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John Michael Hersey

John Michael Hersey


John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey – A Man In Love
ARTIST NAME: John Michael Hersey
ALBUM TITLE: Casting Shadows
RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2019



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John Michael Hersey is first and foremost a storyteller, one who happens to play a mean guitar.
He is a singer/songwriter known for a unique melding of folk, blues, country, and roots rock whose influences include Lennon, Dylan, Clapton, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, XTC, The Pretenders, and Stephen Sondheim.
Hersey honed his skills in the Greenwich Village music scene of the 80s and 90s, sharing the stage with artists like Suzanne Vega, Lach, The Spin Doctors, Blues Traveler, and Joan Osborne. During this time he was also a musical director, guitarist, and singer with the vocal group The Cadillacs.
He’s released a number of albums in recent years, all of which have garnered critical acclaim.



Tell us how you build up the tune for this song.
The lyrics made me think of an old-fashioned country waltz.


Tell us the best means of becoming a famous artist and selling more records.
You have to be prepared to perform your music as often as possible.


Tell us how fans are reacting to your music.
They love the new record!


Explain how to deal with fear on stage.
I just call my fear – “excitement”.


Tell us your point of view on the quality of production of today’s songs to old songs and point out what you think has changed.
Anyone can make a recording in their home now, which the quality can vary greatly depending on the skills of the music producer.
And anyone can distribute a recording…But someone still has to promote it for you like in the old days.


Tell us an interesting experience in your music career that is significant.
I toured the world in a doo-wop band for many years.


Elaborate on the lyrics of this song.
A ‘Man in Love’ is about the allusive but redeeming power of love.


Tell us your best means of expressing yourself.
Singing my songs while playing my guitar.


Tell us your opinion on using music to deliberate on issues affecting people like corruption, immoralities, politics, and religion.
I’m all for it. We should write and sing about every aspect of life.


Discuss how you plan to create a piece of timeless music that your fans can cherish forever.
I just try to be true to my musical instincts and keep improving as a songwriter and musician.


List the names of individuals you can point out as legends and state your reasons.
John Lennon – he was a true rock and roll visionary.
Bob Dylan – one of the great poets of rock.
Steven Sondheim – the consummate lyricist.


Tell us your viewpoint on discriminating.
I believe in freedom and democracy for all.


Tell us your favorite books and state your reason.
Infinite Jest – It’s the greatest commentary on my generation.


Tell us what triggers your creativity.


Tell us how you generate musical ideas for your composition.
When I hear a combination of notes that gives me goosebumps.


Tell us your greatest song and state the reason.
A Man in Love – It’s the one that speaks for me at the moment.


Tell us how you compose your song.
I hear a voice in my head.


Elaborate on the song.
Life is hard and you make mistakes so if you find something you’re good at, stick with it.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
The name comes from my mother’s side of the family. Casting Shadows is the name of the album. The older you get – as the sun begins to set – the longer your shadows.


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With Casting Shadows; Hersey revisits a dark time in his life, plumbing the depths of anger, regret, obsession, and disaffection, while occasionally glimpsing the allusive but redeeming power of love.
The first single, the country waltz A Man in Love, is an emblem of that redemption.
But to reach that holy grail of hope, Hersey must journey through the valley of shadows in the Mean Machine, a driving alt-rock invocation of escape from modern alienation and suffocation.
The tempo’s upped a notch with The Clap of Thunder as the loss of love brings the singer to the brink of madness.
Jazzy ballad Love Happens explores the pain/pleasure dualities of intimacy.
And ska-tinged Monomania rages against the demons of obsession and compulsion. But behold the light at the end of the tunnel! Even though “the tears often follow the laughter” Hersey pledges to “sing a like a man in love.”



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