by being as personable as possible. At the end of the day, I’m no different than anyone else. I get salty as hell when the Browns lose on Sunday and I tweet about it. I do regular things. I want people to know I am just like them so I never try to place myself above them.


Tell us what you will like to change if you have the chance to turn back the hands of time.
Nothing really. I wouldn’t have been the person I am today or value things the way I do now if it wasn’t for the past.
Tell us the most important people that have boosted your music career and how you met them.
My family, my best friends, and the youth.
My family has been my rock and they have been behind me from the jump. I know that’s super cliché and expected; they really push me. They also pull me and it makes me better. They challenge me. They tell me when I’m fucking up. They tell me when I need to get out of my own way and allow myself to grow. I thank my parents for being the way that they are because I have tendencies to put hella shit on my plate and overwhelm myself, and before it reaches that point they talk to me and help me strategize.
My best friends inspire me. I know I’m the artist and all but I have some great friends who are doing great things and by them excelling in what they do; it inspires me to be better in my own way.
The youth makes me realize that with the platform of making music I have a huge responsibility. I can’t just be for myself because they are watching and they are basing decisions (whether I like it or not) on my actions. They look up to me and I have to play my role in being a big brother like artists in the previous generation were for me.


Brief us on what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
I either wanted to play sports, be a lawyer, or get into broadcasting like my pops.
Tell us about your moment of rejection as a musician and how you are able to cope and move on.
I released a song that gained some traction in Cleveland in 2015 called “Snowcones and Backroads” that made it on a Cleveland-based mixtape. A DJ on the radio said he was going to play a bunch of tracks from the mixtape and I was hella excited. I told my friends and family to turn to the radio. The DJ said my name on the radio and Twitter as if it was going to be played so I was on Snapchat telling my homie to tune in. I don’t want to get into the details but it didn’t get played and I was salty, felt embarrassed, and even felt like an imposter to my friends. I thrive on being doubted and have crazy underdog syndrome (if that’s a thing) so I just put it in my head that NO ONE will ever be able to avoid me again.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received about your music.
I forget it all so I don’t really have anything negative. It comes and goes. I’ll hear things for the rest of my life but if I focus on that I won’t focus on the positive things that people say.


Tell us how to become a famous artist.
Shit, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’ll get back to you later on this one Lord Willing.


Tell us how you plan to make an impact on society.
Being genuine and putting my footprint into people’s lives. Waking up and striving to be a better me than the day prior.


Elaborate on the recording process of this song.
It was actually a very difficult process. I was living in Cleveland at the time and my studio was in Columbus. I wrote the verses easily but recording them and making it more than just two verses and a hook. I spent time recording videos on my phone of myself humming and thinking of layers to go over the top to create the atmosphere of the song. Not living in Columbus at the time sucked because I would have half the song done and I would have like 30 thousand ideas but I was two hours away and couldn’t get in any time I wanted.


Tell us the means of connecting you and purchasing your music online.




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