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Joey Stuckey – Santa That Plays

Joey Stuckey - Santa That Plays Guitar

Joey Stuckey - Santa That Plays Guitar

Joey Stuckey – Santa That Plays Guitar



ARTIST NAME: Joey Stuckey


SONG TITLE:  Santa That Plays Guitar


ALBUM TITLE: A Santa That Plays Guitar


RELEASE DATE: December 31. 2019


GENRE: Holiday












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Joey Stuckey is the Official Music Ambassador of his hometown of Macon, Georgia. Joey spends every moment living life to the fullest and sharing his story and inspirational spirit through his musical performances and speaking engagements.
As a toddler, Joey was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent surgery with little hope of survival. Though the tumour left Joey blind and with other health challenges, today, he continues to live a successful life of intention in his chosen field of music.
Joey is professor of music technology at Mercer University, the music technology consultant for Middle Georgia State University, and an official music mentor for the Recording, Radio and Film Connection in Los Angeles as well as an active voting member of the Grammys.
He is the owner and senior engineer at Shadow Sound Studio which is a destination recording facility with state-of-the-art analog and digital technology.  He has spoken and performed all over the world including at the University College of London, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and the Audio Engineering Society in New York City, just to name a few. In his roles as producer, engineer, recording artist and journalist, he has worked with many musical legends including Trisha Yearwood, Clarence Carter, James Brown, Alan Parsons, Gene Simmons (KISS), Al Chez (Tower of Power), Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie), Danny Seraphin (Chicago), Kevin Kenney (Drivin’ and Cryin’), and many, many more.



Verse 1
You can keep your mistletoe
I can’t drive a brand new car
No White Christmas with all that snow
I want a Santa that plays guitar



Verse 2
I don’t need no diamond rings
Pretty lights that shine bright from afar
You can keep you evergreen
Just give me a Santa that plays guitar



Bridge 1


While the kids are counting sheep
Dreamin’ of their Christmas toys
Santa is slidin’ down that chim-i-ny
To jam with me and the boys
Take it Santa, go, go!


Guitar Solo over A section


Verse 3
I don’t need no fancy things (ha ha)
I’m happy just the way things are
All I need is my six string
And a Santa that plays guitar


Bridge 2


I don’t need no afterglow
From drinkin’ your Christmas wine
Just a melody to move my soul
And Santa keepin’ perfect time


Verse 4
Everyone loves a Christmas tune
Don’t matter who you are
Cool cats dream of swingin’ along
With a Santa that plays guitar


Yeah, Santa Claus that plays guitar
Hey, hey, a Santa
I’m talkin’ ‘bout the man in the red suit
That plays guitar



Tune for this song: For “Santa That Plays Guitar”, I wanted to have a playful feel as the idea was what I wanted for Christmas was Santa to play guitar with me. So, the song had to have lots of guitar and a blues melody.


Fans: Christmas music is an interesting specialty market. It’s only played for about six weeks a year, but people love holiday tunes and this one has certainly captivated my fans and become part of their holiday playlist.


Quality of production of today’s songs to old songs: When I first got started, we were still using analog tape and now people mostly record digitally to computer. In many ways, modern technology and music making has improved things like non-destructive editing and collaboration. Of course, there is something to be said for analog recording and the classic methods of music making. The primary differences today are increased collaboration and the ability to undo mistakes—something that was less accessible with classic recording techniques. However, in my view, the use of pitch correction software is overused today and can ruin a great vocal. In addition, we have become a screen driven universe which can create significant obstacles for blind audio and music professional such as myself. And, to a certain degree, using our eyes to analyse music on a screen has become part of the modern music making process when in fact we should be relying more on our ears and critical listening skills.


Interesting experience in your music career that is significant: I’ve had many amazing experiences but the most recent was right before the COVID pandemic shut things down. We got to perform at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go to a packed house and my friend Scott Travis, drummer for Judas Priest, introduced us. It was a special night!


Creativity: Music is a natural extension of my spirit. I am inspired by everything around me. For me, creating music is analogous to eating, sleeping and breathing. It’s just a natural process of my life force.


Greatest song: Rarely are the songs I most value as a creative the same as the songs my fans value. However, that is at it should be as your songs take on a life of their own and I’m excited for every listener and fan to find their own special song that speaks to them. I am very fond of my song “Ain’t It Good To Be In Love” co-written with my late friend Charlie Hoskyns. I also feel like I accomplished everything I wanted with my song “Trust Is A Misty Mountain.”


Artist’s name and the title of the album: My artist’s name is simply my real name. The album title for my Christmas project is essentially the same as the title track “Santa That Plays Guitar”.



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