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Jose Uceda – Hypnotize Me

Jose Uceda – Hypnotize Me


Jose Uceda – Hypnotize Me
Jose Uceda – Hypnotize Me


SONG TITLE: Hypnotize Me
RELEASE DATE: 01-03-2019
GENRE: Dance



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Born in Ourense (Spain), this computer engineer began his musical training when he was only 10 years old studying piano for several years in the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Ourense.
Some years later he began to play as a DJ in his city meanwhile he learned to use sequencers and production hardware. He has worked with labels and artists from the USA, Germany, Israel, Russia, Portugal, and Spain…
He has reached the world’s top charts with his productions: Djdownload Global Chart (Top 10), DJ Tunes (Top 100 Dance), TheDJList (Top 20 Spanish DJs), TopSpain (Top 10), Vicious Magazine Radioshow Chart (Top 10), Hypeddit House Chart (Top 100)… and many more.
His tracks have been included in compilations mixed and signed by Outwork, Jerry Ropero, Alain Bax, Jens Lissat, Taito Tikaro, Lydia Sanz…
He was also nominated to Vicious Music Awards 2011 as Best Producer and Best Deejay.
He is the founder and owner of Unconventional Records.



State your reason for choosing music as a career.
When I was a kid I was dazzled with electronic music compilations and songs, so when I was 10 I started to study piano in the Professional Conservatory of my city. When I was 16 years old I started to play with turntables and sequencers… and I discovered my real passion: producing music.


Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song.
I use to search for feelings inside me. I think music is a way of sharing what you have inside.


Share your press releases and reviews with us.
Well, I have to say that we are a small independent label, so we don’t use major marketing techniques like press releases. We are contacting DJs, media, and radio stations all over the world that could be interested in our works. And it has been working, we received tons of support, and we are very thankful for it.


Discuss your life outside the music world.
It’s a regular and healthy life! Sports, family… you know nothing special at all.


Discuss your music career.
I have been working with lots of labels from different countries for years, producing my own tracks, remixing for artists, and even producing for other artists…
I decided to start running my own label some years ago because I wanted to have full control of the process and even support new artists. I wanted the freedom to create my own sound, with no requirements coming from labels. I’m really proud of it.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
It’s simply my name and surname.


List your five favorite music videos with reasons.
X-Press 2 Featuring David Byrne – Lazy – really funny.
666 – Supa Dupa-Fly – technologically awesome 3d models for those years.
Brooklyn Bounce – Bass, Beats & Melody – cool, really modern stuff.
Deepswing – In The Music – I would like to go to a party in a copter as well.
DJ Tonka – She Knows You – it reminds me of Ibiza’s beaches and parties.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
I get my inspiration from the 90s and early 2000s classics. I think it was the best period of electronic music.


Tell us your experience with dealing with fans.
Hahaha, I’m not at that level! But it’s always nice when people get in touch with you because they like your music.


Elaborate on the recording of this song.
The process is “easy” because, except for the vocals part, I can do the rest in my home studio, because all the other parts are electronic and don’t need to be “recorded” (synth stuff).


Tell us about your future projects.
I’m working on a cinematic/orchestral project under the a.k.a. INTHEGO.
I’m remixing a vocal track from another artist too. Both in the short term.


List the names of those that have supported you so far.
It would be impossible because I have always been supported by family, friends, DJs, and media!
I want to thank all of them for all this support and love.


Tell us your point of view on vocal tuning.
Well, I have conflicting feelings about that. I have to say that I like to use tools as FlexPitch, Harmony Engine, and similar to create chorus and some effects, but I believe that some “fake singers” wouldn’t exist without them. I’m very lucky because I have always worked with very talented singers and musicians, so the tuning was never intended to fix any problem.


Tell us your thought on quality and quantity for the release of songs.
Right now, I prefer to release few songs with the highest quality possible.


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
It’s difficult to live only from music so… I don’t know. Maybe you are very talented and you don’t ever get a good agreement or deal with a label… and it doesn’t really matter. If you do your music, you are an artist anyway.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres.
Some of them are marketing tags… I’m not into that… let’s call it music.


State the genre you despise most with reason.
I despise fake artists, ghost produced people… etc.
As I said, I like talent and I believe in hard work.
It doesn’t have to do with genres.


List your five favorite movies with reasons.
Gran Torino – Clint Eastwood is a god!
Avatar – nice development and story.
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – oh common, he has a foot instead of a head, lovely!
The Hunger Games (Part 1) – awesome story and the best part of all.
American Sniper – I love military movies.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
Hypnotize me: we all know somebody whose look dazzles you, isn’t it?



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