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Joey Green Band – Love Love Love

Joey Green Band - Love Love Love

Joey Green Band - Love Love Love
Joey Green Band – Love Love Love



ARTIST NAME: Joey Green Band
SONG TITLE: Love Love Love
RELEASE DATE: 10/29/17



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Joey Green Band – Love Love Love



Name the artists that have influenced you so far.  
Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Rodger Hodgson, Nat King Cole, Otis Redding, Don Henley.


Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time”.  
Paul McCartney.


Discuss composition.  
“For me, it’s best to start with an idea that has been sparked by some emotional feeling, experience, or event.”
I enjoy writing about the ups and downs of life. The joy and the tragedy of it.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
“Joey Green has gone back to his own “roots”, performing his original songs in Purkersdorf.   In his protest song,  “Trumpty Dumpty”, the US entertainer expounds mercilessly on the absurdity of the current US president. Many of Joey Green Band songs are now online on iTunes,   Spotify, and  Deezer, where they have been played over 2 million times. In his fourth performance at “The Stage” in Purkersdorf, Joey Green & Band created an emotional spark that jumped to the third rail of rock & roll!”
– Wien Bezirks Blatt.




Elaborate on this song.    
“Love, Love, Love” was written to remind me how fast my time is going by. It’s about the impermanence of not only the moment but an entire lifetime! And how dealing with that reality is very hard. It’s sort of a cliché, but it is true.   I have found the only way to reconcile my life with its finite nature is to hold onto whatever love I have found in my life and to continually “give it back to others”.


Rate the social media and tell us the platform that works best for you in promoting your music.
I don’t really use them.   It’s oversaturation.  Playing live is for me, the best way to build an audience. (Radio is good too, but impossible to access due to the Record Industry.)


State the areas that need improvement in the music industry.
They need to broaden their content net to include music that inspires people to have a better relationship with their community, themselves, and the planet.


Explain how you are getting your songs to stores and getting them to fans.  
I use Spotify, Deezer, Reverbnation, and Apple iTunes. I also play live whenever we can land a gig that pays us nominally.


Tell us how you prepare yourself for a live performance or show.    
Plenty of rest the night before. A decent rehearsal a few days before as well and keep in mind that you need to enjoy what you are doing.


Tell us your opinion on frequent releasing of singles or just an album in a while.
I like releasing regularly. There is not so much pressure and it is more relaxing than taking a year or so to make an “album”. Plus it makes me feel like my listeners are with me from day to day — week to week.


Mention the name of the artist you will be glad to see the live performance.  
Rodger Hodgson from Supertramp.


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.  
Usually, stories or narratives are sometimes based on a partial or a made-up experience. Sometimes they are political as in the case of the anti-Trump rant I wrote called “Trumpty Dumpty”.


Discuss your recording.
We record and mix our tracks with Pro Logic 10.


Tell us how boring or exciting the music career can be.  
I don’t think it is ever boring — at least not for me. I love not knowing what might or might not happen.   It’s more like a roller-coaster ride. Up and down a lot. The best though is to perform a new song for the first time in front of an audience … Of course, it does not happen with every song the first time you perform it, but when it does, it is when you know you are doing something very special with your life and that long after you have gone; you know you will have left something good behind.



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