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Justin 3 – Survivor

Justin 3 – Survivor


Justin 3 – Survivor
Justin 3 – Survivor


SONG TITLE:  Survivor



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Tell us how you build up the tune for this song.
Actually, it happened really quickly, I just picked up my guitar instantly started playing. Somehow it just built up in like ten minutes. The lyrics were written by Hayley Timmons, she sent those and it just happened. She is a fighter; I am a fighter so it was a perfect match for a huge rock stadium song. 🙂


Tell us the best means of becoming a famous artist and selling more records.
I am not sure what works the best, to be honest. The main thing is making everything about the music and the message that it’s spreading, everything else is worthless without the main idea.


Tell us how fans are reacting to your music.
I get a lot of emails, but the ones that inspire me the most are that my music actually inspires them. I think that is very important and the best reaction I could have ever hope to get.


Explain how to deal with fear on stage.
I am an introvert, which makes it even harder for me. But somehow, when I get up on stage, things start to happen, it just comes from inside. When you have something to say and say it, in the most natural way you can, people understand, whether you sing in their native language or in any other if the energy is there, everything is okay.


Tell us your point of view on the quality of production of today’s songs to old songs and point out what you think has changed.
There are lots and I mean lots of ways to interpret this. One aspect is that songs are becoming more primitive than ever, which isn’t a very bad thing.
The production quality is rapidly increasing, and the upside is that we can get a lot of very different tones and we can experiment in the most creative ways.
But the other side of this is that people often get lost in that amount of capabilities.


Tell us an interesting experience in your music career that is significant.
One of the turning points was when we won JZ Microphone contest. That is actually how our band got founded. We were just a wedding/function band and after that our journey as an original band began.


Tell us how you come across the lyrics of this song.
Well, Hayley Timmons wrote this song, so as I mentioned before, I believe there was an urge to fight and prove ourselves. And it just felt like we have to move forward no matter what. That is why this song has such determination in it.


Tell us your best means of expressing yourself.
Well, there are a lot of ways. Music is one of the best for me.


Tell us your opinion on using music to deliberate on issues affecting people like corruption, immoralities, politics, and religion.
I really believe in the power of music. Like Bono once said, “Music can change the world because it can change how people think”. And if we go down to a deeper level of understanding music, there are lots of things, for example, there is even healing music therapy. So the power of music is not fully discovered yet.


Discuss how you plan to create a piece of timeless music that your fans can cherish forever.
My main goal is to create music that could give people the feeling that everything is okay. The world is on the edge of destroying itself, at least what news outlets want us to think. In this modern world, with lots of hate, fake things, the stress level is so high, it is becoming unbearable. So I just want to write music, which will comfort people, give them hope, no matter the situation, no matter what is going on in the world, everything will be okay.


List the names of individuals you can point out as legends and state your reasons.
Bryan Adams – A true legend, one of my favorite singer-songwriters, such a powerful voice, musicianship, and overall presence as an artist.


Tell us your viewpoint on discriminating.
Nowadays there is a lot of discrimination. The main problem I think that people don’t know what they want. And it kind of puts us in a situation where the ones that want to fight against discrimination and the ones that escalate are both good and bad at the same time.
So I don’t think that a lot of people understand what discrimination is about. There are lots of social experiments where the so-called “Victims” are the ones that escalate discrimination the most.
People should just understand what they actually want and how they want to be treated.


Tell us your favorite books and state your reason.    
Sinuhe Egyptiläinen (The Egyptian) – It is just absolutely wonderful to read. I would recommend everyone to read this book – Such a powerful message, story, very beautifully written and with lots of food for thought.
And another one is The Forty Rules of Love – Kind of reminds of Sinuhe Egyptiläinen (The Egyptian), full of knowledge about relationships and love overall, love for the job, for brother, for mother, for nature, and of course, romantic love.


Tell us what triggers your creativity.
A lot of things like feelings, people, good films, books, events, and life in general.
Life is very unpredictable, beautiful, and tragic at the same time, and that what makes it so magical and worth living to the fullest.


Tell us how you generate musical ideas for your composition.
Mostly songs just come up in my head; the hardest part is to write everything down at once. Sometimes, when I write music for films, I imagine scenes, I imagine everything as detailed as possible.


Tell us your greatest song and state the reason.
I think that it’s ‘Timeless Love’, which is unreleased yet, you can go to our patron page and listen to it now, but officially, it will only be released during the summer.


Tell us how you compose your song.
I just felt like my heart needed to be sung out loud. And it happened.  One day I just sat in the studio, came up with some random chord progression, and just sang, sang a lot, how I felt at that very moment.


Elaborate on the song.
The song is about living at the very moment. Living today, living now. Because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.
And we have to take everything we can from our lives, not that we have to rush or pursue some crazy ideas, but being just now.
If you love someone, just tell them, if you want to be with them, just be, maybe you will break up tomorrow, but that will be tomorrow, but for now, just be together, love each other, travel, have fun, work in the places you like, do what you love for a living if it isn’t possible at the time, make it a hobby, learn, learn a lot.
Be the best version of yourselves and be happy. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how tall you are, blond, brunette, black, white Asian. These are only the details. Be true…


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
This one is actually a funny story. We were a wedding band called Justinas Trio, and we registered for the international JZ Microphones contest. And they said what is the name, and since, well, it is an international contest, we translated our band name “Justin 3”. But the official… that there is Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and then there’s us.


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