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JoeyNiles – Death Has No Friends

JoeyNiles - Death Has No Friends
JoeyNiles – Death Has No Friends
JoeyNiles – Death Has No Friends



JoeyNiles – Death Has No Friends



Share your life story with us.
I was always a shy individual.  I was raised up by a single, wonderful, hardworking mother and no real father figure.  We never really had much, but just enough to survive.  I also had a love for music, but as you can imagine, mom always said to get a job and a career that will pay me a good salary and be thankful for what I had.  She was not too keen on me pursuing music, because she felt that wouldn’t lead to anything good.
On my father’s side, there were musicians and singers of which one made a successful career as a lead singer for a Latin Band Called “El Grand Combo”, a very popular and famous Latin group.  My Uncle’s name is Charlie Aponte and now is doing a solo career of which he is doing very well.  As the years went by and I became a young adult, I start really gravitating towards Metal.  I started playing in a garage band as a bass player and then did some wedding gigs. I really had this thing about one day doing my own music and playing it live and becoming a famous “Rock Star”… I guess many have had this dream.  However, I knew I would do something with the music industry.  I later founded an original band with a friend of which we co-wrote a few tunes.  We got a drummer and a singer, and off we went.  Playing the Trenton area scene as “Heavy Artillery”, we made great strides.  However, big heads prevailed, and when the opportunity came to get signed, everybody went crazy, LOL.  The guitar player wanted to do a Michael Bolton thing, the keyboard player wanted to go back to college, the drummer blew a fuse and went back to California, and the Singer kept singing.  The opportunity evaporated.  I was heartbroken, I gave it my all and instead of moving on, I took a different path by leaving the scene.  I believe that there is a time for everything.  Fast forward to today, I have reignited my passion for writing.  This time I call all the shots, create awesome music, touch people in a positive way and bless as many people as possible.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Review – Dancing About Architecture
Death Has No Friends – Single Release
The Single Release of ‘Death Has No Friends’. Its Genre is Heavy Metal, Metal, and Christian Metal. Pre-Order Release Date is 6/2/2018 and the Official Date is 6/12/2018. It is being released by songwriter Joe Aponte, aka JoeyNiles. A message of love and warning.



Death Has No Friends – Single Release



Woodland Park, NJ, June 04, 2018 – The purpose behind ‘Death Has No Friends’ is to get a very important message out to those who would listen. It is not about the writer Joe Aponte aka JoeyNiles, it is about a message of love, reaching out and a warning to those who oppress and abuse others from a higher power. A reach out to those who are contemplating suicide, murder, and similar atrocities. There is a higher power, and He is reaching out to all who would listen through this single. Don’t concentrate on the man, just listen to the message. The writer JoeyNiles hopes it will save lives and help to stop all these killings. Change begins in the heart.
This single will be available for pre-order starting on 6/2/2018 through iTunes and Google Play. It will also be available on all popular music streaming outlets.




Joe Aponte, aka, JoeyNiles has played in bands since 1980s. He has played in the original band called Heavy Artillery later called Blue Waters, was a co-writer in the band, and now is writing 100% of his own material.


List the names of those that have supported you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them.
The only person who supported me was my wife; she never lost faith in me and is always there by my side.  Also, I thank my Heavenly Father, who opened my mind and heart back up to write music again.


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio or while touring.
I find that recording in the studio is the greatest experience one could have.  There is this feeling of awesomeness you get and also butterflies. I could be playing in front of thousands and not get as nervous as I do in the studio. You just want to be able to create magic and yet, be under a lot of pressure because you know that time is money.  It’s a crazy love I guess, LOL. Sometimes, love hurts.  As far as playing in clubs, taking your gear from club to club, going through the back doors (kitchens), the pressures of setting up quickly, throw off a couple of songs, then rushing to get your equipment out, Yeah, that is an experience alright. Oh, we can’t forget to mention the battle of the bands!  Most of the time it so rigged that you have to laugh or else you’d cry, LOL.  However, it is an experience you’ll never forget.  I loved playing for the crowds that was the best part of it.


Discuss your songwriting.
Songwriting is something you either have a talent for or not.  I have to feel something, sadness, happiness, aggressiveness, music is about expressing emotions. It’s about telling a story and getting others to feel what you’re saying.  I write with intensity, I love the power and drive of Metal.  Most importantly, I found that music knowledge is very important.  I studied on my own and I am thankful for it.  I love to write my music on the harmonic minor scale.  It is filled with possibilities and it rocks!


Elaborate on your future projects.
I am currently working on a song called “Enemy”; again, I love to drive and intensify, so you can only imagine what it will sound like. After that, I intend to continue to write killer tunes and make a statement.


Tell us what you are doing to increase your fan base.
I am subscribing to a lot of music-only communities, i.e., Reverbnation, I have a YouTube channel, I have MusicXray where I get a lot of fans from, I am promoting my artist Website of which I am getting a lot of visits from and subscriptions.  I am also using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Tell us that point in time you wanted to give up on your music career.
You live by the decisions you make.  Life isn’t fair, or at least it wasn’t for me. Having said that – I don’t make excuses. Many downs in my life, I have made bad decisions of which the effects lasted throughout my adult life.  I was my own worst enemy. Music had stopped for me emotionally for many years, but never really left my heart.  All that is behind me, and I have a lot of catching up to do.  I love it.


Go into detail on how you make your instrumentation or melody.
When you hear a melody, rule number one, record it, or lose it!  You always have to take into consideration the key of the song.  Remember, a great singer without a great song is just a singer.  Just like an awesome car, not every color looks great on the car. Your vocals have to be comfortable and remain powerful within the key.  As I mentioned before, I love the harmonic minor key, it just brings out the creativity in me.  Additionally, I don’t like to stay within the boundaries of conventional wisdom.  I love experimenting.  I love to add accidentals to my music. For example, towards the end of ‘Death Has No Friends’, I went from an Am to an AMaj … Obviously the accidental here is the C#. If you hear the song, the normal ear would not pick up on the complexities within the chord changes and selections.  However, there is a lot under the hood.


Tell us your complete understanding of music licensing.
It’s a headache!  How’s that?  However, it is the nature of the beast. Mechanical licensing, Publishing, etc. I leave that up to organizations such as TuneCore, etc. Oh, and my lawyer… LOL.


Tell us your favorite genre of music.
Totally, always and forever, HEAVY METAL!


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.
The things you can’t see or touch.  It is more real than what you can physically see.  I see through my spiritual eyes… I try to bring this out into the physical via sound waves Music.


Elaborate on this song.
‘Death Has No Friends’ – the title says a lot.  People lately are playing with fate, they are abusing others, and push every thresh hold to the max.  There are many out in society who are stressed to the max, they are committing suicide, murders, atrocities simply because they see no hope, their hearts have turned dark.  ‘Death Has No Friends’ is a song of love, outreach, and warning to those who continue to abuse others.  I strongly believe that God has given me this message to share with all who would listen.
My mind and heart have been closed with music, and God just opened my mind and heart back with music. I am not going to preach here, I am not a preacher.  However, Death is not the final frontier, it is just the beginning.  At the other end, you are going to have someone waiting for you and that is where the rubber meets the road.  Jesus is saying, reach out to me and I will make myself real to you and heal your heart, and free you from your bondage. This is a message of love, reaching out, and warning from God.


Discuss digital distribution and streaming.
Many years ago, it was not possible to distribute your music to a wide audience without getting signed to a Record Label. Today, you can do it with TuneCore and distribute it to many digital powerhouses.  Through social media, you can promote your music and provide links to iTunes for example, where they can purchase your music.  You have the power of YouTube where you can really maximize your exposure with an awesome music video. Your musical success is now in the power of the people, not an AR man from a record company pushing the buttons.  The music has to speak for itself, the people will follow.  It is a longer route, for sure, but a feasible one.  Don’t get me wrong, a good recording deal can speed up the process considerably but then you have to ask yourself, at the cost of what?  Are you willing to pay that cost?  You have to love what you’re playing; the rest takes care of its own.


Tell us numerous ways that artists can boost their revenue.
200% publishing, wide distribution, and big-name venues… don’t forget t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.  Music is a business, and you have to respect and treat it as such.  Do that and you will be happy, with little or a lot.


Tell us your opinion on self-training and enrolling in an educational institution to study music.
Listen, music has to be in the heart.  Knowledge is essential in order to bring out the best in your creativity. I have learned that the hard way.  I look at all this talent on social media, a 15 year old playing classical, ripping leads, and amazing abilities.  If you don’t know what is under the hood, you just become a curious anomaly.  A lot of ooo, ah, wow… but, that’s about it. I believe reading books on theory, chord progressions, keys, the composition of chords, etc. is very important.  Even with all that in your belt, you still might not write a hit song.  Having said that, it is better to have knowledge than not, and love for music than not. Rock always and enjoy what you are doing.  Don’t worry about the haters. 😉


Go on at length on what it takes to write a hit song.
Knowledge, emotions, expression, and a desire to let others feel what you are feeling through sound.  Use the tool given, like tempo, signature, drops in volume, great-sounding interval combinations that express that feeling when you hear it. Most importantly, make sure your music is well thought out.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist name is JoeyNiles  – that was the name that we came up with when I was in the band Heavy Artillery.  I like Middle Eastern culture, and I always found Egypt fascinating. They just said it sounds cool, JoeyNiles it is.  Joe and Niles as in the Niles River.



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